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Upgraded...my choice: Honda CBR600RR - Happy happy joy joy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Indiana, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. #1 Indiana, Jan 13, 2008
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    Well thank god...i got my full licence! 250 days were fun and the slower, lighter bike kept me from crashing while i learned how to ride. But Jeeeeeeesus it was slow by the end of that year!
    When your two wheels can be dragged by some punk-arsed-little-biatch in a Bommadore it really hits your pride! You know it to be true.

    I wanted a Jap sports bike and was trying to make up my mind between the 600cc and the 1000cc. I test rode a CBR600RR and it blew my socks off. I then test rode a ZX6R. Both had so much power that i decided purchasing a 1000cc would be paying for another 400cc's that i would not use for a number of years given my current skill level. I’d rather stay within my league. Better to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. I almost rode a GSXR750 but it started raining...so I went home and cried myself to sleep. I’m ok now.

    Both bikes went like stink...amazing machines. But the Honda was more refined and felt to be a more polished product in my eyes. Summed up by the fact that the Kwakker used a single light to show that either your left or right indicator was on! Ergonomically, I couldn't find a positing on the Kwakker that didn't squish my nuts - Very important hey lads.

    Next sunny day i went to test ride the R6. They only had 08 models where i went which were a snidget under $16,000, plus on roads. I also CANNOT stand those terrible LITTLE snout exhausts that the gixxers and r6s use. I don't care if its good for performance...give me a great big dirty side pipe or under tail any day. Biking is as much about passion as it is performance.

    The CBR's had '07 run-out deals going for 12,490 at Peter Stevens in Geelong. At $13,490 ride away for a brand new 600...this was too good a deal for me to walk away from...

    I’ve put about 300ks on in the first week, but have been riding softly until I have it serviced at 1000ks. If anyone knows where a good and reasonably priced 1000k service can be done in melb that will comply with my warranty then please let me know.

    Still working out whether I’ll buy a pipe for it. It’s easy to piss away so much money on mods that you will never recoup when you sell. What pipes are best for the CBRs? I know that some brands do more research with certain makes… Eg Yoshi-Suzuki, Micron-Honda. Also, if your using the bike mostly for speedy commuting and the odd weekend fang, does a pipe really do that much? Some people think they’re generally better for high end power, an area of the rev range where I venture occasionally.

    I’ve included a few pics and a brief youtube vid of my bike, just showing it running from all angles.


    I live in Geelong and Melbourne, so it’s time to explore some of our fantastic roads. The trip from Lorne to Kennett River is one of my favourites.



  2. Beautiful bike - congratulations Indiana! I have another 10 or so months to make the same decision :( though i'm looking at both the cbr600 and zx6r, so your input is useful :) ride safe!
  3. Mate, thats one sweet ride, i know you're gonna love it. That bike is so light and lithe it makes some 250's seem fat! Definitely at the pointy end of supersports bikes (along with the daytona). Enjoy that bad boy :cool:
  4. Looks great, enjoy!
  5. =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~

    Such a sweet looking bike, congrats.

    LOL @ your avatar!
  6. Envy... check

    Lust.... check

    Greed... check

    Gluttony (sort of) check

    coveting thy neighbours bike check.

    that's me not getting into heaven then.

    Great bike, enjoy. :grin:
  7. I have the traditional red/black 07 unit. With a akra pipe and power commander. It costs about $2k for the exhaust, PCIII and custom map.

    Its worth the extra money to unlock the hidden torque and power.

  8. Congrats on a great bike choice!
  9. Congrats Indiana! Restriction-Free!! .. and Damn she looks so 'sweet'

    Note to self: 8 months will go quickly....8 months will go quickly....
    8 months will go quickly....8 months will go quickly....

    EDIT: I Just watched your vid mate ...
    I hate you .. I hate you .. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Seriously. She's GORGEOUS.
    BTW: Are they more comfy than the earlier models? My next bike (probably a CB600FS), must meet a certain criteria >> ie be comfy esp for a pillion.
  10. Congrats, Indiana! I was tempted by the black, but decided I was too lazy to clean it often enough to have it looking so great :LOL:

    As for the pipe... the sound of mine (as well as fuel efficiency got better) changed over the 1st 2000km or so. It sounds deeper now for sure. Although, I ran mine in with a bit of gusto. There are a few theories out there, which can have an effect on how well the bike will run after the run-in time. You could do a search on here. Anyway, nothing wrong with buying an exhaust, just worth noting that the quiet purring of the stock pipe can change anyway.
  11. Thats right .. rub it in ..
    doubley jealous now
  12. Nice bike and a great choice! It was my pick as well because of the great price, but I've decided to bite a bullet and get daytona 675.
  13. Yeah the 675 was awesome. I thought it had a really compfy seating position, and the 3 cylinders instead of 4 kept it nice and slim...great for lane splitting - Not that any of us do that. It was the price that swung me the CBR way... My next bike will be an Enduro to do some touring and i'm keen to check out the Triumph tiger!
  14. He's some prooft that i'm a really sh!t bloke, this is the email i sent out (with pics attached) to all my mates:

    Dear Everybody who doesn't own my bike,

    I'm so very sorry you don't own my bike. I wish you did. Really.

    If I could make a copy of my bike like I do my favourite songs….i'd give one to you…

    You are welcome to come and look at my bike for a low cost of just $500. A bargain really.

    If you'd like to tell me how good my bike is, you're welcome to do so in person, or via email.

    If you'd like to tell me how much worse your bike is than mine, you're welcome to do so in person, or via email.

    If you'd like to recommend which pipe I should get (E.g. Yoshi, Micron), you're welcome to do so in person, or via email.

    I do sincerely hope you buy a bike as cool as mine soon, but you can't buy my skills. I wish you could though. Really.


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA well i thought it was funny!

    Back to your question.

    Is it comfy? No. The first ride i did was from Geelong to Melb. I had to pull over at Maccas after 1 hr cos the outsides of my palms were bruised and my hands were shaking because they had lost blood supply. I've gotten used to it now, but it's clear that it's not a naturally comfortable position. But i don't ride for comforts sake right! I had my flat mate have a look at the pillion seat and she said it was hard, and i imagine even less comfortable than it is for the rider, so if your have certain comfort and pillion passenger requirements then i would suggest something else. But man....that 0-100 hit in first gear really is something....
  15. CBR600RR is a nice bike, good in black too. I had an 06' until around August last year when I wrote it off. My reason for buying the 600 over the 1000 was the same as yours in that the 600 had enough power. Of course a few weeks in I was wishing Id bought the 1000. Its surprising how quickly you get used to the power and I found myself pushing the 600 up into the power band (for the fun factor).
    Anyway, the 600 is a great bike but Id buy the 1000 evey time now. Actually, Id buy the Ducati 848 but hey..

  16. Congrats - I just bought a black cbr too. (although I paid little a bit more than you :cry: )

    It seems to take back muscle strength to hold the seating position compared with my more upright 250. My back and wrists were quite sore and I sadly had to quit after riding only 180kms.
  17. I've noticed alot of women opt for the Honda when they upgrade. Does that make the 600RR "a girls bike"? :wink:
  18. Yeah mate, right behind the zx2
  19. The cbr is only 155kg (dry) and it has its weight distributed lower on the bike - making it much easier to handle than most other 600s.

    My other choice, gsxr600 was quite top heavy. Daytona 675 was too tall, zx6r too heavy, r6 too tall... you get the idea.