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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dykeonbike, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. I have just gotten my little ZZR 250 and I love her to bits. Great bike to learn on and has enough power when I need it. Just out of curiosity what did you all learn to ride on, what was the next bike you upgraded to and how long after you got your licence did you then upgrade?

  2. I learnt (and am still on) a Honda CB250. on my restricted licence until 20 February 2007.

    I bought my upgrade bike, a Honda Hornet 600, on 20 February 2006. Exactly 12 months before I can ride it legally.

    Cause I'm a FREAK! (and an impulsive buyer).

    Hey, I think I did pretty good to hold off till Feb 06 before buying one. I got my learners in Aug 05 & started looking at bigger bikes in Nov 05!!
  3. same bike as you mate, i agree they have 'enough' power.. but enough is never enough :grin: so i plan on upgrading later this year when i'm off restrictions, i don't know what to though the jury is out on inline 4's and v twins, i've never tried a twin so i don't know if it's my style.

    enjoy the new toy!
  4. My friend started on the zzr250 its a great bike its what kicked of my bike itch.. But he and jumped strait to the 98 VRF800. That was a nasty crash.

    I started on a 99' cbr600 form my l's, and it was my second choice I was after a triumph from day one. So I tried to learn on it and I had some serious issues with that bike...A major gravel incident and some physio but the learning curve was extreme... I'm alive because I'm unlucky.

    My next bike was my first choice and is my ride.. Triumph TT600. The diference is like chalk (cbr) and cheese. The bike is great to ride the latest remap, 120db carbon can, yellow and so so addictive... Been on a couple of rides and the brakes and turning are spot on.. It was a great upgrade. I'm wating for the d675 to land thats the next step.

    Few people can ride a 600 to the very limits. I'm sick of seeing small people on 1000cc bike with a shirt and no gloves.
  5. I bought my Across on 25 November 2004.

    Got my licence on 17 February 2005, off restrictions 17 February 2006.

    Bought the GSX750F 8 April 2006.

    (Still smiling!) :grin:
  6. 1. I got my learners on August 28th 2004.
    2. Bought an XV250 about a week later.
    3. Began dreaming of a larger bike around November 2004 and wishing for a Rocket III
    4. Passed my P's test on December 9th 2004
    5. Began passive upgrade shopping in March 2005.
    6. Changed to actively shopping around September 2005.
    7. Bought my '99 XV1600 in early October 2005 just before I flew to home for a few weeks
    8. Bike came off the truck and up my driveway on November 18th 2005.
    9. Bike rolled out of my driveway with me on it at 7:30am Saturday December 10th 2005. I had considered a 12:01am ride, but decided to go in daylight instead. I did the right thing - I did -NOT- take it out before my restrictions were up - that is the honest truth - I've never had to resist temptation like that before, and it wasn't easy, but it made that first ride so much sweeter.

    I will -NEVER- forget that first ride on 'Star either.