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Upgrade...Yes it's another one of these

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Whitey, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. There seems to be a few riders of late moving on to these and now there's one more. It was one of a few bikes I found comfortable that will hopefully do what I want it to do. Managed to find a 2008 model with under 3000k's for the right price. So here it is. My new(ish) Suzuki GSX650F.


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  2. congrats on the spewzuki bud :)
  3. I had one of these, was a fantastic all rounder.
  4. Nice work - I'd had my GSX650F for a month or so I guess... LOVE it!

    I've had a few bikes in my time, and this is a real stand-out. The epitome of a great all-rounder in my opinion.

    The only mod I've done is go to a larger front sprocket - 16 tooth (stock is 15). A great (and cheap) mod... gives it more legs in the lower gears, corrects the speedo, and drops the revs a little when cruising. Suits me well... I know there must be one, but I can't notice and real drop in acceleration as a result... still rides beautifully.

  5. Nice ride mate! :)
  6. Only 3000k, barely ridden. Make sure you get out and about, they're pretty decent bike on long runs.
  7. Getting a new bike, there really is nothing better! Nice one, too.
  8. Nice choice mate. How do you find the weight of the bike? This was the only reason why I didn't get one of these bikes. 216kg dry
  9. I heard they are a pain to derestrict ($$$), but what's the power like in the LAMS version?
  10. Don't even notice the weight really except for pushing it around. That said the VTR250 that I'm selling feels like a pushbike now.

    Not sure on LAMS version as this is full power model.