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Upgrading from the VTR250 soon - suggestions please!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Helcat, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. I'm soon to be on my full license and looking to upgrade from my trusty 2005 VTR250 to something a bit bigger (YAY!!)

    I do a short commute to work one or two days per week, but mostly do longer rides with mates on the weekends, so am probably looking more for a comfy sports tourer 600 or 650 rather than a hectic sportsbike.

    A mate has a CBR600F which he got for around $5,000 and I would be looking for picking up something similar at around the same price bracket. Just want something reliable with a decent amount of grunt - I love my speed and I'm dying to be able to keep up with the boys!!!

    Would very much appreciate any Netrider suggestions or tips for models to look at as I embark on my search :)

  2. Probably more important to get something in good nick rather than a particular bike.
    Try going to bike sales and doing a search for road bikes 600-750cc under $5000 in your state and see what comes up. I'm doing that here in Vic and there's some tempting bikes.
  3. where you go riding on weekends? you should be able to keep up pretty well on the 250 unless you hit the drags or something.
  4. The cbr's good, also check out z750, vrf, sv, etc if a good one pops up. Plenty of good options so focus on getting a reliable example.
  5. CBR600F4i
  6. Triumph Street Triple (675cc) and very similar riding position to the VTR50
  7. it is also slightly above 5g's
  8. The good news is that anything other than a Honda will be an upgrade.
  9. there's always hyosung...
  10. You can always look at the Ducati Monsters, I went from a VTR250 to the S2R800. Still loving it every day.
  11. umm...
  12. 250cc is more than capable of keeping up with bigger bikes...
    Providing you're doing under 140kmh... and depending on where you ride.

    I upgraded to 2005 Yamaha FZ6N.
    It's more than capable and I paid $5000.
    It also had low km's and was in great condition.
  13. Oh yea, and my advice, narrow down a few based on features/looks (your criteria), say two or three. Then go test riding. Each bike will have a different feel, and pick the best feel you can afford.
  14. Zx9 is an awesome bike that can be had for that money, I rode my brothers from Sydney to ballina for him it was a comfortable fast bike.
  15. I'd have to say the SV650.... you can get the naked which is pretty similar in feel to the VTR, just a lot more power or you can get the S for a bit of wind protection.

    Can be bought for a decent price, and with a few mods you can do yourself they're a great bike.

    And best bit is you get the V-Twin goodness you'd be familiar with in the VTR. Put on an aftermarket exhaust (although you have to fire it up just once with the exhaust off...) and you have a sweet sounding machine that sounds like a much bigger bike.

    It was what I upgraded to from the VTR and i found it a great bike.
  16. I've never heard a bad thing about these
  17. Firestorm, Firestorm, Firestorm, Firestorm, Firestorm, Firestorm....

    Sorry, had to :p I upgraded to one after my VTR250 and I freakin loved it!
    Only reason I don't have it now is one blind twat in a falcon wrote it off <_<.

    They're comfy enough, sound awesome (with aftermarket pipes) and have loads of grunt.
    And they're cheap :)

    ... Fuel Economy isn't it's strong suit though.