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upgrading from a 250 looking for advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by BiG DaN91, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. ok guys im going to be off my 1 year of red P's soon and wondering if you have any suggestions and info on the differences between some bikes.

    Ive been wanting a gsxr600 750 or 1000 but really cant decide which.

    ill be commuting to uni everyday, riding alot on weekends and maybe the occasional track day.

    ive now started looking at cbrs, yamahas and kwakas as well so im really not sure

    are there any years to avoid? any major upgrades i should look out for? minimum year i should look at? i like the k6 and k7 gixxers looks alot better than the older ones but the cbrs for example look good all the way back to 2000

    which of the three have the best riding position for a tall big guy? im 19 years old 6'4 100kg but im use to craming on my vtr250 so it shouldnt be toooo much of a problem lol

    so basically

    capacity 600 750 or 1000?
    brand for looks, reliability
    riding position

  2. 19 years old.. Been on red Ps for 1 year?

    Don't you have a few more years of Green Ps to go before you're off LAMS?
  3. Nope, in Vic only required to ride lams for 12 months after your L's.
    That's why you see the odd Busa or two (hey timmy) with green p plates down here.

    To the op, go around to as many places and sit (test ride if possible) on all the bikes you have in mind.
    It may sway you one way or another....

    Have fun deciding.... I did..
  4. If you buy a 2001/02 GSXR1000 and upgrade the exhaust, I'll give you 50 bucks for the stock unit, cash in hand...
  5. yeah i plan to test ride alot just wondering if anyone has insight into other factors like reliability or models to aim for
  6. dont buy a kawasaki, they are not as good with the quality compared with other jap brands.

    go sit on a few and have a feel. whats good for me might not be good for you. i find my 01 r6 a good bike for me, not too powerful but still fast when you want to be. im 5 11 and 100kg and the position is still sporty but could put big distances away easily.

    yamaha are pretty sorted, just gotta check for gearbox issues as they are a bit soft there. the finish on yamahas is better than hondas, but thats not saying hondas are crap. they build a good bike.

    keep a look out for bikes that have nice shiny fairings, but are dirty around the engine etc, which means they may have been crashed and another set of fairings thrown on.

    i like first bunch of r1's, they have heaps of mid range grunt for the street, still look pretty modern and are cheap to get. just find one with a good gearbox lol.

    cbr600f4i would be a good choice also for a commuter plus weekender bike. good at everything, and are still nice and fast in the right hands. not a real lot of $ either.
  7. thanks for the post, good to know i can cut kwakas out of the list!
    my friend is dead set on hondas and is getting a cbr1000 soon. but i am still partial to suzuki, i guess because my dad has had them since before i was born lol. i do love the look of an all black r1 though.
  8. i think the suzukis are a good bike too in the mid 2000's, probably the best sorted for speed wise out there. look nice too. but lots have been owned by blokes who just ride them and dont look after them, because they are sick gixxers.

    no doubt the cops will be after you being a p plater on a fast bike though haha, i know i get some looks with a p plate on my r6.
  9. haha yeah im looking forward to the pigs questioning me. my mate got pulled over on his xr600 cos it was so loud but the cops had nothing on him so they started having a go at him because he was wearing nike shoes rather than boots lol.

    ive still got a few months till im off red p's but i was contemplating upgrading sooner anyway and just copping the $116 fines.
  10. i thought it was 3 points and $230 something?

    i upgraded early, didnt bother with putting my p plate up until i was actually able to ride the bike legally. haha. i think it helps when you wear the right gear and dont ride flat out thru towns. less reasons for them to come and talk to ya.
  11. i think you get points and a bigger fine for not displaying p plates. ill just take the 1000 or 600 off the side and paint 250 on it. stupid cops wouldnt know better hahah
  12. just keep a copy of this list of fines n demerits so you know what you can get done for.

    easier to get away with breaking the rules when you know what you're breaking haha.
  13. hahaa true, looks like your right about riding a big bike

    i laughed at a few of them like
    Display P plates when not required - 3 demerit points $119
  14. can you see anything in there about splitting splitting and filtering? i guess its just in the over taking section and crossing painted lines etc
  15. Spoken to arc yet.....?

    Don't rule the kwaka out on 1 opinion

    Then again.....

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  16. Kwakas really that bad....come on?
  17. Hearsay is a stupid reason to write off any of the main jap brands. Look at it this way: the biggest yamaha fan in this thread admits their gearboxes are dicey...and that's a big and expensive job to fix compared to other components. I've got nothin against the piano and stereo brand but thought I'd point out the flaws in taking off the cuff advice.
    Do some searching on reviews, there's heaps online comparing the 4 jap super sports for at least the last 6 years and you'll probably find that they're all pretty similar...just small differences in ergonomics or what part of the power band they make most grunt at. Cbr600 from about 2004 onwards seems to be the most accesssible for easy riding from what I've read... But a handful of test rides would sort out which suits you best I'd guess.
  18. yeah i guess it looked like i did eliminate kwakas pretty easy but i have been reading ALOT of reviews and they were never my favourite anyway. i think im pretty set on the gsxr, its always been my dream bike. just gotta work out 600 vs 750 vs 1000 now lol
    still got a few months before im off red p's so ill keep reading but im looking forword to some test rides