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Upgrading Early

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Cundy, May 17, 2011.

  1. As in rode a bike with higher capacity than you are allowed to with your license.

    So has anyone had any problems with it? Of all the people Ive talked to about it or posted about it no one has ever had a problem.
  2. Yes someone here's brother got caught riding a bike he wasen't permited too, I think he got done for speeding & expired rego aswell, spending a little time on the sidelines after that effort.

    The legal ramifications are your insurance would not be valid as you are not riding a bike your license permits you too, also you could have trouble with TAC insurance, & that could be mightly costly if it happens.
  3. Yeah, probably not a great idea. More so from an insurance and TAC point of view. I think it's less likely that you will get caught in the act but rather you will be in a world of pain both physically and financially if you had a nasty accident while riding a bike you are not yet permitted to.

    Like anything, there are no short cuts. Do your time, make it count, get the experience you need. Then when you do upgrade, you are more likely to stay alive.
  4. Search the forum this is a FAQ.
  5. I would imagine you won't be able to get insurance since you wont be able to insure it under your name and current license.

    Even if it's your mates bike, it would be hard to claim insurance in an accident since you are not legally allowed to ride anything besides LAMS approved during your L's and P's.

    The insurance would no longer be valid and the cost of damages would be paid from your own pockets.
  6. In short its not worth it...

    I have yet to meet someone who's skills have outgrown a LAMS bike in 14 months, im sure there are some young club racers who's skills are limited by a LAMs bike but thats a very small minority.

    Sure my Hyosung GT250 is painfully slow in a straight line but i still have much technique to learn before i approach its cornering limits and for that reason im happy to persevere :)

    Any bike can be a total hoot, its all in the mind. Dont be in a hurry for a GSXR, i have many mates who have had a total ball on postie bikes.
  7. Don't get caught. Don't expect any lenience or mercy from the authorities if you are caught. It could be a costly exercise, so make sure you enjoy it.
  8. As every one has said , if you get done it will be bad .

    On another point though , a few mentioned TAC problems . I doubt that one very much and here is why , I have a few mates that are cops and they say you can be pretty much unlicenced , drunk , stoned, unregistered , with a loaded handgun down the back of ya jeans and TAC will still cover the damage ! Go figure that one out . This isn't their opinion so much either as what they have seen happen with regards to people way out off the reservation as far as the law is concerned and they get looked after by TAC anyway . They will and have actually paid for basic funeral services and associated costs too in these scenarios , I don't know many ways to get that covered for free here in Australia I tell ya but that is another story.
    Just another reason why TAC fee keeps going up I guess !
  9. apart from the legal problems, insurance is a problem. the companies will take your money but won't pay out if you aren't licensed for what you are riding.
    if its the usual "I'm bored with the bike" shit, do an advanced training course and learn how to ride fast.
  10. I've known a few who thought that it would be smart to ride a 600 (or greater) whilst still on their L's or P's and have been given a "state imposed holiday" for their efforts. In addition they have had to re-start (from L's) to regain their motorcycle license. With the number of RBT's in effect these days, the chance of "getting away with it" is much less than it was a number of years ago even if you manage to ride "squeaky clean". (If you want to ride a more powerful non-LAMs bike, I don't imagine you're expecting to ride in this manner anyway.)

    In short, don't - it's not worth the risk... the long version you just read.
  11. If you do do it I wouldn't be worrying about cops etc but you're own safety as most of my friends who got their licences skipped the l plate and l bike and all went straight to 600 & 1000cc super sports bikes. In the end...well..it wasn't pleasant.
    Not enough skill + big bike = disaster (not for everybody as I've seen others do it come out the other end unscathed so it's all in the head)
    If you're going to do it regardless of what's being said you'll still do it.
  12. What do you ride now?
    What was the bike you rode?
    What was it about the bike you rode that you liked? or
    Is it something about your current ride you don't like?
  13. Is TAC the same as CTP?

    And I've been told by a number people that you wont be covered by if you crash and injure someone.

    This might just be the only thing holding me back.

    I haven't done this yet I was just thinking about it in the near future. Currently ride a zzr-250.

    I dont like the lack of acceleration, look, sound, riding position, and the fact that its not worth spending money on mods for, something I would like to do with a bike I will have for longer than a year.
  14. Its my understanding that:

    Insurance will not cover you, not even CTP.

    Even if you're in an accident that is your fault, if the other person has insurance you will have to pay (they will take you to court and make you pay).

    If anyone knows if either of these are true or not could you please post.

  15. Mav's brother I think, I dont know if he ended up selling the bike...........

    Definitely not a good idea, cost, legal, and danger wise goes through the roof.

    Go to the track to get your jollies :)
  16. Get a motard like the Husaberg FS 650 and become a LAMS approved A grade hoon.
  17. With the license plate recognition technology the cops are rolling out these days, chances of getting busted are pretty high.

    CB400s have lots of umph and hold their value really well. There are a few other bigger LAMS bikes that should keep you legally amused.
  18. Depending on how much longer you're stuck on LAMS restrictions it may be worth you having a look at some of the 400-660 LAMS bikes....
  19. I know at least 5 people that got a bigger bike than they were allowed and got busted, 3 points and like $300 bux & ended up selling bikes. Not worth the risk.

    There have been a few that sneaked through via a lams restricted bike i.eSuzi / Kawa 650's, then removed the throttle or engine restrictions and have been able to get away with it, alot harder to detect but still pretty risky, their choice though.

    Not really worth it either way imo, especially if your learning how to ride, and get whatever bike you want after the year anyway.