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Upgrading Soon - advice please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by GW 18 & 5, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. I realise this type of post has been done a few times before but given everyone has their own requirements re their bike in terms of where and when it is ridden, individual's height/weight etc I thought I'd post a new one.

    I'm looking to upgrade in a few months when I'm off my restrictions. I'll be trading in the old faithful ZZR250 and I'm looking at getting a new Japanese 600 sportsbike.

    I will use it for the odd trip to work and general commute but mostly for just the fun of it on days off and weekends. Ideally I'd like to start doing track days as well.

    I'm 181 cm and 88kg. I'm leaning towards the 2008 R6 at the moment. Obviously the test-riding will determine a lot but that can't happen for 7 weeks!

    Does anyone have any advice on what would be best based on what I'll be using it for?

    Thanks in advance......

  2. well all of the jap 600s are small bikes, and all of them would fit the bill fine.
  3. All of them are real weapons! Take your pick!
  4. Don't discount nakeds, all the performance you need, with bags more comfort and practicallity. Buying a Street Triple opened my eyes..
  5. I can see a CBR fitting nicely :)
  6. +1 on the CBR.

    Although if it were me I'd buy the GSXR-750. Same size and weight as the 600 (almost) but that extra torque that will make riding on the roads that much more comfortable. Those 150 extra cc's make such a difference it's not funny.

    Try them both, you'll see what I mean.
  7. Different people will have bought different brands because that is the one which suited them and given them the most pleasure to ride.
    I suggest you take each brand for a test ride and you will probably find that there is one bike that fits you better than the others, handles and performs the way you like, and for you, beats the others despite them being close to the mark.
  8. +1

    Just test ride the big 4 and decide.
  9. I can't believe I forgot to mention the best one of all: The Triumph Daytona 675. Same motor as the Street Triple but with different gearing etc it's a fantastic bike, better torque than the Jap 600's and much better looking (IMO of course). Top bike, if I find myself riding on track more often I will definetely get one.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Looking forward to test riding them all!

    I haven't heard of anyone on here buying a 2008 R6. Seems like the Triumph Daytona 675 is most people's pick with CBR and GSXR close behind. Is the R6 less suited to general street riding than the others?
  11. straight to a thou... i should have gone from my 250 to a litre bike.
    I went to a 600 lasted a year and then upgraded.
    I find riding on a litre bike alot easier, just has more go and less changing gears.
  12. Yeah that's always an issue. I'm looking at a couple of sport-touring 600's and had it down to the GSX-650F and Fazer FZ6S but that FZ1 sure looks nice...
  13. Too big a jump IMO, for a lot of inexperienced riders that's asking for trouble.
    Like I said I'd for for the GSXR750. If you had bought one, you wouldn't have had the problem with having to chnage gears so much etc.