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Upgrading the bike whilst I'm on my P's

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jamessss, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Stay on a 250cc

  2. Upgrade to something bigger

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  1. #1 Jamessss, Jun 24, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2016
    Hi there everyone!

    I'm quite a new rider (I got my learners in Jan) and am going for my red P's licence soon.

    I've currently got a '13 CBR250R which I am loving, but I'm starting to think about upgrading to a bigger bike. Not that I don't like the 250R it's awesome bike! Is cheap to service, fuel, and has enough power for me to still enjoy.

    I do a lot of mixed riding. Sometimes commuting, like some days I ride to work from south Sydney to north Sydney and some spirited weekend riding so I feel quite comfortable and confident on the 250.

    But I'm starting to think, do I ride on the 250 for the next 3 years whilst I'm in my red and green P provisional licences and then once I get my Full licence upgrade to something else that has more power.

    Or do I upgrade to something a bit bigger so when I get my fulls it's more of a step in power not a leap.

    From my friends I'm getting mixed input. Some say wait and some say get something that is bigger like a 600cc so when you do get your fulls your not making a jump from 250 to say 675, or 750 or even 1000!

    So here's where I would love some input and advice from you guys on what decision you would make in that situation.

    Would really appreciate it!


    Jamessss ✌️

  2. UPGRADE!!

  3. Welcome :cool:

    if you think you'll feel comfortable on a bigger bike then try just sitting on a few, look at the 400-650 range of bikes, they'd be good enough to last a few years with enough power for LAMS.
  4. Got my p's, ditched the 250 the week after and got a LAMS 650.

    in hindsight I would absolutely do that again. Part time, Long distance (all weather) commuting and longer rides are my go. So the bigger bike was much safer.

    Only had to do p's for a year as over 25 and well behaved in a cage.

    Still have my LAMS 650 on fulls but when new kitchens, bathrooms and new car for the Mrs are all sorted then I might be in line for a 650-900 unrestricted...
  5. Let me get this straight: you're planning on buying and riding an unrestricted bike while you are still on restrictions?????
  6. Hi there,
    No no just thinking of upgrading to a bigger LAMS bike. Unless you think the RMS would give me an exception and I could get a Triumph Daytona 675R ? ;) hahaha
  7. Ok, I would agree that a bigger LAMS bike would be a good idea.

    You'd need to check out a few things, not the least of which would be seat height...
  8. Priorities mate priorities , you have a microwave and a bucket and I'm sure there is a rail line near you ;)
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  9. if you can control your right wrist, that's not an issue, and doesn't need to be a consideration.

    when the 250 stops being fun, then it's probably time to upgrade to bigger LAMS bike.
    but, increased weight, fuel use, rego/insurance cost (maybe), and maybe not that big a jump in fun factor (but fasterer)
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  10. G'day jamessss.
    Ride as much as you can, when you can and in all weather too.
    Don't be afraid of the rain, as long as you take it easy in the corners and be sensible.
    You will enjoy riding even more.
    When I got my first bike, it was the only mode of transport I had for 4 years.
    Rode to work, to TAFE, weekends to mates places, everywhere and in all kinds of crazy weather.
    I had dri rider gear which helped alot, My helmet was a hand me down and it sucked in the wet as did my gloves and boots.
    Ahh, great days !
  11. Keep it till it's not
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  12. All depends on the finances mate.

    If you can afford it, do it.

    If not, don't
  13. gday JamessssJamessss and welcome to NR!

    one thing you can be sure of is when you ask on this forum if you should buy a bike or gear or upgrade etc the answer will usually be 'YES'.

    you are looking to get something still legal for your use on the road and it seems like you ride a lot of kays so I think the extra cc's will be beneficial.

    all seriousness aside, do it. test ride as many as you can before you laydown your hard-earned cash as you will have this next m/c for quite a while so don't rush your choice. have fun. post pics.
  14. Keep the 250 until you are good enough to ride the wheels off it. Put $50 aside every week until you do, and use that to upgrade when the time comes.
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  15. Or spend your xtra cash getting some advanced rider training, getting a leather suit and go for track days. Much more fun going fast on a slow bike than slow on a fast bike.
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  16. I know I couldn't do 3 years on the same bike. If you want to do it go for it but if your happy with your bike don't bother, only you will know when the time is right.

    The LAMs market is strong so you shouldn't lose much money on the changeover. It you buy smart you can even make a profit, I managed that twice with LAMs bikes.
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  17. Sound advice by all but ultimately it depend on the type of riding your doing and want to do. If you're thinking about doing a bit of touring or longer day rides, deffo ungrade. If your just commuting and doing 200km weekend joyrides, may as well keep the 250.
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  18. Upgrade mate. 250s are a pain in the ass to ride imho. Get something bigger. More power, better brakes, wider rubber. Win win
  19. Welcome to the nuthouse JamessssJamessss :) good luck what ever you decide.!! It's all a process !
  20. I'm not sure what the rules are in which ever state you live in, but in NSW it's illegal for an P plater to ride a non-LAMS approved bike. However, there are plenty of 'bigger' LAMS bikes out there.

    The choice is entirely yours.