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Upgrading Ducati 749

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ricomac, May 23, 2006.

  1. Anyone got one of these?

    How big a step is it from the VTR250? Is it true the servicing is crazy cost wise. The handlebars look really low but I assume you just get used to that.
  2. awesome bike. very small fuel tank = many stops. service costs have come down to realistic figures.
  3. How small is small? would you get 100ks out of it?
  4. One of my mates, will only get 150 to 180 out of a tank when in the hills. compared to my 650 which gets closer to 220 in the hills. I know he has been getting services of 800 to 1k for a major one....
  5. Actually Bix

    What is the SV650S like? Thats on my list too. You happy with it?
  6. I am very happy with it. I went and tried a sv650 and aslo the fz6. I found the fz6 was probably faster, but i didn't like the way it had to be reved and stuff like that. While the sv has a nice linear power delivery, so makes it easier to ride. Both the Sv650 and fz6 also(?) are running basic suspension adn this is their downfall, but with a little work this can be corrected. If you after a bike for the hill's only, ducati or lots of other mide sized bikes, but if you want something that can commute easily, cheap, and also good in the hills, the sv650s is awesome!!

    . This was my first bike ever, so i like the sv as its easy to ride.
  7. I wouldn't call moving to a 749 a big step, even a sports 600 will be more intimidating to ride, as the Duc has better power and torque down lower; you can access the Duc's power much more easily. Remember too, that the bike will only go as quickly as you want it too (hopefully!).

    I rode my mates 999 on the weekend, and have to say that I wasn't very impressed with it powerwise, although it handled nicely. Overall, it was a very non-aggressive bike, and the ride position was very comfortable compared to my bike.

    Coincidentally to this thread topic, this was the first twin that I had ridden since the vtr250 I used to own, and the noise and feel in gears reminded me very much of that bike. I was suprised how highly tuned the 999 was though, it doesn't have oodles of low down power like most big twins. A beautiful handling bike though, it could make a bad rider look really good through the corners. Brakes were satisfactory, but nothing special IMO.

    Unfortunately when I was riding it, the ifamous Duc gremilns popped up: the tacho started misbehaving (showing about 1/3 of actual revs?), and various indicators refused to work at some times, none of these being an easy fix. I thought that Ducati would have sorted it's electrical problems now, and they may have, but because of this experience I had, in my mind reliability is still a long way from the Jap bikes.
  8. my jemma gets 220 tops out of hte 14l frame. teh 749 only gets about 160-180 tops.