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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by bass_player, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. I know its probably a little to early to start thinking about an upgrade from restrictions but from experience would a step up from the 250 to something like a VTR1000F Firestorm or GSXR1000 be to severe? Should I set my sights on a 600 before going all out on a 1000? Just been browsing the manufacturer sites and getting a few too many ideas :grin:

  2. Might as well step up to the bike you want and can afford, if it's a 6 or a 10, whatever. Who's sensible about these things, really? If people were sensible we'd all be riding GS500s or Acrosses.

    I went from a 250cc cruiser to a 919cc inline 4 and never looked back. Dunno about the hyperbikes, they might be harder to live with than the Hornet. I doubt it though, it's all about how much self control you have when the lights go green or you see a corner coming up.
  3. it's never too early mate, I got my L's in August & am already thinking about what bike to upgrade to!! It pays to do research or you might get the wrong bike.

    My BF went from a ZZR250 to a Honda CB1300. i thought it was tooooo big tooooo soon, and told him so. he reassured me that although yes it's big & powerful & super fast he doesn't ride like an idiot & will only go as fast as his right hand lets him.

    When he actually got the bike & went on his first ride, he found that balancing with his feet when stationary was a bit tricky (he's only 5'7") but had no problems with the weight when moving. Yes it has a ship load more power & acceleration, and a couple of times he scared himself, but he just took it real easy to start with & didn't open it up too much.

    Now, he loves the thing & will never part with it, th acceleration is great for getting away from maniac cagers, and it's sooo comfy when we want to go somewhere together for a long ride (when we're travelling somewhere & the speed limit is over 80 we usually just take his bike so I don't break laws).

    Personally, a 600 is enough for me. But if you want a 1000 then try sitting on some & see which ones are most comfy!
  4. From the Spada to the VTR would probably be a (slightly) more sane step up then the Gixxer but really if your sensible and ease yourself into the new bike neither would really be a huge problem.

    The mate who I acquired my (now dead) CB250 off went straight from it to a VTR1000 SP2 and another friend of mine went from a postie bike to a R1200 GS Bimmer.
  5. As Loz says it's all about self control when it comes to the 'will I kill myself on a bike sports bike' question.

    If your happy to keep it in your daks, then you have a wide range of bikes avaiable to you, some may take longer than others to get used to, but generally that doesn't take too long.

    Consider things like cost of purchase and operation. Comfort is a key issues (are you just fanging, or commuting and touring?) Whatever you do, make sure you ride a whole range of different bikes before your settle on one.
  6. You wanna check out how much insurance costs too... It's absolutely mental on anything with a capital R in the model name. I mean MENTAL.

    No wonder though, they get stacked more than anything else.
  7. I guess Ill wait till im off restrictions and go ride as many as I can then. I can see myself getting very frustrated trying to choose when the time comes. Just a quick look this arvo gave me this list.
    VTR1000f Firestorm
    FZ6N (pretty much a naked R6) :grin:

    The choice is endless.............

  8. Mate....

    if you know your good enough and have a modecum of self control...go for it!

    and ah excuse me.....but where on that list is the ZX10r, ZX9R, ZX7R, ZZR600.... sheeeeeeet what are you a kwaka racist.. :twisted: :evil: :evil:
  9. Nah just didn't have time to go through the kwaka site properly.
  10. I am in a somwhat similar predicament. My restrictions are up in 17 days from now (22 Jan). I didn't think that I was going to be able to afford to upgrade for a while yet ......


    The missus said I could sell her car and use half the money from that and the money I'll get from the sale of the ZZR to buy a bigger bike. So now I'm a touch more excited :D

    With a budget of about $9K though, I won't be able to go for anything that's brand new (which I wanted to but you know, beggars and all that), so I'm thinking something that's around 3 years old might get me going. I'm liking the look of the SV650S - a lot ........
  11. What a splendid piece of negotiation, Pete! So, keep us up-to-date with the twists and turns of your decision, and, of course, if you need any free advice........

    {And I had fish and chips for lunch, thanks for asking!:LOL:}
  12. And the kwacka site is the EASIEST of the lot by far to navigate aswell. SHEESH you should be ashamed of yourself :p Z750 and Z1000 DROOOOOOL =P~

    The Z750 is definately on my upgrade list!!!
  13. All I can say is WOW :cool:

    Ill add them both to the list. And the ZZ12R
  14. stick with the kwaka's Doonks, $9990 gets you a brand new ZZR600 at Floyd Parkes Kawasaki in Ferntree Gully...... try mine on for size....you'll love em...
  15. I have said on Netrider before. late model 600's, are more than enough motor cycle for most riders. They are much quicker than the super bike of not that long ago. They are also lighter, cheaper, dont destroy tyres & wont spit you off as easy.
    Most guys riding todays 1000's on the street, would only use the power they have in a straigt line. And do you know how much skill you need to do that. 2/5'ths of F.A.
    Before I purchased a track bike. The race guys I talked to, who can ride bikes & can use the power 1000's have. All prefered ( no exception ) 600's at the likes of track days at Phillip Island. One of the fastest tracks in the world. Take the time, talk to the guys at Super Bike School, Champions Ride Days etc. See what they say.
  16. we'll chat Saturday when I pick up the Service Manual ;)
  17. if you get a GSXR 1000 at your age and experiance be prepaired to be paying over 3 k a year in insurance
  18. or work it another way $ 58.00 a week just to insure it .......... assuming you CAN get it for the paultry sum of 3 k a year .. it could be more
  19. the government havent stopped younger inexperianced riders from getting these things ..... however the insurance companies ... are making curtain that only the fat walleted brigade gets on em