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Upgrading GS500 Headlight.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Doggy, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Hi all, I just picked up a GS500 '03 and was wondering if the headlight can be upgraded from (appears to be a standard car 65w Hi / 55w Lo bulb) to a 130w Hi / 65w Lo. My worry is that will the alternator / electrics stand up to it. I will only be using the High beam once / twice a week? but really need a better low beam.



  2. Lo should be OK, no more drain than the existing Hi.
    135W may be too much for the harness, it may need a relay and heavier guage wire to get the full effect without overheating the wiring.
  3. Hi Doggy,

    How do you like your GS?

    After several years of whinging about used bikes (hubby has had 2 new R6's and is talking about getting the next model out :evil: ), I finally got my brand spanking new GS500 a few weeks ago....and absolutely love it.

    If I knew a that a bike handled this well I would have whinged louder and longer for a new one years ago :LOL:
  4. Love the GS. I used to ride a ZZR250 back in the mid 90's (about 10 years ago :wink: ) and regularly ride my old ag bikes on the farm but recently have decided to get back into road riding. I picked up an '03 GS500 (Blue/Silver) with 11 thou ks on the clock. After some initial idle troubles (easily sorted, when the dealer detailed the bike the newb apprentice was "cleaning the idle adjuster". Took it out onto the Hwy yesterday and tested high speed stability. The bike was great but my helmet and backpack felt as though they were trying to part company with me :D Might have to get a bikini fairing w/screen.


  5. if you have a metal and glass housing i'd be worrying about doubling the current in the switchgear and wiring.

    if you have plastic lenses and/or housings, i'd be slanting toward HID
  6. I love my GS500 as well. I had no idea that you could put bigger lights into the same casing. Would you need a bigger regulator for that?
  7. I've had a look at the Fly Screens however I think for me they are going to be too small. I have ordered the National Cycles F15 Sport screen. Little bit bigger so that should help.

  8. Oops sorry Doggy, I just assume that everybody has duck's disease - the smaller screen will work for me :D