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Upgraded to a Beast

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by grozy, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Upgraded from a Hyo GT650r to a Suzuki M109RZ on Saturday. The bike is a big sexy beast and is a blast to ride so far.

    Sooooo much torque.....

    Dont have a personal pic of her yet but here is one to wet the appetite.

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  2. If I was to get a cruiser I think it would be that one.

    Speaking of sensible upgrades, any plans for a hypercharger?
  3. Haven't really been a fan of suzuki's M series of bikes but for some reason I really like the look of this one, must be the stripe. Can't wait to see pics mate.
  4. That thing is sexy and normally I don't like cruisers.
  5. 2 words. Holy Shit.

    im not a cruiser or harley man but DAMNN!

    ps. is that the bad boy that came down on saturday to the Learner ride?
  6. Those bikes look like sex on wheels mate. Good choice.
  7. there's a couple of them that hang around the Pie Shop; I swear the rear tyres are wider than most of the cars there :LOL:.....
  8. indeed. guy who runs a local workshop runs a 290 on his.
  9. One of the two Harley riders I rode with last sunday used to own the Suzuki Boulovard and said it was the best cruiser he's ever ridden and better to ride than his current harley.

    so I had to ask him, why change? His Answer??
    Only because it wasn't a harley and harley mates were giving him a bit.....

    Dumb dumb dumb...... IMO anyway...
    Told him to find real mates...
  10. i like that bike... considering i dont like cruisers
  11. holy hell that's frigging HOT!
  12. Welcome to the Club, Buddy!! As soon as I saw the word Beast, I knew you'd seen the light! hehehe...
    Contact me sometime and I can show you what this thing can turn into!
    Or just turn up to the Tuesday Night Ride in Melbourne...I'm there with The Beast most weeks!
  13. Nice bike mate ! The colour/striping gives it a sexy, mean and sporty look.
    I have been considering getting a bike such as your new addition for some time and with g/f moving to Melbourne (hopefully) from Sydney soon, I might just have to consider something like this.
    Best part is, she has even hinted this will be my 3rd bike, knowing I don't part with my 2 babes already (y)
    Enjoy it man!
  14. All I can see is a hellava BIG MAMA. (come here my boy and sit on my lap.... I will tell you a story.............zzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

    Enjoy the ride

    Stay safe
  15. :-k .... Tell you what: Do you research before posting, or even better, go try one out.

    If I can describe how this bike looks, feels and rides in a single image.....:

  16. Hey thats one big bad mama and she saying, "why don't you sit on my lap and i'll tell you a story"...zzzzzzzzzzzzz Wow man enjoy the ride. Its looks like a mack truck on two wheels. Move over Harleys!


    Stay safe
  17. Friend of mine owes one.. Loves it!!! (width of his back tyre matches my car)

    Stay safe
  18. Thanks for all the great replies guys, still running her in, but that is almost done now. :D

    Have been getting use to the riding position and the different way that you have to throw her into a corner, compared to the sportsbike postion, and have been enjoying each ride more and more and can definately say that you dont fall asleep once you sit in her lap.

    Don't let the looks decieve you, she corners really well, and the instant power/torque that is on tap from that motor is quite addictive. Have a look at a few reviews on the bike and they all agree that the motor is a brute. eg this one says, "The all-new engine is an animal. It thrusts the bike forward with so much power, we needed to gather our thoughts before deciding to crack that throttle wide open."

    @ presti, sorry mate, it wasn't me that you saw, I am in Adelaide.
  19. Awesome. Did an upright course and a bloke had one of these, went like nothing else.
  20. Another vote for "awesome" from a militant non-cruiser fan!

    This would also be my #1 choice if I went for something like this. Or will when my back has had enough of the Daytona...