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upgrading to 600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by slicko, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Suzuki GSXR-600

  2. Honda CBR600RR

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  3. Yamaha YZF-R6

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  4. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

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  1. a mate of mine keeps asking me for advice. he will be upgrading soon when he get off his P's. "whats better gsxr,cbr,r6 or ninja?" and i keep telling him its all about what your comfortable riding.

    what do you like about any of this four?

  2. Is he looking at brand new or 2nd hand?

    If he's looking at brand new, the zook and the yammie are still pretty hardcore track bikes.
    The Honda and the Kwaka will be more comfortable on the road in general, and still perform.

    He needs to test-ride them all and choose the one he likes the best, and is the most comfortable on.
  3. Bugger the 6. Waste of time! Get a tho!! :popcorn:

    Seriously tho dude, been done to death in other threads. Check the Bike reviews and thoughts section. :wink:
  4. Too hard to decide (other than not to get a gsxr).

    Just get one each of the others.
  5. If he's upgrading to a new 600 sports bike then he won't feel the diffrence between these bikes so they're all fine.

    He just needs to have a look which bike has the 'X' factor for him and then it's time to buy it and get obsessed with it. :grin:
  6. The Honda from reviews seems to be the most forgiving and confidence inspiring!
  7. He definitely needs to test ride. That sure changed my mind about certain bikes. Not coz there's anything wrong with them, but I'm after certain features; I like a certain seating position, I want it to ride similar to my old bike (but better), etc. However, just from one person's experience:

    2005 R6 - Felt like a high quality machine and would be awesome if I was looking for a track/twisties bike, but a little too flighty for what I'm used to in suburbia and commuting. It was quite a forwards body position.

    2006 GSXR 600 - Almost flat feet on the ground, which was reassuring. Leaning forwards, but not as much as the R6, yet still felt it across the shoulders. Very annoying induction sound just below 6000 revs. So annoying that it is the main reason I didn't buy it. I'd have to wear ear plugs all the time. I could get around it by being in a lower gear, but in a 60km/hr zone that meant I was in 1st or being majorly speeding! Also sounded slightly tinny, but still ran very well.

    2007 GSXR 600 - Same as 2006, but less attractive red strip on it.

    2002 CBR 600F4i - Surprisingly good power for what I thought was a more touring oriented bike. Very comfy. Seat height/width had me teeter-tottering at the servo, giving me less confidence for busy roads and tight manouvers. Would have bought this if I was travelling longer distances.

    2006 CBR 600RR - Fairly smooth for acceleration and braking, but felt very perched on the high seat, which made be feel very underconfident during low speed manouvers.

    2007 CBR 600RR - Very even power for a great take-off from the lights. Had much more mid-range than the gixxer, yet didn't want to kick me off the back. Awesome, smooth power! Body position is much more upright, making it similar to my old CBR 250RR. Although the seat is higher than the gixxer, it doesn't feel like it. It's so well balanced and small and weighs less (155kg).

    *My 2 favourites were the gixxer and the 2007 CBR. I chose the CBR coz it didn't have the annoying induction sound, had power in the band that suited my needs perfectly, and felt so comfortable.

    * I didn't try the ZXR coz it felt wrong even just sitting on the 2nd hand ones, and I couldn't afford new, so didn't dare try one. Same with the Triumph - can't afford it.
  8. My experience with these bikes is limited to simply sitting on a few, but the gixxer suited me best because of my height. Even still the reach to the bars was kinda :shock:!
  9. fcuk all difference in performance in competent hands. I daresay since your mate is asking, they aren't necessarily very competent hands. ;)

    As you've said, comes down to comfort. He'll ride fastest and enjoy the bike the most if he's comfortable with it. Test ride all four and he'll find one is definitely more suited to him than the others. No point recommending him a CBR if he finds it uncomfortable and awkward to ride.
  10. They're all the same, what's his favorite colour? :wink: :grin:
  11. thanks guy!

    as most people said it depends on personal needs and what your comfortable with. Looks like a weekend of test riding all four for him.
  12. yeah you can't tell without riding. i didn't try the R6 or the Daytona as both were out of my price range. Loved the CBR600f. great bike and recommend it to anyone to try out. but i fell in love with an '01 GSXR600 that i'll hopefully be picking up today :D i didn't think i would like the gixxer. but price was too good s o thought may as well try it. was amazing. just felt so good and natural for me.

    i wish your mate luck and fun on his search :)
  13. why not go for a sv650 or trx? every second bike on the road is gsxr,cbr,r6 or zx6.

    although if i had to pick one of the mid size inline4's id go the gixxa or the cbr.
  14. I think it depends on your budget and what you want in the bike. I chose the 07 r6 and im happy with my choice,although if i had to choose again,id test ride the 675 and the 07 cbr600rr just to see what their like. I love my r6 and id wanted one ever since they came out in 05 so my choice was easy.There all good bikes though and if your upgrading from a 250 you might aswell just choose which one you like the colour and style of because you wont be able to ride any of them to there full limits yet anyway :) :wink:
  15. spot on. Tis was the only bike I test rode, feel in love instantly. :grin:
  16. Mate you'll find that all sport bikes have that overly reaching foward feeling about them. Its about getting used to riding the bike your on.

    I didnt see the Triumph Daytona 675 on the list :shock:
  17. I think hes racist :p
  18. Dont you know it Fastkid :wink:
    I do have an incling towards an R............1 though :LOL:
  19. When time comes (and let's not forget that time IS money) to trade my 600 RR '03 I'll test ride the new RR and the 675 on the same day and decide. I've always wanted the Daytona, but then I saw this RR'07 with a different colour scheme and DAM!!!! :shock: