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Upgrading early due to great deal.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Removed_User_5, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. My dilemma.....
    I have a nice looking Hornet 250 which I just spent money on making it look unique and bling.
    When I upgrade I really want a Ducati Multistrada 1000DS.

    I was in Honda In ringwood today (nova) and they have a deal going on them jusy now.
    1000DS with free Ducati Hardbox panniers, 1 years fully comp insurance, ORC all included in the price of around $19,000.

    So this deal wont be on till November when Im due to upgrade,
    SO what should I do....

    Sell the Hornet and go buy my Multistrada and leave it in the garage, I dont mind I cant ride it cos I been off my bike since March due to injury.
    But I also dont want to miss out on the deal as its alot of goodies for free and I wont get hte same deal in NOV. I wanted the hard panniers anyway and the insurance and ORC is a bit too good an offer to not seriously think about.

    Lil can ride it while Im waiting and I can go pillion until its time, so it wont be doing nothing.
    I dont need to commute, and the weather isnt the best right now anyway.

    Any advice or opinions please...?
    Im seriously SERIOUSLY thinking about this.
    I will be paying more then half in cash and financing the rest so will I be able to haggle on price ?


    Stookie :roll: :?:
  2. All sounds good, but the insurance you wont be able to do as you have to be fully licenced to insure in your name. And with finance you must have insurance. Lil will have to put it in her name for you to be able to get the full deal i would think..
  3. Wait,

    a deal like this will come up again.
    if you really have the cash walk in and offer them the same $$$ for the deal, if they say no, walk!

    I'd bet they'd chase you.

  4. yeah, the guys did say about the insurance thing.
    They said it wouldnt be an issue to change the insurance to her name, I have no issue with it.

    You know when something is too good to be true, DUCATI giving stuff away for free.......! ! ! ! !

    I dont want to rush into it but I need to figure it all out.
  5. I would wait till Nov. That's almost the end of the year which means dealers will try to move their 2006 compliance-plated bikes. As they will be 1 year older come January.

    You will probably pick up the same bike on a similar deal. This is my opinion.
  6. As blue said you already got the problem of not being able to insure it in your name.

    Since they're already throwing the extras in and you yourself reckon it's a great deal you don't want to miss, I imagine you'd have a hard time haggling the price down much.

    I'd consider doing the deal now but making it so you don't take delivery till your restrictions are over.Tell them your situation.

    Put down a $500 deposit with all the extras written on the paper etc and that $18500 is owing to be payed when you pickup the bike, blah blah blah.
  7. Stookie, are you really sure about the deal Nova are offering? Cos that is better than the standard dealer deal of the moment which states according to www.ducati.com.au that it is free reg, free stamp duty, free CTP/Third Party OR the free luggage plus 1 years free Western QBE insurance. Not ALL of the above together. So make sure.

    Yes, you will have trouble insuring it in your name and you may even have trouble putting the bike in your name and having Lil insure it as well. Some insurance companies get iffy about that as well. However you could get the bike bought in Lil's name and then transfer it later I think Vicroads don't charge very much to transfer vehicles within a relationship. (It used to be that way at least).

    Ducati quite often do deals like this, the last one saw the standard 999 given on Ohlins front end - very tempting.

    Good luck with it all. It is hard waiting.
  8. Not so with RACV & you can pay by the month. They are undrewritten by NRMA. If Lil has trouble riding 2 bikes let me know I'd be happy to help you by riding your bike! See what good friends you can make in here!
  9. You have to ask........ Stookie, what would Wallace do? would he wait? like fookin hell he would....... storm that dealership and grab ya Duc.

    I've always gone with the theory of, do it today cause you don't know where you'll be tomorrow.
  10. damn tough choice, i say go for it ONLY if it is a great deal
  11. Hmm, if it's ALL that stuff, it's tempting, but if it's "this - or - this" then that's different.

    Plus the insurance thing is a major factor, mate.

    I'd say wait, and as others say, deals like this will come along again, esp as Ed says when they are trying to clear the floor for 2007 stock....
  12. On the other hand, the 2007 model might be pretty much the same as the current one and they might not try too hard. They will be getting rid of the smaller Multistradas for sure, because these are supposed to be replaced by a 690cc model (690, or something - slightly bigger than what they are at the moment anyway, can't be bothered checking). But there is no mention of any drastic changes to 1000DS. And prices generally go up in summer....
    I'd say, grab it now.
  13. Had this chat woth someone the other day. If you're happy with the deal, can afford it, then do it. Someone, somewhere will always get a better deal, so do what you can and go for it. What's money for if not for spending? And think, those winter days are going to speed by when you look at the new pride and joy in the garage.

    Nova are now Metro and owned in part by Jeffrey Honda. Reputable and reliable, so it should be legit.

    And I'm sure there's someone here who works at a Ducati dealer who could tell you if it's a good deal or not.
  14. Wrong.

    He can insure it, but if he prangs it while riding outside his licence conditions then he won't be covered.
  15. Actually, they're underwritten by Insurance Manufacturers of Australia (IMA), which is 70% owned by NRMA and 30% by RACV.
  16. stookie
    The insurance will be null in void if you ride it ( not licensed) and if you are anything like me you will , its to hard not too :LOL:
    except if lil does then its cool , but raises a point why pay the insurance if you are not on the road ( except for theft of course and if lil is going to ride it )

    If you arent going to ride it and the deals better than your going to get next year , then go for it .
    march is a long time to wait for getting on it
    I know you a disciplaned little scots man but not that disiplaned :LOL:

    if its you dream , get it , but buy some big chains and secure it well
    last thing you need is a bike knocked off when you have just got it
    its a bit hard explaining to the insurance company that you havent riden it but had it garaged for that period of time . its very plausable but you know insurance companys will do anything to get out of paying a claim and may try that angle
  17. I highly doubt they'd even look at who has been riding it if it's a theft claim. Claims departments don't simply null and void a policy if it was ridden once or twice outside the restrictions and nothing happened. The question wouldn't even come up. If he was riding it and had a prang and claimed he'd be in a mess though.
  18. I reckon don't buy it.

    You're just excited and cash is burning a hole in your pocket.

    Bloody expensive bike, even if it is on special. Wait until you're off restrictions, get your game on with the 250 and start riding the arse off it - and then pick something up in November.

    You never know what deals you'll find when you're ready to buy, and if the Multistrada's still what you want, I'd bet you'll be able to get them at the same price or better - or find an excellent 2nd hand one for buckets less.

    Don't rush to spend.
  19. Oh, plus - you won't have any idea what bike is right for you until you test ride several. Don't end up with the wrong bike because you never rode it before buying.
  20. Hehe I bought the Storm purely with the heart. Saw it in a shop, had them start it up so I could hear it, and then bought it without having ridden one before (I couldn't test ride as my right arm was in plaster).

    And I have never regretted it. Best buy I've made. :cool: :grin:

    One thing about that Duc though, I know very little about them. How long have they been out for? Are they potentially still ironing out bugs? Could be a good reason to wait a bit.

    Then again, if it's what you really want Stookie and to you the price is right, then I'd go for it. Life's too short.