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QLD Upgrade to R licence by interstate move?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Lumoto, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. I realise that the normal way to get your R licence from RE in Qld is to repeat the QRide competency on a bigger bike.

    I find this a terrible waste of time and money honestly. If you have been riding an MT-07 for example you're clearly going to pass competency. It should be automatic imo as long as you've been riding something over 500cc etc.

    Anyhow I found having to sacrifice a weekend wasteful and am considering going to a NSW transport in 12 months and changing my licence over to NSW under my parents address when I visit them for a month. I'm under the understanding that this upgrades to an R open licence. When I come back to QLD I'll convert back after the maximum time you're allowed to leave it before switching.

    That should convert to an R open Qld licence and I wouldnt have had to spend money and a weekend going for R's.

    Anything wrong with this plan?

  2. You mean apart from the fraudulent declaration on the form? Nothing.

    Guess if you don't get caught it's fine. Kinda like masturbating on the bus.
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  3. I reckon go for it ! If you have the option and the ability to exploit a government loophole why not ! More power to ya !
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    I don't think any form of rider training is a waste of time, but to each their own. Even if it is exactly the same as what you did first time around, you will likely take away something different because of where your are at now compared to when you first started out.

    I don't think that riding an MT-07 makes you more competent than someone on a smaller LAMS bike either.

    If you'd rather stuff around with the paperwork required to transfer and then re-transfer your licence from QLD to NSW, then back to QLD, then have at it.

    Personally, I'd just do the required training like everyone else but I'm just one of those dumb asses who does these kind of things by the book rather than looking for possible loopholes.
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  5. if you are confident it will be easy why not just do it?


    which one are you?
    from your other thread, you got licence recently but are over 25? (2 weeks ago you had 2-3hrs riding only?) do you have unrestricted car licence?

    if you are a "learner" in QLD then
    if you have to get L's, or do MOST test to get your P1, and need to do pre-provisional course too
    = $133 + $54 + at least $25 for reprinting your full car licence etc

    so at minimum, if you have QLD learner licence, you'll be doing pre-P course + MOST test = a full day = half a weekend and $250-300.. if you pass..

    then you will be on P1 with all learner restrictions for 12 months.. then automatically convert your car NSW licence to remove the P1 condition to your rider part of licence.
  6. Rider, held for more than 12 months but less than 3 years and you are 25 or older with a current Australian unrestricted driver licence = Unrestricted rider licence. (Riders over the age of 25 meeting these requirements are exempt from the P2 rider licence stage).

    I now have an Open RE licence which is LAMS restricted for 12 months.

    After the 12 months ie on 27/7/2016 I will have an Open RE >12months and therefore will meet the above criteria.

    I've had a car licence for 29 years so no P's etc to worry about.

    They'll give me a NSW R "Gold" or unrestricted R licence in 12 months from now. And when I return it will be converted to an Open R licence in QLD.
  7. And the transfer/move has No fees going either and both ways.

    They give you whatever period remains on your current licence.
  8. sounds like a lot of hassle impo, it's not like you've got Lams or anything.

    But go for it, when I was younger I went from QLD P's to NSW fulls.
  9. he has LAMS for the next year?
    yeah if you have a month, may as well do it that way if you can prove your address with documentation.

    you'll probably still be paying $25 for a licence reprint/issue in NSW, and be aware that by then, most NSW RTA's will/may not be printing licences anymore, but they will send it out to your address within a week or so


    wonder if you would be eligible to get a 10 year licence for $324 in NSW, and transfer that back to QLD for 10 years? :D
  10. Find a different trainer.

    I got my RE on a Saturday morning, did my R on a weekday and was at the transport dept by 1pm to get the license done.

    The mob I went through are very good, and the 'QRide' part is just QRide - not all the learning to stay upright, change gears etc that a lot of other places make you do and require a weekend for.
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  11. For anyone else reading this thread, this approach seems to be a bit of a hassle. It seems the OP would like to pick and choose the system and rules that apply to him. And good on you, we need creative thinking in these times of trouble, and shouldn't motorcycling be about sticking it to the Man?

    But the satisfaction one derives in doing so can be dulled by the amount of hassle it requires.

    You don't need to spend a weekend doing the RE to R upgrade; I did a one day option for that. HART offers that for $229 on a weekday. When you do this, you get a morning session with all the theory and a morning of practice before going for the assessment in the afternoon. Its exactly the same as the RE test, just on the non-LAMS bike.

    They now also have an option to just come in for the assessment component in the afternoon, and that's around $179 during the week and a bit more over the weekend. Given that there are more providers than HART, and likely cheaper elsewhere, it would be worth exploring this a bit more as I am pretty sure there will be some bureacratic snafu that will rear its ugly head in the whole 'cockroach for a month' strategy.

    Don't forget in Queensland at the moment to get your Ls is a multiple choice set of questions (which is pretty cheap) then a practical RE test (fairly dear for two days) and then a final R test (annoying to re-do the two days, which is why the OP wants to avoid it and why the market has developed options to pretty much just do the test). At the moment, our RE licence is really somewhere between an L and RE in other states.

    Fortunately they are looking at changing this whole Ls multi guess thing to be more in line these days.
  12. no wonder they want to change it to be like NSW :D
  13. Not sure if this applies to all Q Ride providers, but at Top Rider, you can just do the assessment to get your R licence which takes about 4-5 hrs. Even if you do a 5 hr refresher course, this can be done on the same day. RE licence can also be done in 1 day provided that the instructor thinks you are competent enough to do the assessment. Expensive, but a whole lot less complicated than the interstate thing. There is also no guarantee that TMR is going to interpret your NSW licence like you think they will. They will be aware that you had an RE licence so may treat you differently to other NSW licence holders.
  14. This is why I would not try it!

    How good would you feel after stuffing around transferring, fraudulently filling out paperwork to convince the RTA you have moved to NSW to try getting away with it, only to get the run around and then end back up where you started once back in QLD, simply because you didn't want to do that training.

    Sounds like a big waste of your time and rescources to me.
  15. eeergh ... yet another one who would rather go through all the beaurocratic BS of state swapping rather than have the balls to show some Qride instructor that he can actually ride ... pffft

    weak as ...
  16. Someone could frame that attitude as... Yeah, yet another sheep who blindly follows the rules and gets fleeced by the system for no benefit to themselves...

    I'm actually pretty certain I could pass the QRide R licence today if they let me on a "bigger bike". It's not a valid barrier exam but just a formality for most riders.

    The fellow who passed the R version when I did my exam had got his RE licence 2 years prior and had not ridden at all in the time between. He passed. It's a joke.
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    I can arrange for you to demonstrate your skills if you are game :)
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    "most" riders.. but some don't pass because they cannot ride well enough yet.. even though the hurdle may be pretty low.

    isn't part of the point of training for more experienced riders (the instructors) to help you out with thinking about roadcraft etc? (like they try to in NSW)

    tbh, I think a lot of riders think they are pretty awesome after a couple of weeks of riding :D
    but.. to be brutally honest, we just confuse that it is awesome TO BE riding.. with that we ARE awesome at riding :p
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