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Upgrading - but first...Do I trade-in or sell current bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by AJB, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I have a 2003 Kwaka ER-5. Thinking of upgrading to something like V-Strom 650 and not sure whether to trade-in the ER-5 or sell it privately. I guess what I'm really wondering is if either option gives me better or worse bargaining power with dealer?

    Appreciate your thoughts or advice.

  2. if you can, then def go with a private sale. You'll get a better price but it may take longer and a bit more effore on your part.

    Then you can take a wad of cash into the dealer and get the best "cash" price you can. In my experience this will always put you in the best position. Cash is still king.
  3. See what they will offer you on a trade-in. If it is reasonable then take the offer.

    E.g If the difference between the average PS prices and what they are offering is only about $500 then take it. This will prolly be unlikely but you never know as a dealer ALWAYS inflates the price of a second hand bike above average PS prices due to the 'prestige' and 'security' feel people get buying from a dealer. SO you may be lucky and they will be you close to PS prices for it and then just inflate it.

    However if it is Far off the mark (~$800-$1000) then turn it down, sell it via PS and take the cash in with you.
  4. Re: Upgrading - but first...Do I trade-in or sell current bi

    If you are planning on buying a brand new bike, then a trade-in might be a way of getting a bit of a discount. Make sure you know what the bike is worth.

    If you are planning on buying another used bike, why bother with dealers? It's not like you get a warranty or anything, and you can't expect much in the way of preparation other than a cosmetic tidy-up. Some don't even check the oil in used bikes (but don't get me started about P*t*r St*v*ns)

    Unless there is a residual warranty on a near-new bike, those that do offer a warranty on a used bike just use a commercial warranty that you pay for anyway, and that doesn't offer any real benefits. They generally have payout limits that won't cover anything major.

    The only advantage you get from a dealer is a range of stock available in one place.

    Use the dealers stock to get a good look at what is available, and maybe do some test rides to see how the bikes should perform, then decide what you want, and look for one available privately. Sell your bike privately afterwards.
  5. Sell privatly but wate till october/september... better wether and that is the time when every noobe will want a nice LAM bike to learn riding on... better price, easire sale...

    As for buying a bike... June/July is when you actualy want to buy a bike... Privately... better brgening power as no one buys bikes than and through the dealer... same.. they are desperate to sell than...