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Upgrading Dirt Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by billza, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Currently have a TTR125, just learnt to ride last year... Its now to small and need to upgrade to a bigger bike... Not really keen on 2 stroke, and need something that isnt to heavy being a chick some of those bikes are a mission to pick up...

  2. You are unlikely to get much of a response on your first post unless you tell us some more about yourself. Nothing personal, just your riding style, expectations, location etc.

    The idea is not to have to pick it up..

  3. You fail to tell what sort of riding you want to do (road, trail, touring, commuting etc etc or if you are restricted to 250 capacity blah blah blah)

    I have both a cruiser (honda vt 750 for dry days and ,well cruising :LOL: ) and a dirt bike (ttr250 for wet days and some fun)

    I am not that tall in the legs and at first I found the ttr250 too tall, so I simply shaved the seat down by about 60mm and all's well.
    It is very similar to your bike only bigger and not that much heavier.
    You also do not have to be strong to pick up a bike, but simply use the back to the bike method and lift with your knees to get em back up (search button)

    The TTR 250 is great, cheap and with the right tryes can be used as a "motard" styled commuter bike. (plus it's fun off road as well)

    Saying all that, you may be restricted in cc's or want a different riding position etc etc.

    More info required!!!
  4. Yeah good. thanks for asking. You??

    Hmmm. well for weight and more power your probably better off with a 125 2 stroke.
    But if you want to stick with a 4, have a look at the CRF230.
  5. more information - right - sorry new to this whole forums thing...

    Just want to use for the Dirt, ride at motox track so not restricted by the CC's ...Just learnt to ride last year so style is slow and steady and then i get cocky and crash :) hey but thats all part of it... Learning your limits....

    I was told to look at a WR250 but they are a bit spenny...

    Im 5' 9" so not short..
  6. Sorrybut I cant give you much info on dirt bikes at all. some others may be able to help more.
  7. I'm riding a TTR600 daily.

    As far as your concerns picking the bike up, the TTR600 is on paper heavier than most big enduro's (XR650, DR650), I have dropped it once when I lost my balance kicking it over, and I think it's incredibly light actually.

    Have you tried picking up a big trailly? compared to any road bike it's a breeze.

    It may feel big and unwieldy if you're coming from a 125. You'll drop it a few times, but with a little practice, I don't think any trailly would be beyond your ability.

    Is very tall though, I'm 6'0" and can only touch my toes of both feet on the ground.

    I'd personally go for one of the older low tech 250's. The high-po ones are too high maintenance. XR250 or TTR250 would be great. Best, if you can afford it, would be a DRZ-250.

    If you want decent power that you can grow into, get an XR400 or DRZ-400.
  8. if you only want to use it for mx and not trail riding you can get a yamaha yz250f or honda crf 250r suzuki rmz 250 these are light (for four strokes) lots of useable power, cheap and plentiful.

    If you want to ride on trails and occasional on road use you can get the registered versions wr250f and crf 250x both good bikes. However all of these bikes require a bit of preventative maintenance including as a guide- airfilter cleaned after every ride, oil changed after every 300km filter every 2nd change, valves checked about every 1000k's.

    If you dont like maintenance you can get suzuki drz 250 or 400 or klx 250 more mild power curve, slightly heavier.

    Depends on how much you want to spend, where you want to ride and how you treat your bike