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Upgrading to 250

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Muddy, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. I am presently commuting 60km on my PGO 150 which has been dead set reliable for 2 years and 40k km later.
    But now I want to tour more and need a bit more grunt for highway work.
    I still want a fairly light weight machine and not a 500 monster.
    The new Sym Firenze looks the goods but I think it has less leg room than my present scoot. Are there any any tall riders (Iam 6'1 and 62) out there that can give advice on the present crop of 250's.
    A good used machine is an option if anybody is going from 250 to 500 plus.
    Ken in Brisvegas

  2. Wow 6'1, on a 150 and do 60km journeys, must have been one hard working ... scooter !

    Why not a 500? I recently went all out to a 500 from a 100cc, i think if you are spending the money, get something that you are going to enjoy and like you said, allow you to tour, go futher and do more.

    From memory Firenze is a a pretty big machine but the steering is set up relatively close to the seat with a more reclined sporty posture. I'm thinking the Vespas with their upright (non-sporty) riding style may suite you better by giving you more leg room.
  3. I get 340km out of 17L on my FZ6S yam. And it does 110 up hills- easy- unlike my old 250 of yore. Having to shift down 4 cogs to get up a steep incline goes against my constitution.
  4. Hey Ken

    i presume that cause you want to do touring that you are after a Maxi scoot? Either way there are heaps of options. Just need an idea of your prefered style, budget, etc first.
  5. for legroom, something that was very important to me when shopping for a scooter, you can't beat the Vespa GT200/GTS250.
  6. My Piaggio X9 250 has an adjustable rider backrest that gives huge adjustment to the riding position. It also has about 30cm of screen adjustment to suit.
  7. Hi ken, like you im a tall guy around the 6 foot mark and was a little worried about the leg room of the freinze. How ever after buying one you will see that this can be changed very easy.. The seat has a back rest that can be removed giving you more earier to move your body back on the seat. This gives you heaps of leg room.. Ive had my freinze for about 6 weeks and beleave me its a fantastic bike to ride.. Ask the dealer to remove the back rest, you will be serprised.. wayne...
  8. Out of curiosity muddy, what has been replaced mechanically on your scoot in 40k km's (e.g. drive belts, rollers etc). Ive got a 125cc pgo arriba and want to know what/when to expect to replace parts wise over the coming years. Cheers.