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Upgraded to Street Triple but...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Lovebikelivelong, May 18, 2016.

  1. Hi All

    I have upgraded to Street Triple R and sadly I have found out that I should have stayed with my learner bike after dropping my S3 twice (not much damaged though :). I have 3 weeks off starting this Sunday and i am wondering if anybody knows any open area in or around Sydney that I can go and practice my Braking and turning at slow speed (besides tracks) Cheers.
  2. are you learning or have full licence?
    if learning, there are the Learner things at Homebush every weekend (or whenever by yourself during week)

    otherwise, industrial area/carparks/somewhere with no cars....
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  3. A track isn't the place for slow speed stuff. What have you been doing before you got the triple?
    ANY car park is good for slow speed control. I practice every day, every set of lights on red you approach, try to judge it so you keep moving until the lights change, test yourself. Throttle, rear brake, steering. Plug up somewhere quiet and practice.
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  4. Whereabouts in SYD are you?

    The IKEA carpark at Tempe is huge and great for finding a nice quiet spot to practice in.
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  5. gday LovebikelivelongLovebikelivelong welcome to NR and riding!

    as the other guys have said, best places are empty car parks or industrial estates: car parks are good if they have markings as you can simulate lanes and turning circles etc; or, find a dead end street or culdesac in an industrial estate but be prepared for someone to notify security or the gestapo.
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  6. Where abouts in Sydney are you?

    If you have time during the working week, maybe I can help you.

    If you are within cooee of Beecroft, have a look at Maher Close, I live right at the end, and having set-up all the bits of the MOST outside my house.
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  7. Mate, each time you drop or nearly drop your bike you should be learning from it. 3 times is enough to know why you dropped it I'd say. My guess is using your front brake in a slow corner, the brake biting, the bike's momentum having nowhere to go but to the side and down.
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  8. See the Sydney Learner session thread - details on the practice area in post #1
  9. you read my mind!
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  10. What were you riding before? And if you were competent on that, can you identify what you're doing differently on the striple? Now I know it's got heaps more grunt etc, but that's controlled by your wrist. So shouldn't prove problematic really.
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  11. Sounds like what you should have bought was a DR650... I'll lower myself and swap you mine for your striple ;)

    Seriously, if you can get to Homebush on Saturdays, the group there will certainly help you out.
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  12. I find my street triple R to be a bit tetchy when I ride it slow. The front brake is aggressive and the suspension is hard! Suggest you just ride it for a while, get comfortable on it and avoid going slow.
  13. "ride it slow... the front brake"
    I'm sure you know this already but for those who may not, don't use the front brake when riding slow, use the rear one only.
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  14. All of the above and yes, I've almost had security called on me as I frequented the Master's car park. They have these awesome painted boxes that simulate the Victorian slow ride box. And let's face it, no one shops at Masters.

    Practice, keep practicing and get stubborn. Like a boss. (y)
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  15. I had the HWP stop by to see me recently as I used the carrum downs Bunnings carpark for my practice session.
    Had a nice chat about all things bike and he said it was good to see someone practicing ebraking etc.
    I think the staff were worried or annoyed , as I had been using it a fair bit :)
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  16. Yep JeffcoJeffco , dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. Great to hear some positive feedback from the HWP.
  17. Yeh I must admit when a turned around and saw him slowly heading my way I thought interesting some inside is annoyed, but he was really laid back asked what sought of things I was doing then said leave you to it
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  18. Dropping your bike straight off your L's shouldn't be too much to worry about, unless your funny about scratching stuff, injuring yourself etc. Just need a quiet not necessarily too open space with no humans around. Anywhere - close to home better. Drop a few markers short of witches hats and just do figure 8s as slow as possible till you go dizzy. Then go the other direction. Practice fast stops (both brakes applied) from 50, 60, 80 and see how you can reduce the distance each time. Learn the bike. The Street Triple can be deceiving, with the grunt goes a fair bit of weight (compared to dirt bike) and a bit high up if your vertically challenged. No shame in losing balance and dropping it. Better somewhere quiet in practice than under a truck. You should be patient with this stuff and practice regularly, get on with things and enjoy.
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  19. good advice! I am curious about doing figure 8's then doing them in the 'other direction', how does that work?
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