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Upgrades for Yamaha MT-07?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by BR44P, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Hey guys!
    Looking at doing a few performance upgrades on my MT-07 and I was just seeing if there was any recommendations before I get started on it. Thinking of just starting at the exhaust and intake but I'm curious to what more I can do..

    Thoughts and ideas?

    Thanks !!

  2. Suspension! No one will know but you.
  3. MTO9?
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  4. Haha I'm happy with my MT-07 lol
  5. Then why upgrade? :v:v:v
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  6. uuuugly
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  7. Just the face... Don't know what the designers were thinking.

    Everything else seems fine. Love the rear. ;)
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  8. yeah
    ive been told about you
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  9. you don't look at the mantle piece while stocking the fire
  10. I do
    but some times I get burnt
  11. Anyway, I'd like suggestions.. I know they may be an ugly bike, but they do grow on you..
  12. I don't think the 07 is ugly
    just don't think performance upgrades for it is well spent

    save that money for when you can do a real upgrade
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  13. best to get those things lanced before they get too big.

    Seriously though, if it's a LAMS bike can't do much and stay legal. Read up on suspension - boring, but the consensus seems is one of the best things you can do re: performance.
  14. Thanks for your input (y)
  15. Exhaust and intake is probably the most effective thing you can do, especially cost wise, next thing might be a power commander or similar..........

    Other than that there are engine upgrades but they'll probably cost you some pretty big $$$
  16. I'm researching actually taking the standards computer out and replacing it with the MT-07 "High Output" model (non-Lams) computer and re-mapping but I haven't really heard about that bike being popular so getting parts for either will be difficult..
  17. learn how to ride it well as it is
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  18. My bike luckily was just a restrictor plate on throttle - big thanks there to Ducati! 2 minutes work.
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