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Upgrades for 2009 cb400????????

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by 2009cb400, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Hi, Have had a 09 cb400 for a few months now and want to do some upgrades, I have found that there is not much out there in the cb400 range of upgrades I want to change levers to short billet ones (gold), want to change the mirrors to maybe bar end one or nice billet ones , i want to put on short carbon fibre muffler, change the pegs, crash knobs maybe the bars
    any ideas of shops in qld or websites where i can purchase any of the above that would fit my bike would be greatly appreciated and also any real carbon parts that would fit. (do not want cheap parts) would also love to see pics of anyone with upgrades to cb400 08 onwards to please

  2. Read thru the cb400 thread in the bike reviews sectionz. After that check out the cb400 section in Singapore bike forums. Have fun.

    Here is a current list of the mods I've done:

    2008 Honda CB400SF Revo ABS with Moriwaki OnePiece Shorty Exhaust & Slider, GodSend Custom Radiator Mesh, 2 Pt Crash Bars, LSL Street Foot Pegs, OEM screen, Scottoiler, Red/White Leds, Bagster Tank Cover, Michelin P Pure Front/P Road 2 Rear Tyres, HID 4300K, Gilles Tooling 41mm Clip Ons, Powdercoated Rims/Rearsets & Passenger Pegs, Rizoma Avio 21 Signals, Motovation Universal Barends...
  3. Might I ask what top box you fitted and how?
  4. I've got TAG metal bars, Oxford heated grips, fender eliminator, replacement rear indicators and a bit of bling.
  5. It came with the bike when I bought it. Have a read of this thread where many top box, pannier, throw over bag options for the CB400 are discussed in detail [Discussion] Technical - Boxes & Storage Systems
  6. yeah but have you the tim tams......:p