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Upgraded to a 1000cc today.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Arik, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Well after 15 months of 'patience', I got off restrictions today and have upgraded to a 2004 CBR1000rr. Yeeeah.

    I test rode some other bikes before I settled on the 1000, and had a fang on the 2006 CBR600 today just to make sure. The 600 had plenty of go, but was much harsher revving and vibrated a fair bit compared to the 1000. Wasn't as OMG impressed, although it is a hell of a bike and had the 1000 not been such a good price I would have gone a 600 and never known what I was missing out on.

    So, the big CBR is a dream to ride, I've taken it very very easy today, really haven't seen much over 8000 rpm, but that has been more than enough. baby Jeebers, does it go. I was initially thinking i'd be struggling to tame it but it is incredibly friendly and comfortable in traffic, easy to get off smoothly, seamless clutchless up and downshifts, and it just goes, no matter what gear it is in. I was rolling in 6th at about 40, slight tweak and waaaaaa.

    Things definately happen very quickly on this bike, but it is still easy to ride carefully, and more importantly, lane split!

    I guess everyone is really sick of the whole 600 vs 1000 thing, but for what it is worth, the 1000 fitted and suited me better, and the low end power makes it a doddle to ride.

    OK, I like you, High Five.


  2. Well done - she looks brand new.....

    Curious as to what you paid.
  3. That's it Arik I am officially jealous! :LOL:
  4. Where?! Given that 1st will take you to about 130, 2nd to 180 where did you find enough room to give the Blade some revs?! I used to ride mine well below 8k around town.

    Congrats on the bike btw, I had Blades since 2000, had a 2004 model and only just sold it. If you think the 1000rr has mumbo off the line, ride a v-twin and then the Blade just feels flat.

    The Blade is weirdly sprung and benefits from setting up. Get the sag done and the handling is greatly improved (from a v.good base). I found front and rear weren't matched from stock, but fiddling can make it great (and bad as well).

    Good luck!
  5. nice... actually, VERY NICE!

    I love my 250rr and cant wait till i can jump on its bigger brother,

    she looks great mate!
  6. Bike was $12,000 ride away, 12 months rego. Has a micron pipe and PCIII fitted and has been dynotuned. 10666ks.

    We mostly did a lot of easing it around backstreets, fair bit of getting used to stop start traffic today, went and picked a mate's bike up from being repainted.

    Came back on the freeway and I had a quick onramp surge which probably wasn't 8000rpm as I never went ludicrous speed! - see above!

    I'm too worried about speeding tickets to "go to plaid", but even up to the legal limit I got that g-force rush for the first time. Awesome. I never felt like I was being an idiot, as the bike is very stable under what I know to be very minor accelleration (the most of the throttle I seemed to use today was like a sixteenth!), and whilst there's less engine braking than I'm used to the brakes are very effective, and not as 'scary pop your eyeballs out" as I was expecting. Just very good.

    I was a bit apprehensive, but the CBR is just much easier to ride than I thought, even the riding position after 9.30 to about 2pm on the bike was very comfortable, and that was mostly in stop-start traffic, with a few twistie bits thrown in. I think by the end of a day on the 600 I would have forgotten the steering damper and beefier 'can do, in any gear' engine and convinced myself that the quicker response and fun factor of getting to use more of the engine's range made the smaller bike the right choice.

    Both were night and day compared to my old VTR, I am reborn.

    I'm looking at her now.
  7. The CBR is an amazing bike, so easy to ride. You will have the most amazing fun on it. It doesn't have to be ridden crazy, but is great fun when you do :)
  8. Welcome to the 1000 club! Think you will find first hand now that all the hoop ha about litre bikes in bulls**t.

    Getting you into trouble is the riders call, and you have full responsibility for that.

    Think you'll have a blast once you find how easy they are to flick around.

    Happy fanging!
  9. appropriate k's i'd say. one hell of a bike :wink: .
  10. Nice bike. A big step from a 250 but treated with respect shouldnt bite you.
    Well done.
  11. Shoulda bought a Triumph Daytona 675, 3 cylinders kick ass.
  12. Sweet looking bike dude. Can't wait till I get there...
  13. a 675 for that money?

    only in the burnt urine colour I'm afraid.

    Awesome bike though.
  14. That's the big advantage of litre bikes, very docile and torquey when you are just cruising around, mondo grunt when you want it, in every gear. No peaky powerband!
    Welcome to the litre club!

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Very nice bike mate, Looks the shiz :wink:
  16. I recently got my 1000 also, yeah its brilliant having somuch power and not needing to fiddle with gears like on a 250.

    Be warey of your cornering through. On the 250, you can roll on the throttle all the way and lean into a corner, do that on the 1000 and you'll feel the rear wheel slide out.

    Also, now that you can overtake a car faster, it also means you are travelling faster after you've past the car, so give your self excessive room to brake. Its harder slow down from 150kph to 100 than it is to 100 to 0kph I find.

    Also I don't know if that bike has a slipper clutch, but if you shut off the throttle all of a sudden, the engine braking will be so powerful you'll actually skid the rear wheel, like you've slammed on the rear brake. Be warey of that when coming into corners too quick.
  17. very nice looking, but one question? whats with the different coloured fairings?
    yeah youve got to love that low down torque. try pulling her up quickley and youll notice a real difference between her and your old two fiddy. alot more bike to stop!!!

  18. The 2004 came with silver fairing lowers.
    I plan on painting them black to match at some stage, although the silver is growing on me.

    Ta for the pointers guys, great to be in the club. Everything is better! Braking is different, although I really need to get some space around to do some proper tests... At least it isn't as grabby as I had been led to believe.

    Will hopefully get to a friday coffee night this week too. So nice to have a bike again after a month between selling the VTR and today, and so nice that it is basically my fantasy ride!

    One thing surprised me - there is enough room in the tiny storage area to fit a decent sized Zena alarm, tyre pressure gauge, book, tools and the power commander! Better storage than I was expecting, although my mates ZX7 can take a few powerade bottles, sunglass case etc as well!
  19. Very nice looking bike there, enjoy yourself :)
  20. its so beautiful it makes me want to crying :eek: