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Upgrade Tips

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by murchy, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    So this Sunday I'm finally off LAMS, and I'm hoping for some advice on how to most efficiently upgrade.

    I'm coming from a Hyosung GT650R, and going to a CBR929RR.

    I have accrued roughly 40 mins of freeway style riding on a closed circuit near my home, and am very aware of the giant leap in power and responsiveness between the two bikes.

    I'm planning to head straight to Reefton to settle in - progressively upping the pace run by run on a known road.

    What I'm wondering is - does anybody have any tips for smoothing out the upgrade process?
  2. No tips - I'm nowhere near that yet - but you sound like you're thinking the way I'd think. Good luck :)
  3. Hi murchy.

    Well, you are certainly living up to your .sig.

    Dunno about "smoothing out" but making it a wee bit safer, the best way to get the hang of a new to you, and more powerful, bike is a track day.

    But what would I know, I'm just a silly old fart.
  4. Just take it easy. Be gentle on the controls until you get used to it.

    Or, ride it like you stole it.
  5. ^^^ ride it like you stole it. Peg it every corner, kick the rear out and learn to control the slide...I will give you ice cream at the bottom of the Reefton with proof of sliding from a video footage.

    On a more serious note...just focus on throttle control and learn where the power kicks in before you tip it in too much. At least that way you know what RPM range you should roughly be at without losing the back end the hard way.
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  6. As above, just take it easy and you'll be fine. Although, there is ice cream on offer.......
  7. if you can ride properly, you can ride anything, otherwise you're fcuked

    1; learn to ride properly

    2; a superbike will be as UNFORGIVING as a dictator, it won't suffer fools. you need discipline, lots of discipline, and a bit more discipline

    other than that, get the miles under your belt.

    one more thing, when you think you can wring it out and get the better of the bike, you are wrong. take the warning from me rather than the bike
  8. you will notice this bike has a front brake.
    i'm not familiar with your previous hyodung as i would'nt be seen dead on one. however my understanding is hard braking would lead to the brake lever snapping of and the bike catching on fire.
    this new bike however will have serious front brakes. really need to get familiar with emergency stops
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  9. I followed a similar upgrade path, Monster 620 to BMW S1000rr, and can pretty confidently say that after 40 mins on the bike you are not aware of the giant leap in power etc. It's not until you hit 150 in 2nd and the front wheel is still lifting with the slightest twitch of the wrist that you figure that out. ;)

    As far as tips go, work hard and be good to your mother.

  10. leave in gear when parking on a hill

  11. this is a hilareous comment. credit where credit is due!!!
  12. take it easy and ride the clutch a little... the 929 is a different beast... and a sexy one at that... still jealous :p although my r6 is pretty sexy
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    don't over extend your riding to accelerate your learning

    my R6 still scares me, although it is only a baby compared to your bike
    i have to remind myself to put the throttle to the stop for full power, because even 90% throttle is hardcore