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Upgrading 600 or 1000?? Advise needed!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Commando_NSR, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    The time is coming up and I have been looking forward to this for a while. Finally getting my full licence!

    I want some advise as the only advise I have had is off a best mate/expert racer but also a bikesalesman. He thinks I should jump straight to a 1000cc.

    I just wanted to know past experiences on bike upgrades and what the general go is.

    Also I really like the sound looks etc of an R1 but from what I have heard there is an evil taboo surrounding them :twisted: ???



    P.s - anyone looking for a cheap learner legal cruise check the for sale section my bike is in there. (Honda V25 Custom Cruiser) !!!!
  2. if i was doing it again, i would probably just straight to a thou.... rode a r1 mates r1 (thanks andy) and what a bike..... it's not so much the power, as more the lazyiness of it that i enjoyed the most, ie, less hassle with changing gears, you just set it and ride. Or if you are planning on carrying pillion's i wouldn't bother witha 600 IMO.

    cheers stewy
  3. If you're buying 2nd hand... maybe 2 year old bike?

    You can buy an R1 with less k's than a CBR600RR of the same year for almost the same price and sometimes less...

    Makes it hard to be sensible with the purchase :grin:

    ... that said, rego etc is more for a 1000 - dunno by how much, but I'm sure gegvasco will be along shortly with exact numbers :)
  4. If its for the street id go the thou. The 600s suffer from a real lack of low down torque which i find quite frustrating on the street.
  5. Bought my 2006 CBR600RR NEW For $13,500 onroad at Petersteven's. haven't seen too many R1's for that with no k's :p

    I went straight to a 600 super sport and it suits me fine....more than fine at the moment, but I'll move up to a 1000 oneday just in no hurry at the moment. I preffer to learn on 600 with less worries it's more forgiving than a 1000 when I push my limits, and I'm not going to learn if I'm worried about making small mistakes which could end with big consequences on a 1000. As for pillions on a 600, unless you plan to ride like a Rossi there's plenty of power, can carry my wife & my fat arse along okay. :)
    ps. I have not ridden a 1000 I've just been given good advice, I'm only putting my point accross from a 600's perspective.
  6. I did say 2nd hand.

    But in previous years, CBR600RR's were selling new for up to $17k.
    With increased demand, volume and competition the price has come done [screwing people's resale value... you'd think] - but it seems particularly on the Hondas people just want to knock $500 off list on a 2 year old bike :eek:

    Yamaha riders are obviously far more reasonable peope :grin:
  7. I know I'm just a Smart arsed Honda rider who hopes to sell his 600RR for $14,000 in six months :grin: :grin:
  8. If you're not part of the solution... :p
  9. If your going thou, make sure you use all its power atlest now and then with "private roads"/track days otherwise its a waste of money.

    Nothing i hate more then seeing people that go out and buy a big bike just for show purposes, The 600cc of today are plenty for the road.
  10. on this topic, these days that 1000cc bikes are getting smaller and lighter bikes is it less of a step to a 1000cc from a 250cc then it was say 5 years ago.

    i do know that there getting a lot more powerful too but i thought there might be less of a downside(in regards to size and agility) to a 1000cc these days

    Yesterday i was reading a two wheels mag that had a list of 2007 bikes including their weight. some of the weights i think i remember correctly were.
    gsxr600 - 162kg
    gsxr750 - 163kg
    r1 - 177kg
    gsr600 - 188kg

    I was wondering if the r1 would be easier to handle then the gsr600 in a case like this. I understand there different classes of bikes and totally different costs, but talking about being able to control a bike they could be compared.

    Sorry if this ended up going a fair way off topic :)
  11. Are we talking 1000 twins? Or four-bangers? I'd love to jump up to a Firestorm and here that Vtwin roar!!!
  12. I went straight to a CBR 954 for my first bike and didn't have much trouble adjusting from my experiences on a smaller bike.

    I think others are correct in saying that the thou's are less of a step now that they are smaller and lighter. The only differences I noticed (besides power) is that you have to be a little smoother and setup for corners a little earlier. Other than that I think torque is a big factor as you just can't get anything like a thou down low.

    Maybe also take into account your size and weight. I'm about 6ft and 88kg and the bigger bike is a lot more comfortable to ride than the smaller bikes.
  13. Exactly. I'd base the decision more on how comfortable you think you will be on the bike. I'm 5'7" and seem to have shorter than normal arms/legs and most 600's feel more comfortable to me. I'm currently riding an SV1000 and I think I'll have to add heli-bars & change the pegs..

    A modern and well ridden 600 will have no trouble keeping up with a 1000 on the street and may even be quicker because it's lighter, smaller and will fit places the 1000 can't go. Even on the track, 600's are can be faster because the guy on the 1000 will gas it harder out of the corners requiring him to brake earlier and slowing down too much on the next corner.

    Even though I own a 1000 right now, I'd say for street riding there's not much point owning a 1000 (unless you're really tall and a 600 is too small)
  14. G'day everyone,........

    Well from my own point of veiw,.....
    I now ride a 1000. Went from my 250 direct to the 1000.
    I am around 100 somthing kg's....
    I travel a 200km round trip to work and back.
    I also require the bike to drag my arse up some big hills.
    I have found the 1000 to be able to do this in top gear without breaking into a sweat.
    The bike dose'nt seem to notice the hills exist.
    These are the reasons I went to a 1000cc.
    If the bike could do this with me on it then I am looking at the longevity of the engine.
    And as has been said before,...you do have to be smoother with the throttle and you get used to such changes easly.
    But then when you get your bike be it a 600 or a 1000,....you are still going to have to learn your new bike all over again to get used to its individual charicteristics.
    Just my thoughts.

    Dr Who?
  15. IMO, I went from a ER5 (LAM 500) to a ZZR 600. I'm only about 5'7 and 80 kg, so I couldn't see myself being about to handle a 1000 in my early stages of riding. Also, I do 300K a week of commuting, and find the 600 is more economical on fuel.

    I have ridden a friends Blackbird, and do enjoy the extra power and the thrill of riding it, but it is good for weekend rides, and I would probably lose my licence if I rode it every day.

    Note: My 600 may not keep up with a lot of the big bikes, but that is more due to rider ability (or lack of).
  16. Is this the thread for small people or what? :?

    Short arse gimps! :LOL:
  17. Just buy the 1000! I know more than one person who bought a 600 only to regret it later on. The only down side I can see to buying a thousand is listening to all the guys who have bought 600's telling you how good there bike is, trying to make you believe it as good as your 1000!

    If I was to buy a trackbike only, I would consider buying a 600, other than that the 1000 is the way to go.
  18. I went from a 250 to a 600 and being 5'4 (yes we keep getting shorter) and 63kg find it more than enough for my current skills and plenty to haul my tiny ass.
    Have also pillioned quite a few now and found no problems.
    On the road it is hard to stay at legal speeds, so i fear what it would be like on a thou.
    That said Ive never ridden one so cant speak on that.
    however I cant see my bike changing for quite some time.
    Happy as a pig in shit with it and I think that will continue for some time.
    ( had it near 1 year now)

    Maybe someone could speak to additional costs of riding a thou.
    Like petrol, tyres, services and such.
    Maybe that would be the deciding factor.

    At the end of the day it really depends on you and your skills.
  19. i reccomend a 600, i have a ZX6R and jumped straight to that after 26,000 k's of riding and the 600 is plenty for the street,

    It also depends a little on your size and weight and all that stuff, if you are 6 ft 10 you might not be very comfy on either and have to buy zzr 1100,

    But the best thing to do is test ride them all and find out which one blows your skirt up.

    Any salesman will try and push you to a liter bike but i think its a bad fcukin idea.

  20. What do you ride???