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Upgrading to a Hayabusa

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ralfct90, May 9, 2005.

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  2. :shock: :shock:

    going from a 73 postie bike to arguably the fastest prduction bike on the market? yeah, i know you can take it easy, but the power is THERE and can be used, possibly even without intent.

    seriously, i'd suggest maybe playing around on a 250 even for a little while to get used to the dynamics of a real bike before jumping on one of these. i could thrash the crap out of a postie bike when i was 10, theres no way i could have ridden a hayabusa tho. this is one GIANT leap, probably not much less of a leap than going from a pushy. not impossible, but definately very touch and go....
  3. Wow, hell of a step up! Sounds like a good price.

    You're in control of your right hand. Take it real easy for the first couple of rides, this thing will accelerate like a rocket compared to your current and will get to 300-like speeds pretty damned quickly. If it doesn't buck you off cos you thought you were on your ct90 and gave the throttle a full twist away from the lights. Maybe cover your rear brake as you accelerate as well so you can bring the nose down if you have to.

    From what i've gleaned, the Busa is built for accelleration and top speed, but not so much for cornering - cos of its weight.

    So, 300km/h interest you? get the busa.

    Tight twisty roads,nimbleness, short braking distances, get a 600 or 750.
  4. The Hayabusa is a big machine; no two ways about it. Its big, its very fast, it eats fuel & tyres for breakfast then spits out small CT90's & CT110's from its grapefruit w/ no sugar diet (apparently smaller bikes accidentally get sucked into the ram air whilst approaching Mach1.

    At that price, depends on the K's but it does sound like a bargain.
    If your willing to play ball with the big boys, and happy to take your time learning to tame a beast that is going to want to throw you off everytime you accidentally snap the throttle open too hard, enjoy.

    If you want a moderate step up with enough grunt to keep you interested... as Coconuts suggested, a 600/750 or even a 900 Fireblade will all get you well past the speed limit. ;)

    I've got a soft spot for the Hayabusa's regardless of how many people say they are ugly or fat. They're superb machines that were designed for insanely high speed 'touring' (i use that word very loosely) ;)

    edit: I actually will happily second Coconuts suggestion at picking up a 2fiddy for a big of a half way point. Its still a monstrous jump from a 2fiddy to a 'Busa... but it will give you a stepping stone.
    By all means, buy the Busa and keep it sitting in the garage un-reg'd for a few months while you go out and buy a nice cheap 2fiddy screamer (either a 4cyl 4 stroke, or any old 2 stroke RGV style thing).
  5. OK, who's trying out the new rod and reel? You've done well, caught three... Must be an ugly stick. Best rod ever made.

    Bends right round on itself.
  6. Its amazing.....so blatant yet people still fall for it huh?

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  7. He's fishing and i'm upping my post count.
    We both win. ;)
  8. Hey even if he is, we're still creating a database of information that the real people who make this kind of step up (yes it does happen) from a tiny bike to litre plus bikes could use to get information and advice.

    The first bike i ever rode was a gsxr750. I didn't get past 3rd gear, or 80km/h. But the point is i took it out twice and didn't kill myself cos it scared the crap outa me and i respected that it could easily buck me off so i was real carefully rolling on the throttle. As you will have to be!
  9. hmmm. i read the first quote as being i can do monos on a ct90. misread. anyway, maybe misCREANT is the word. and if you are for real ralfct90, i would strongly advise some sort of stepping stone. slowest (n hard facts, just my opinion :p ) production motorcycle to the fastest? doesnt really work.
  10. do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it.
  11. :shock: WOW all this KNOWLEDGE from a 250 rider. Can you teach ME how to ride next pppppfffttttt. Stick to giving advise about 250's. How the hell can you give that piece of UGLY EYEABUSA a full throttle twist. BULLSH!T. It cannot happen.

    Cheers 8)
  12. I thought you mentioned you were UPGRADING?

    What did I miss?
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    Yep the ol postie bike is a much better ride :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Hyabusas are ugly fiends. Set it on fire and deliver it to the sea.
  15. the topic isn't a waste, i'm on a 50cc scooter and when i get off my restrictions i'll be considering something in the 400-600cc range which will be a little scary i imagine, so i'm getting something out of this conversation :)
  16. would that be a 650 Burghman ?
  17. well.. have fun on the huyabusa!

    that bike has more power on idle then ur postie does on full throttle.. haha
  18. Yes, but am i wrong? Am i? Yes i've only got a 250, does this mean i know nothing about any other bike? noooooo.

    Get your hand off it and get off your high horse Dazza. Accurate info is accurate info no matter what the source (or what bike the source has).

    If you'd actually read my post properly, you would see i was telling him NOT to give a full throttle twist.

    Back in yer box Dazza.
  19. your post count isn't high enuff yet mcbigg, you should know that knowledge is measured by post counts. go do some post whoring, THEN you can hand out solid advice :LOL:

    but ahhhhmmmm..... hook line and sinker here :oops: but you cant blame me, after the likes of our buddies stackhat and randy, you never know what sort of ppls are gunna show up here :LOL:
  20. Randy? Is that you?!!! :LOL: