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Upgraded to a Kawasaki ER6-n today

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by happy.grl, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Having just picked up my new bike I thought I would post some early thoughts on my new ride - the ER6-n.

    Coming from my VTR250 my initial reaction was Wow - this has got so much more power. It corners brilliantly (not that I have a lot to compare it to) it's light and easily maneuverable.

    It looks hot - metallic black with a red frame... vereee nice

    Stock pipe sounds great - quite throaty compared to Shaggy's z750

    A couple of not so great things though - the mirrors are crap - I'm looking at getting some extenders (my elbows are nice but I can look at them all the time, when I'm riding I'd rather see what's behind me) and it's quite tall, although I'm expecting this to settle after I get some km's on it.

    There's a fair bit of vibration that comes through the bars and makes the mirrors even worse, from what I hear the vibration is a characteristic of a parallel twin and it's something that I will need to get used to - it's not unbearable, but I'll have to wait and see what it's like after a really long ride.

    All things considered I couldn't be happier with the bike - now I'm just hanging out for better weather to come along so I can ride it properly :grin:
  2. Talk to Black Magic she has the same bike, sans fairing.

    they're a very comfortable bike, great commuter, great middleweight tourer.

    But supersport bike they are not.

    If that sounds like you'll suit it you probably cant go muich better.

    remember, you have 70 odd horsepower now... if you rev it the same as you did yoiur VTR250 you'll find that out :D
  3. Probably best if you don't give the throttle a big nudge til you're run the motor in a bit, hg :).

    You will also find that as it gets more miles under its belt that the engine vibrations will become a bit more subdued, although with a parallel twin, they're always going to be there a bit.
  4. Congratulations on the upgrade! But if you think stock pipe sounds great, don't go on youtube checking out other ER6s with after-market pipes like I did :) By now there are quite a few options available, some of them even not that expensive. I was especially fond of something called Gianelli. I never heard of them, but I liked the sound! A bit of digging revealed that Gianellis are also sold as Arrows on some markets... ah yes, I've heard of those :)
  5. I'm deliberately staying away from youtube - I've spent all my cash on the bike :grin:

    Methinks I'm going to have a lot of fun with this bike - especially once the running in is done.

    It'll be a while before really open up - it would be the same with me even if it wasn't a new bike, it kinda feels like learning to ride all over again, with the different seating position, throttle sensitivity etc.

    Hope I see you all on the road - thanks guys

    PS Just in case anyone is looking I've found the service manual http://homepages.slingshot.co.nz/~shanetp/Index.html#_Downloads_2
  6. hey happy.grl, pop your location in your profile so we we know who's job it is to invite you on rides!!
  7. Kensington NSW, or Kensington somewhere elese?

    :LOL: Love that picture; you had me worried for a minute till I realised that that wasn't MY IP address.

    But I am running a nice quick NEW connection.....

  8. Done really well there - joined the forum to get info and posted a whole heap of info that others can use.

    It's always good when a new one like that comes along....
  9. Enjoy your new 6n! I had a sit on one a few months ago as I'm a fan of the 6f, but it felt very strange for some reason. Very possibly it was having the giant mirrors much closer and more dominant than on my zzr. Can't wait to get my fulls so I can go test ride one and see where the hype is coming from.
  10. It should be your IP address, because it uses the ip adress your browser is connecting from, unless your going through a proxy. Don't worry, noone else will see it, its a simple php script that rips the info out of your browser info and displays it on the pic. Sorry for being off topic.

    I like the looks of the er6's, and i'm glad your happy, have fun riding, and don't fall off!
  11. Congrats on the new wheels.. :twisted:

    Oh and the mirror thing, its normal to be checking your elbows out.. :LOL:

    Are you in Kensington Vic ?? If so did you get your bike from Race Replica and pick it up about 11ish..
  12. Congrats on the new bike. :) .

    I read the other day about handle bar vibs ,and there is a thing called a Bar Snake ,it seem to help for what I "read".

    Google for info.
  13. Congrat's on the new bike,second only to the ER-6f. :LOL:
    I've only managed about 1400km's on mine and i've noticed a deeper less tinny sounding note to it lately;i love every ride on her and gain more confidence every time i find time for a ride.
    I hope your new bike brings you endless smiles, happy riding. :cool:
  14. thanks guys

    I am in Kensington VIC and, yes I bought from Race Replica (a good bunch of guys there BTW) on Saturday - did I look as nervous as I felt?

    Thanks Sleddog - I read a couple of reviews that google tossed out and it looks good. And it's a reasonable price too - I will definately be ordering to see how it goes.

    It'll be my first commute tomorrow on the new bike :grin: Can't wait (did I really just say that about a Monday :shock: )
  15. Congrats on the new bike, it was right near the top of my upgrade list too...very nice choice, I'm sure you'll love it! :)

    Butz. :beer:
  16. It's a sexy machine Sal, even if it's all dirty now. Do try to keep it upright longer than hubby did with his brand spankers Z750... :LOL: And anything you can do to get your oggies quicker is a good investment of time.

    Let me know when it's no longer "new" and I'll start pestering you for a spin... :grin:
  17. My friendly bike shop lent me a ER6 while my bike was been serviced. What a suprising little machine. Yes the mirrors are crap, but some sticky tires, maybe some lower bars and a liberated exhaust and this thing would be a great weapon on a tight road.

    The brakes are brilliant too. Without riding it I probably wouldn`t have looked twice, but it impressed the hell out of me. Not enough to trade in the 1200 but lotsa fun.

    Enjoy :grin:
  18. After a couple of days commuting I couldn't be happier.

    The height isn't as bad as I thought it might be, providing that I scoot my butt over to one side.

    Loz - I've had the bike for four days with no drop (sorry, very careful unintentional down placement :p ) - Yippee I've done better than Matt

    I can't keep the smile off my face - I was outside work today and got talking to a courier - he pointed out the ER6 and mentioned how nice it is... then I got to say that it's mine :p

    I'm so \:D/
  19. All good i see.. So it was you on Saturday picking it up.. :grin: You were there with someone else and with Steve out the front when i rolled up on my 14. I actually said hi to Steve as i walked behind him. I was wearing my Kawasaki Jacket.. :grin: And there were no signs of nerves.. :wink: