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Upgraded…..2007 Yamaha FZ6N review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Dp., Nov 9, 2009.

  1. When I upgraded from my 50cc Yamaha Jog scooter and bought 2007 Honda VTR250 14 months ago I thought I will keep my VTR for years. I was learning taking my time and never pushing myself. I really enjoyed the VTR, liked its look, available power, sound and handling. I really wanted to keep it for at least another 2 years when original warranty expired in July this year and I have bought an Extended warranty for it. By then I already was riding it pretty hard enjoying dragging off cars at every sets of lights. It seemed to be equal to V8 cars like XR8 Falcons, we usually were hitting 60 – 70 km/h at the same time.

    It was a good fun for a while…then it all started to slow down in my head. All seemed to be like in slow motion, during those a few seconds I could lazily watch traffic around me, watch that car, check my mirrors, watch speedo, watch tacho waiting for that slow needle to hit the red line and change gear. During that process I started noticing how much noise I am making and still going too slow. I got a feeling like being a tool and even gave up dragging the cars off for a while, although still occasionally doing that but purely mechanically without any fun at all.
    I did not like that change. I am riding my bike for the only reason because I enjoy it. These 15 minutes to work and another 15 minutes to home all I have, it gives me enough to enjoy life and I did not want it to be taken from me. So, I got two options not to ride at all, lose my skills and start all over again or just to get a bigger bike. I could not afford to wait 18 years again to have enough learning fun for 1 year, so I decided to upgrade.

    Of all available bikes on the market I selected only two that I really liked and possibly could afford. 2007 Honda CB900 and 2007 Yamaha FZ6N. The main points against CB900 were insurance cost ($870 a year) and old design. I have read lots of reviews on both bikes. CB900 seemed to be perfect in all aspects except for insurance cost and design. On FZ6N I had mixed feelings since all the reviews were different until I have searched for reviews for particular year 2007 FZ6N. It answered all my questions, apparently since 2007 Yamaha has fixed all problems with notchy gear box, snatchy fuel injection and lack of low end power. All those reviews, modern design plus affordable ($660 a year) insurance cost made me go and pick one up at the local dealer. I traded my VTR in, paid the balance and got 2007 Yamaha FZ6N with 16000 on the clock. Nice black and white colour, one owner (who for some reason upgraded to 1500cc cruiser), like new condition, full service history, ventura rack all that was a big plus to buy this particular one.

    I picked one up last Friday. It was ready to go, checked, washed, chain cleaned and lubricated and Oggy Knobbs installed. I took my bag off the VTR, put it on the FZ, done paperwork and we got ready to go.

    Before that I have had Suzuki GS500 for a day while my VTR was in service which did not impress me at all. Could not grip on the tank at all because of its ball-like shape. Power is very similar to VTR despite it is 500cc. Better high end but worse low end power, good for a first bike but not an upgrade option at all. Last Friday on my Q-Ride I have been riding some year 2000 750cc air cooled Kawasaki. It got lots of power, but controls and handling were terrible so at the end I was very glad it all over and I don’t have to ride it anymore trying to impress my trainer. In terms of handling my VTR felt like a dream once I sat on it after that Kawasaki.

    Sales person wheeled the FZ for me so I could check it all myself and gave me a key. On the way to ignition lock there was a clutch cable, not perfect place for it but not a big deal I can live with it. Key in, ignition on, self check done (love that multifunctional digital panel), start button pushed and FZ wakes up with a nice idling growl of inline 4. Stock exhaust sounds really nice at least for me. Quick twist of the throttle and engine immediately responds with a nice loud growl. Nice! I always liked the sound of the inline 4 engines. Sat on it, feels definitely higher than VTR, although it is only 3cm difference (according to specs), anyway I still could fully put my feet down without problems (176cm height). Clutch in, clicked in first gear, little bit revs, slowly clutch out and off we go. Couple of times rode back and forth on the quiet street getting the idea on the how gears changing, clutch engaging, engine and brakes responding. Clutch starts engaging bit earlier than on my VTR giving better feeling. Gears clicking in easy with a little push like it is just waiting for you only to show if you want to upshift or downshift. No false neutrals or any other problems. Engine starts pulling hard from as low as 2000-3000 rpm. In first while idling goes as slow as VTR, in second 25km/h. Brakes are really smooth and powerful. No problem with low speed manoeuvres like U-turns, hill starts, etc. Amount of engine braking not as much as VTR has but enough to cruse in traffic without using brakes.

    Very satisfied I took it for a ride in traffic. At the lights I don’t have much time to sit and look around, it pulls hard wanting to lift front wheel up even with me laying on the tank, similar thing happens in second gear. It does that with revs below 8000 rpm, so it has pretty good low end power, at least much more than 250cc V-Twin has. It comfortably sits on 60 km/h in 4th at 4000 rpm. Little flick of the throttle and in a fraction of a second the digital speedo already showing 75. Overtaking is a breeze, apparently it is designed for overtaking. Little twist of the throttle (in 4th) at 55km/h and when it is done and you are merged back to your line the speedo showing 108km/h! It does it all effortlessly, it made me a hoon on the first day I got it! On the highway it sits on 100km/h in 6th at 5000 rpm. Little twist of the throttle and it is already 140km/h and it wants more. Effortless acceleration. Handling is not as easy as on VTR but it is not bad at all, in particular steering is a bit slower but it is probably because it is 50 kg heavier than VTR.
    I really like it, hope I will not want anything bigger than that in a year or two.
  2. Thanks for the review :) I'm only week one into my RE's but i'm already investigating a 600cc for next year and the FZ6N was definitely on the list.
  3. Congrats on the new bike,

    Did you test ride a cb900 or exclude it based on reviews?

    Did you test ride any of the FZ6's competitors?, gsr600, sv650, er-6 etc?
  4. I did test ride only FZ6N...which I loved and did not want anything else.
    I have excluded CB900 based mainly on the insurance cost, would not buy it anyway.
    I wanted inline 4, so excluded sv650 and er-6.
    I don't like the look of gsr600, would not buy it anyway.
    Same thing with CB600 Hornet...
    European bikes are nice but way too expensive for me.
  5. Fair enough :)
  6. Gawd, thats one big slab of text. Can you put some gaps between the paragraphics man!?! lulz..
  7. Sounds like you really enjoyed it.
    Give us a review in a month or two, without the WALLOFTEXT feature please :(
  8. One month and 700km on FZ6N review

    Shaking mirrors. I can’t feel much vibration through handlebars but mirrors keep shaking. It is not big problem I still can see all numbers on the number plate of the car that is right behind me. But if it is 200-300 meters behind me I am not sure if it is one car or two. I am getting used to it like people getting used to poor sight.

    Engine is very smooth, responsive and powerful. Between idle and 3000 rpm it pulls like 250cc, 3000-5000 starts pulling hard, 5000-10000 pulls really hard trying to lift front up, 10000-14000 did not try yet but can imagine…At 10000rpm in first it already doing about 75km/h. Power delivery is not linear the more revs the faster response to throttle application but power does not come all at once, it is coming fast but smooth. With decent throttle control it just makes riding more exciting. Idle – 6000 it is commuting bike, 6000 – redline it is sports bike. Love the sound it makes, especially when revving above 6000rpm. Hardly can stop myself from opening it more and more. According to videos on Youtube it takes this bike about 3 and a half second to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. I could not measure the time but it is probably true. Often taking off hard at the lights, once hitting 60 or 70 and checking my mirrors I see all cars are still there at the stop line looking like not moving at all, I am getting strange feeling that I ran red light and they still waiting for it to change. I never had such a feeling riding VTR with full throttle take off to redline in first and second. The FZ does not seem to struggle at all, with its sound and response it just wants me to keep it opening more and more. On the practical side – for everyday commuting it also performs very well. Idling in first it goes 11 km/h, doing 60 in fourth it sits at 3500rpm ready to start pulling hard if I need to. If need more power just downshift. Usually in town I use 3 - 4 gears, on the highway all six.

    No more guess work in the mornings if it needs choke or not, starts always easily and goes in fast idle mode for warming up. Warms up pretty quick, it is just enough time for me to put my helmet and gloves on. Once temperature hits 40 engine starts slowing down and at 53 it is already at normal idle. Riding on highway the temperature sits at about 80 – 85 degrees, in town start/stop first/second gear traffic it gets to 96. It is absolutely normal for this engine, fan starts only at 100 degrees.

    Providing it has 3 times more torque and power than the VTR it uses only one extra litre of petrol per 100 km. As my VTR was using 4.5 litres, the FZ uses 5.5 litres per 100 km. It has digital fuel gauge that works well, but I still use tripmeter like on VTR to fill it up every 200 km. It actually has two tripmeters, the second one I use to track when it is due to lube the chain.

    It came with Michelin Pilot Road 2 tires, I think it is probably a second set of tires on the bike. Tires are really good, riding in the pouring rain or dry weather I feel no difference in traction. Of course I am a bit easy on throttle and brakes in the wet but anyway it feels same stable unlike the VTR, on the VTR I always had a feeling of some instability when riding in the wet and had to ride it like 50cc scooter. Getting used to the clutch several times I had take offs with spinning rear wheel making lots of noise. But even with spinning rear it still feels stable accelerating in the straight line. Usually it was happening in the mornings at the first set of lights about 1km from my home, I think, because tire was not warm enough yet.

    I am not a suspension expert but with standard preload setting it feels much more stable than the VTR riding the same roads and cornering at the same speeds.

    Brakes are very smooth. Even rear brake feels like it is braking noticeably better then the VTR brake. Dual disk front brake just quickly and smoothly stops you without any efforts. I often brake hard but on FZ I don’t have that feeling like the front wheel is about to lock up.

    Overall the bike feels very solid, stable, controllable and powerful. It is probably not the best bike in the world but certainly one of the really good ones.
  9. Sounds like the right bike for you ;) 700kms in one month though? ><
  10. I thought the same. Sure, I managed to do 1000k within 6 days of owning my bike, I didn't want the break in period to last too long :wink:. The only issue with doing lots of riding, service intervals come along too fast ](*,)

    Still, the FZ is a good looking bike in the metal.
  11. I wish I had more time....but 15 minutes to work and another 15 minutes to home is all I have...
  12. Glad you like the bike. Everyone has shakey mirrors. The people who don't notice this have mirrors that are too small.

    You should be fine with the tyres you have on it - they won't need much if any warm up time - you must be sub consciously wanting to spin it up! For your next set I recommend some pilot powers (if you like the michelins) you will get slightly less kays but they are grippy tyre. The front takes a little bit of time to get used to, it is V shaped and drops into turns very quickly.

    Get out there and ride it, go do some training as well and stay safe.
  13. simple solution.....leave home earlier and take the long way..........your ride can last as long as you want it too.......