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Upgrading From Gs500 To Sv650, Will I Get Bored?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by schmuppet, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Been off LAMS for a while and had always intended to get myself a Street Triple. Been thinking recently that I should get something a bit cheaper as most of my riding is commuting and I really don't want the stress of looking after an expensive bike. Would I get bored on an SV650 considering I've got a GS500? I love the look of the naked model and they tend to be well priced, haven't had a chance to ride one yet (recovering from surgery) but am keen to get people's thoughts while I'm on the couch recovering.

  2. Any bike can be 'expensive' if you don't buy right.
    Considering you are mainly commuting then you will have to be happy with the Camira of motorbikes from what you have said.
  3. Depends what you do with it.
  4. SV650 is the Camira of motorbikes? What does that make the GS500 the, a Datto 120Y?
  5. How did the frontal labotomy go ?
  6. More like a Camry
  7. The street triple is a commodore, every second guys got one.

    The SV its got 20hp more and is lighter, not in the same league as the gs.
  8. Unfortunately.......I agree with this.....

    They are a great bike.....they're just EVERYWHERE
  9. Ahhh....but a street triple with a chev badge-you dont see that everyday.
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  10. you know what's more expensive than buying a street triple?

    buying an sv650 and then selling it again for a loss to buy a street triple.

    Not many of us can afford to run 2 bikes, so take your time making the decision. My 2c is to get the bike that puts a huge grin on your face. If that's the triumph then suck it up and buy one - you'll have a great bike, and you'll love riding it.
  11. 'Specially if it's Left-Hand-Drive....................
  12. Nah put a matchless badge on your street3, that will get your cred up.
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  13. This rings true to me......

    A little while ago I let the head decide and bought a "sensible" bike as most of my riding is boring commuting............I only get to scratch on the weekends.....wah..wah...

    After 10 months with that bike I could ride the wheels of it and it was really leaving me wanting when I put the hammer down on a "spirited" weekend ride.......it had to go............and it did......

    The irony is...........the bike I have now was one of my "dream" bikes............but alas.....practical minds etc......I talked myself out of it......

    Furthermore......I still commute everyday, regardless of conditions.....on a bike which is punchy, torquey and nimble.......the beauty is - I have sport mode for the weekends.............Rain/Touring for the commute......but come a warm Saturday with some sticky blacktop and the Ape lights up with full Sport mode............aaaaahhhh rapid throttle response............

    My 2c
  14. An sv650 will go hard, with a nice exhaust on it will sound very, very nice, a 2nd hand one won't lose masses if you change your mind and sell it 12 months later (though anything's possible in the bike market).

    Comparing it to a Camira, Camry or Commodore is just a tad unfair. The sv offers a lot of fun per $.

    Did I mention how good they sound with a nice exhaust?

    Personally I found the striple a bit bland (will I go to hell now?). But I've probably just been spoilt by my gsxf....

    Ok, I'll leave now....!
  15. I would say no, but having said that the Street Triple really is an awesome bike so I would say go for it.
    Unlike some here I actually qualified to comment a bit better, my bikes have been 00 SV650, 06 CBR600RR, 10 Street Triple, 09 Street Triple R, 12 Speed Triple.

    Honestly I would ride the SV again no worries, they're a great little bike, and much more fun in person than paper figures suggest! However, the Street Triple is unbeatable for a road bike currently, they just do everything so well. If I had a choice it would be the Street for sure, they hold up well with commuting too, I did on both of mine.

    And massively pissing myself at someone riding a cardigan Camry gsxf calling the hooligan bike of the decade bland.
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  16. I don't think the sorts of bikes being discussed here should ever really be "boring" or "bland" provided they are used appropriately. I find all my bikes fun, but if I started mixing up the way I used them it might be different.
  17. I ride a SV650N, and it's the longest stint I've owned a bike (4 yrs & a bit), and have no plans to swop it for another. Matter of fact, I am on the hunt for a 2nd bike, having just sold my 2010 Z750 (which I owned for a yr) a mth+ back.

    Looking at St Triple, but whatever the decision comes down to, I'm keeping the SV, I like it that much!

    Have a look at svdownunder.com.au if you want more info on this model.
  18. I'd have a SV in a flash. You could still loose your license on one but have a lot more fun up to the license loosing point than a lot of bigger bikes.

    Oh and it's not the camira of bikes, that title must belong to a Hyosung

    It's not the camry either, that title definitly belongs to a Honda. Probably the CBR600.

    It's more the MX5 of bikes.