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Upgrade to faster bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 1nf3rn0, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Finally I’m off my restrictions, and am looking to upgrade to a 600. I’m looking to get a second hand bike due to the cost of something brand new being a little out of reach.

    Does anyone know how many kms a bike does before all its bit need to be replaced and services start becoming expensive? Obviously the lower the kms the better.

    I’m looking to get a CBR600RR or a GSXR600 has anyone had any bad experiences with one of these ? Is one far better than the other ?

  2. They are both great and very similar. Ride both and see what you like. I prefer the gsxr, but If you decide on one get the 750. Also, if you can afford it look at a 2004 zx636, they are waaaaay cool but can be harder to find. I've also seen some 675's for around $9k. With any new (used) bike I'd get the suspension serviced and set up as well as a basic service and mechanical inspection. Chain/sprockets and tyres are big ticket items that are easily identifable so get a bike with good ruber. The gsxr (like most bikes) has a major service at 25,000kms, so spark plugs, oil, air filter element...check that its been done or if your not sure, have it done and factor the cost into the purchase price.
  3. Your questions are pretty stupid. Modern sportsbikes are pretty bulletproof and they're all excellent and their capacity is beyond mere mortal limits, so its a matter of which tickles your fancy over which is 'better'. Go ride some. Again, stupid questions :)
  4. I bought my 600 at 54,900 kms nearly 5 years ago, and it now has over 140,000 kms on it and has cost nothing on top of tyres and servicing. Does that answer some of your question?
  5. Completly out of interest....
    Do you ride it very hard or are you a fairly conservative rider? Thats a great lifespan for a bike IMO :)
  6. He is a pastor. Only ridden to church, prob is that's 7 days a week! lol
  7. Search for longevity question - it's been done to death.
  8. Completly out of interest....
    Do you ride it very hard or are you a fairly conservative rider? Thats a great lifespan for a bike IMO

    The bike does everything. I live in Wollongong, right at the foot of Macquarie Pass, and it probably does as many runs up and down, not conservatively :)lol:) in a month as most riders would do in a year. As well, two days a week I work in Mittagong and in the summer terms it gets used for that trip probably once a week.

    Last school holidays my brother and myself did a two day Wollongong/Port Macquarie/ Oxley up and down and home again trip; over 1,400 kms in two days, all at at least the speed limit, sometimes just a fraction over.

    September '05, only a few months after I bought it, I did Wollongong to Tamworth and home again in a day; 1228 kms between 5:30am one morning to 1:05am the next.

    If a modern machine is regularly (one might say, religiously) serviced, I believe it should very near last forever.

  9. If a modern japanese 4 stroke 4 cyl under stressed sports bike that dosent have any bike model specific defects or issues is ridden and maintained properly hopefully it should last a long time.
  10. Dont forget the ZX636 (as mentioned) and the R6; also great supersports.
  11. Check out the bikes for sale within Netrider classifieds, theres a sweet looking Triumph Daytona 650 looking for a new home.

    He's in Melbourne, arrange to go have a look. That would be an awesome step up bike.