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upgrading from cbr125r to LAMS 600 range bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by glowstix047, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. So i've been riding for about a year now on my 2007 CBR125R and cause my little brother is getting his learners for the bike soon, i was planning to give the baby blade to him and upgrade to a bigger and more powerful bike. Just a bit of background information, I'm about 165cm weighing in at around 57kgs and will be on my LAMS for atleast another 2 years. At the moment ive considered 2 bikes, the Hyosung GT650R and the Suzuki Gladius SFV650.

    I realise that the Suzuki will hold value much better then the Hyosung but what draws me to the Hyo is that it looks good as a sports bike and parts are easy and cheap to find. In saying that it wont look much good if it breaks down on me often.

    Only recently it is that ive notice the beauty of a streetfighter bike (one day at Bondi watching all sorts of high end streetfighter bikes zoom past me) which is why ive considered it. And plus little to none fairing on the gladius so less damage to repair in the event i go for a kiss to the concrete or a drop.

    For now, I'm looking at buying a 2010 EFI model for the Hyo if i sway that way or the 2009/2010 Suzuki if there are any in the used department. I prefer to by used unless theres a brand new offer that i just cant refuse.

    Hyo is about 7000-8500 while the suzuki is at 8000 - 9000.

    so how should i go about this? I will most definately go on a test ride before i make any final decision.
    I like the fact that both have digital instrument panels,
  2. I would highly recommend the suzuki. Since you are keeping it for at least 2 years it will be money well spent
  3. Check out the Suzuki SV650S and GSX650F in LAMS guise too. I had an SV about 5 years ago as a first bike and it was great. Did everything well.
    Also don't forget about the Kawasaki Ninja650RL or ER-6NL I think they look beter than the Gladius and by all reports are nice bikes.
  4. The 125 is the "babyblade" now? Whats that make the 250?
  5. well i class the 125 as a baby blade cause i cant see how the 250 resembles a blade in any form with them round headlights.
  6. aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahah
  7. Glowstix,

    surely you're just trying to get a rise out of us mate!

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  9. im not entirely sure what you mean but... okay. LOL
    the guys at the nsw learner session started calling it a baby blade so i went with it haha.

    i dunno in my head the head lights and the fairing make the 125 look "sharper" in comparison to the curves of the 250?
  10. The "blade" thing is the name of the bikes. The term babyblade is in reference to it being a smaller 250/400 to the bigger fireblade (Honda cbr900rr and later ones).
  11. Hmmm, 5 foot 4 inches, 57 kgs, I reckon the GSX650F would be wayyy to heavy at 241kg, the Gladius is just a touch over 200kg..
  12. Well to be fair, the new Fireblades look alot different to the old 900rr's. In fact, compare the new ones to a 125 and a 250 and they look more like a 125. So i think we'll let it slide :p

    cbr125 http://www.north-harbour.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/cbr125r_1.jpg
    cbr1000rr http://www.autoindiaforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/2008-honda-cbr-1000rr-fireblade.jpg

    maybe the nick "miniblade" would be more appropriate :p
  13. Go ride bike, ride another bike. Ride more bikes.

    You'll know which one you need. Buy it. Ride it. Be happy.
  14. The problem is, the 125 doesnt even have the fireblade tag. Nor the 600rr. They are just cbr's. Only the 250 and the thou get the fireblade moniker.

    As for the OP, have a look at the sv650/s lams, will be a bit cheaper than the gladius. imo, looks better as well.