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upgradin all rounder 400-800cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Zbike, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Going to be upgrading in a few months. Its probaly too early to be thinking about upgrades as my latest project isnt finished but work is just soo boring.

    I do mostly commuting a few ride days some long trips interstate and am itchin to do a track day. I dont own a car and have no plans to.

    I want something between 400-800 cc with good handling and light small for lane spliting and comfy.

    I dont care too much for speed so don't need something with ultra performance and most litre bikes are too heavy

    But i will problay be buyin a reparable writeoff and i need to decide on the model to be my new bike.
    will have to be something late 90 as i have a small budget
    Here my views so far
    u dont have to preach to me about the problems of doing this i know them all

    -i love the feel and lightweight of my old cbr250 spliting is a brease and easy ride hence leading me to consider the cbr400-rvf400 but even crashed ones are overpriced. Ive ridden a gsxr400 i like it but too rare to get parts for.

    -cruisers are comfy at first but give u weird pains+crap handling in twisties
    ridden a suzgn250,cb250,gv650, and some other weird korean one

    -hyo 650 gt dont like the vibrations but other than dat its too big and heavy for me i cant tip toe out in reverse.

    -Iv been told r6 are realy uncomfy compared to the cbr600 so they are out

    I like the idea of the cbr600 late ninties models maybe vfr 750 how do these two compare.

    How do the ninjas and gsxr's 600&750 compare?

    any other ideas appreciated, if some of my conclusion r wrong point em out for me.

    btw something that could pull and occasional wheelie and stoppie cant be bad eaither.
  2. There can be only one!!!!!

    Honda Hornet 600.
    Naked bike, NOT A cruiser, you can modify the handlebars to renthal ultra lows.

    perfect allrounder, light & easy to flick in the twisties, small size great for splitting.

    check out www.hondahornet.co.uk for more info.

    However having said all that it sounds like you're only interested in a fairied bike...
  3. Yeah, a Hornet would be great. Don't write off the SV 650 either as naked or semi that fulfills most of your criteria. An ER-5 would probably work too. Much as anything it's gonna be about what you can find as a repairable write-off.... there just might not be any Hornets, for example.
  4. A CB400 would do everything well, and can be picked up pretty cheap. A nakeed sv650 would also suit.

    Early VFR750's are getting very cheap, and are probably the ultimate do it all bike in your price range. Don't let high mileage put you off, they're pretty much bullet proof.

    I would recommend a VFR400, but I'm way too biased.
  5. hmm intresting never even occured to consider a naked, onyl ever ridden faired versions
    My current bike 2 days away will be a naked so i will find out if the wind/aerodynamics thing is an issue for me

    I think i must test ride one

    keep the sujections comming
  6. I had similar needs to what you describe.
    *No car - dont want one
    *light and easy
    *the odd touring
    * etc, etc

    This steered me to the BMW F800. Simply awsome bike for what I want.
    I also considered the VFR and I reckon I would be more than happy with it.

    the SV650 was fun to ride, but shapped wrong for my body.

    good luck.
  7. What state? If you're looking in Vic for a second hand SV650s, good luck :) SV650 you can find. I've only had my CBR600 '97 for a week, but commuting is peeeeasy.
  8. wanna bump your max up to 850cc? TRX850 are an awesome bike, and can be picked up in top notch condition for $6-7000 ish
  9. Why not a VFR400 nice easy to ride through the traffic and not to bad with the fuel.
  10. try the yzf600r "thundercat", (NOT an R6)

    Ask anyone that has one, or who has owned one.. brilliant!!

    I've used mine to commute daily in Tas and here in Qld, and I rode it up from Hobart to Bris. Makes anyone look like a good rider, it's heaven on the twisty bits, keeps up with 800's and bigger easily when ridden well into the corners (massive brakes from FZR1 at the front).. Excellent all round beast.

    only downsides IMHO are..

    Heavy for a 600 (but still good performance),
    Need to remove fairings to change the oil filter.

    Gearing is very "tall" for a 600, sitting on 120k's is the same revs as a friends cbr900. (~3000) But that makes it very economical touring.

    Dropping the ratio via sprockets would make it a decent occasional wheelie machine, and improve take off at the lights if that's your thing.