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Upgrading from sports to naked. Advice?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Anson, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,
    I have got a CBR300R and am thinking of upgrading to a bigger bike. The MT07 seems rather nice but the stock exhaust's sound is ....not attractive at all.

    Question 1: What's the different in handling between a sport bike and a naked bike?
    Question 2: If I get an aftermarket exhaust for my MT07, would it make it non LAMS? (Currently looking at Akrapovic titanium exhaust system)
    Question 3: What's the ride away price for MT07?

  2. Just get the mt07, we arent going to give you an excuse when it is clear you want it. Naked is more comfortable and more windy.
  3. The standard sound is better than lots of bikes but at 60 with the wind in your helmet it can be hard to hear the bike unless you are going hard.

    Q2: No. the Akra is even listed as a Yamaha accessory :)
    Q3. $9,999. is the advertised ride away price. Various factors could affect it. Like are you a good negotiator. How many bikes do they have in stock. Bare in mind sometimes there is a waiting list for them so they don't often shift on price.

    A sports bike at 100km/h gives you a fairing to hide behind. On a naked bike it hits you in the chest. I was at $1.30 today and it's doable but it would get old fast. I'm going to get a screen for when I am doing a bit of distance.
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  4. Oxy moron...........

    It's not an upgrade to go from a sports bike to a naked. :)
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  5. True...Are there any things that I should ask the dealer to throw in?
  6. They only way I got a discount is because we bought a MT-07 and a MT-09 at the same time!!

    The reality is these bikes sell like hot cakes. They don't need to discount them. If they have one in stock and you um and ah about it you will probably turn around and see someone else riding off on it :)

    The other thing is that accessories cost an arm and a leg (like most bikes) so they may give you a coffee mug if you ask nice :)

    Maybe others here have had luck?
  7. cbr 300 is not a sports bike
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  8. Ooooh!! That was harsh ;)
  9. A sports bike at 100km/h gives you a fairing to hide behind. On a naked bike it hits you in the chest. I was at $1.30 today and it's doable but it would get old fast. I'm going to get a screen for when I am doing a bit of distance.[/QUOTE]

    no it still hits you on the chest, and the fairing is not to hide behind and offers no more protection from the wind on a sports bike
    I think you are thinking of sports tourers
  10. but true the 300 bikes are great bikes
    but they are not sports bikes
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  11. Regarding handling, each bike regardless of the box that it has been slotted into or the label assigned to it ( sports, naked, sports tourer, adventure, etc, etc) handles differently not because of that slot in which it has been placed but for a whole range of features which vary from bike to bike regardless of the label attached to it.

    What makes one type of bike different to another can be many things. Weight and how it is distributed ( front/rear bias, mass centralisation), rake and trail differences, wheel base, length of swingarm, chassis type and design, bar/clip on width, suspension tune, tyres among many other things.

    Now lets just get something straight regarding your current bike.
    It may be marketed as a sportsbike for the LAMS market but the ergos are actually more like many naked bikes, so the handling characteristics are not neccesarily sportsbike like anyway. In fact the riding position is less extreme than my S1000R, which is marketed by BMW as a Roadster but called a Super Naked by the Motorcycling Journos. If you don't believe me jump on this site and punch in your bike and then compare it to a Panigale or Daytona 675 to get what I am talking about. http://cycle-ergo.com/

    Any handling differences you find between a CBR300 and an MT-07 are not due to the label that has been attached to them. Its simply that they are two different bikes with different characteristics. Asking such a vague question like how does a sportsbike handle differently to a naked bike is like asking how long is a ball of string. The answer would depend on which ball of string we were talking about.

    My advice is to save your money and just become the best rider you can be on your CBR.

    Its no doubt an easy bike to ride and learn on and relatively cheap to keep on the road and its a Honda. They aren't known for making duds, although neither are Yamaha and the MT-07 is supposed to be a cracker too. Once you have more experience and an open licence, explore away and blow your money on some of the awesome machinery available to you on a full licence.
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  12. well said Craig
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  13. now Craig
    can you explain to me why when you put your arm under your leg while having a flog it feels like someone else ?
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  14. LOL! I believe that is because of the Coriolis effect. Or perhaps its a myth? LOL
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  15. So true CraigACraigA. I rode a variety of naked bikes before deciding on the MT-07 and all were very different.

    The Street Triple 660 felt a lot more "sporty" to me even though it is classified as a naked bike. I was lent over the tank more and the bars were lower than I am on the MT-07.

    Maybe for AnsonAnson it's going from the 300 to a 655? The MT-07 has twice the torque almost twice the power and only weighs about 15kg more.
  16. #16 CraigA, Jun 14, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2015
    I really think AnsonAnson should stick with the bike he has.

    I'd like to ask you why you want to go from one LAMS bike to another LAMS bike?

    What is trying to be achieved? How much longer do you have to be on a LAMS bike?
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  17. Strange questions all round me thinks.
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  18. $10k buys a lot of bike second hand, keep your coin and wait till you're off restrictions. Funny I found wind at $1.30 quite relaxing, $1.50+ was a bit interesting.
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  19. I lurved a $1.60 (less speedo correction) can't buy enough of it!
    Have had a very good talking to and will be a good old girl and wait until blacks in late november and then go pre Christmas shopping for my next steed.
    I will endeavour to ride Wasabi at the top end of her ability as often as possible and really get my level of riding on her to the very best I that I can.
    I so don't want to look like a tool on my next ride that's for sure. :D
    I guess if you think you have really really outgrown your bike upgrade if not become its' master first then upgrade :)
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  20. Another question might be how long has he been riding the Honda?

    I don't know how long you are on a LAMS bike in NSW but if it's near 3 years he might just want a change?

    Those MT-07's are pretty trendy you know ;) I mean in terms of the LAMS market.