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Upgrading from my RGV!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by *Road Rash*, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Greetings fellow riders! I'm upgrading from my RGV 250 to a late model sportsbike. There are so many options to go from here. Some of my mates say that a 600 will do the job but others say i will be looking for more power from the 600 after a few short months and look at going straight to a 1 litre superbike
    I'm only 168cms, weigh in at around 75kg.
    I rode my mates Kwaka z750 naked and found i was looking for more power from around the midrange up.
    My budget is around $15,000. Any adice,guidance or suggestions would be appreciated..cheers :grin:

  2. GSX-R750. Best sportsbike out there in my opinion...

    If you're wanting to stick to a full sports bike then there isn't an endless amount of choice.

    Everybody seems to want the latest and greatest, but CBR929's and 954's are getting cheap, and won't leave you wanting more. Friendly to ride and good power.
  3. Yep...... Lean to ride the wheels off the RGV first!
    If you are into sports riding most 600's are better than most riders and most litre bikes are three times better than most riders.
    Is it ego or ability?

    Welcome to NR by the way :)
  4. Well with a budget of $15k that pretty much counts in all '05-'06 sports bikes.
    It really depends what you want but i'd be looking for something in the '01-'04 litre bikes. Things like the R1, CBR1000RR/954/929, GSXR1k, ZX10 would keep you interested for a while... and if you decide that it's too heavy and you don't need/want all the power on tap then you can always sell it and get the 600/750.

    I guess it all comes down to what sort of riding you do, and what sort of feel you want from the bike. Go test ride a few and you'll find something you like.

    PS. My justification for the litre bikes is that i prefer the lazy power for getting around without having to wind it on and rev it out. After punting around on the FZR1000 for 2 years now i'm well versed with getting a heavy bike through the twisties quickly... or atleast quickly enough for me.
  5. GSXR 750. Then again I'm biased.

    Most of the power delivery is above midrange, but it has a more powerful punch downlow than a 600. Good seat height for shorter people (i'm about 172cm), and if u wind it up it goes plenty quick. Frame size dimensions pretty much same as the 600. Picked up the 2006 model brand new last august for around $16k. So if you can find something in the current model shape like a demo or something it should fit in budget.

    i also upgraded off an RGV after 4 yrs. I probly didn't even come close to exploring the limits of that bike, but was about time to get some 4-stroke reliability and a few more cc's. Ideally you could keep both!!

    but best recommendation is to test ride a few and see which one you just have to have.
  6. Thanks fellas for the advice. :)
  7. Depends on the riding you do and the rider you are.

    Some of my mates on 600's are really happy, while others prefer 1K lazyness and others prefer 1K sheer dominance.

    Me personally, a 600 is boring in suburbia but I prefer them in the twisties
    as it makes you ride the bike i.e your more involved.

    The good thing about coming from an RGV is that you will/should have the required throttle control needed for a 1K. This is about 1/100th you need to ride a super bike effectively.

    Some of the guys I ride with are supidly quick and 2 of them are on 600's (06 R6 and 04 CBR)

    Test riding at dealers is a good start, or do a track day and hire a 600.

    I think somone on here picked up an 06 600RR on run out for 14K ride away.