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Upgrading - bigger cruiser

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by poppa_9, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. i have a vstar 650 at the moment and thinking of going up to a 950 or a 1100 vstar have been doing some research on both bikes sounds like the 950 is quicker and has a lower seat height. I take the speed is from the fuel injection, wanting some input from people who have these bikes to help with my choice being a short fellow lol that doesn t mind twisting the throttle looked at bigger and thought height to weight might be a bit to much please let me know your thoughts thanks

  2. If u like twisting the throttle mate. Buy a vrod. They start at 12k for the earlier models. Heaps more powerful than any v star
  3. M109r if you like torque, Diavel if you like horsepower.
  4. do you nod to sport bike riders?
  5. i nod to all riders it s not just cruisers that don t nod back
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  6. VStar 1100 will have a smoother response than the EFI (Bolt or VStar 950) but the 950 will have better economy and more power. None of these should be an issue stepping up from a VStar 650. The Bolt has a neutral (mid control) set up that might help if you are short.

    Caution though, this is only from test riding them not owning.

    The VRod is a lot heavier with longer reach. And both the 1300 and 1900 VStars can make more power.
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  7. thanks the 1100 i looked at because alot of my add on s with 650 i can use on it but like u said better fuel economy,more power and lower seat on the 950 is appealing, not that keen on the bolt i have a naked sfv 650 unrestricted as every day ride thought about the1300 or bigger but the weight of them start to come into it and i m not getting younger
  8. A vstar make more power than a vrod ? What drugs are u on. 70hp (1300) v 125hp for the vrod, both being stock.
  9. Poppa,
    I did almost exactly what you're planning.
    I started on a XVS650 custom and then looked for something bigger.
    I tried the 950 & 1300 and ended up on an 1100.

    On paper the 950 should be faster than the 1100, mostly because of the belt drive.
    I didn't really like the road feel though.

    On the 1300 there was no feel at all. I felt like I was riding a couch. There was none of the feel of the 650. It felt like you sit on it instead of in it.

    I've been really happy with the 1100. It feels quite like the 650, with an extra gear.
    When you get onto the road most of the feel is the same but your almost cruising around in one gear lower than you would have been in on the 650. Then you get onto a freeway or open road and can really get to use 5th. There are still times with a pillion on that it does feel slow, but all in all it's great.
    These are only my thoughts, but I hope it helps.
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  10. From what I have seen so far most Japanese cruisers appear to have a fuel consumption of about the 5 Litres per 100K's. I don't think fuel economy is worth basing your decision on. I also feel speed is irrelevant as they all can do the speed limits easily but I agree that the larger ones do it more easily. You already have a speedster to get that thrill on so it is just which one appeals to you. Personally I like shaft drive but the trend is to belt drive and there is for and against both. Either way they are both good and do an excellent job without the mess. I think shaft drive a little less maintenance and I am lazy. I am happy with the 650 but would probably go for the 950 if I was to upgrade as the carby based V-Stars are only sold in a few countries now and probably at the end of their run as is all vehicles based on carbs. Note that I have not ridden any other than the 650 so my opinion may change if I do.
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  11. i had a M109R and a yamaha roadliner

    roadliner all the way

    class, cruise, and a bit of poke

    both layed easy rubber off the line across the lights, the roadliner looked cooler and sounded miles better and had more low down torque, the M109 revved harder and had better top end, but lacked style class and decent engineering.

    best of all, both belted my mates modded harleys and at a fraction of the price, a Vrod isnt a harley LOL, although my dads 120" harley is a bit faster than both, but he is a harley mechanic and has plenty of time to fix a broken down bike LOL

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  12. I believe I said can. All 3 are liquid cooled and have a huge capacity for improvement (if you want to spend the money). VRod starts in a higher state of tune for which you pay.
  13. Yep, got an easy 150BHP out of my M109R with minor work.
  14. thanks guys for your input not really looking for anything bigger then 1300 at the max it s really a choice between the 950 and the 1100. the 1100 is sounding more like the one.I love the 650 but just not quick enough for over taking or when having pillion,it just lacks that bit of power steve 42 and pod you understand where i m coming from don t want to rush it because it s probably be the one i stay with hence seeking opinions from people and don t want to heavier bike as well
  15. Usual rule applies.
    Ride 'em all and buy the one you like the most. I don't think you can buy a bad Yamy cruiser.
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  16. I went from a vstar 650 to an 1100 and haven't regretted it. I also rejetted the carbs and added pod air filters which gives it a bit more go (the stock airbox restricts air intake a bit and doesn't allow max output that it's capable of). Not that it was a problem beforehand, I just wanted to do it. I find it's better with a pillion too and although it has the same number of gears, has a better gearing that the 650. I'm not looking to change to another bike.
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