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Upgraded! CBR125 -> CBR250R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tibes, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Hey all. Have been riding 3+ months and luvin it. I bought an 89 CBR250R this week to replace my CBR125R for the daily commute (plus weekend fun).

    The CBR125 was not a bad bike, and I gained a lot of confidence very quickly from riding it, but the lack of power (all over the speedo) left me wanting! :evil: Had an "interesting" experience getting my 250 started this morning for the commute (cold, bad fuel and battery) but once running I've been having a blast.

    Looked at 2-smokes for quite a while before getting the cibby, but in the end I decided they were going to be too much of a pain for commuting in cold weather. Plus most of them seem overpriced and under-maintenanced. Heading up to Whitfield this weekend to do some riding on the Whitfield->Mansfield road. Looking forward to getting to grips with the new bike. I did a fair bit of riding on the 125 on the same route over Easter and had a lot of fun (got the 125 leant way over on the road from Whitfield [bitchen bitchimen, section] lots of fun) I'm guessing having *some* power will make it waaay more fun (anyone riding a CBR125 will know what I mean :)

    Just out of curioisity, what did all you ex-cbr250 riders upgrade to after their restrictions ended? I'm probably moving to USA for work in about 6 months and I'll be looking to upgrade again. I was thinking about a CBR600 as a good power->interactivity trade off. But Buells and Harleys are cheap over there too. What would you guys get in the US and A, given the opportunity?
  2. Buell.
    and a glock (just because you can!)
  3. Dont know about the buell but i agree with the glock (just make sure if you pull it out you empty the clip in all directions as surely every other nutter will be doing the same :LOL: )
  4. lol, I'd be going to Baltimore which is apparently, murder capital of USA so the glocks probably a good idea. I should probably keep my mouth shut about the 125 too :p
  5. hmm baltimore?
    monster truck and a kalashnikov.
  6. lol and a flame thower if they get close
  7. hmm i recently passed baltimore on my way to washington d.c.

    it gave me the feeling of one of those run down "nobody cares about this place" kind of feelings

    abit like blacktown
  8. Option 1: Buel and a colt .45 (semi auto) The "Desert Eagle" comes in this caliber.

    Option 2: Would be a Hummve (armoured) and an M16. 30 round mags are a useful thing. :p
    Kalishnakovs are hard to get ammo for (7.63) and jam.
  9. Drewzor a fellow netrider, is looking to downgrade from an FZR250R (Yamaha equivalent to CBR250RR) to a CBR125R. What advice can you give him?
  10. When I read the topic I thought the OP had done an engine swap or something and I was all interested :(

    Adam :p
  11. If he's just looking for transportation the CBR125s are ok. They're comfortable to ride (if you're not overly tall) and fuel injected, start well, good brakes and handling. But they're slow, and light. Highway speeds are not much fun, and strong winds can be a problem. If you lane filter, getting off at the lights faster than the cars isn't guaranteed.

    In traffic < 80kph they're pretty fun to ride though.
  12. lol, one of my mates wanted to put a 2-stroke dirt bike motor into it, but I'll be selling it in pristine condition :grin:
  13. The Desert Eagle can come chambered in .357, .44 , or .50
  14. Has he looked at the skinny tyres on the things?

    I saw them the other day.
    Normally I allow that lighter bikes can handle better, and can be quite capable at carrying magnificent corner speed; but the 125 is definite step-down from any of the 250 4-cyl screamers in every way except looks, age and the presence of a dealer warranty.
  15. Ummmmm I don't get it. What's wrong with the thin tyres? I'm guessing it doesn't corner as well as the 250s?

    I've never ridden a 250 before bar the CB250 during my Ls course. :?
  16. Nothing if your after a stubbie holder. Those tyres look like they are best placed on a BMX pushbike. I have felt them and the compound is hard and tactile.
    Not sure about lean angles on the thing but would not risk my ass on one.
  17. Why not? Have you seen the skinny tyres they use on a 125cc GP bike?
  18. You mean those skinny slicks made of super-soft compound which only have to last 1 race on a perfectly smooth track with no pot-holes, bumps, spilt diesel, or poorly repaired sections?

    Those tyres?
  19. :cry:

    I haven't had any problems cornering on it as yet, but then I'm a newbie and maybe I'm not pushing the bike enough yet to know... :cry:
  20. Dude I'll stick to my 120 / 190 dual compound Michelin's thanks.