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Upgrade time

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Blueyy, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. So I'm now off restrictions and looking to upgrade to something newer and faster.

    I've decided against getting a thou' because I'd be much to tempted to see how fast I could get it going every time I saw a vaguely straight bit of road. So I'm looking at 600-750's

    top of the list at the moment is the SV650 pending a test ride
    also looking at

    Anything else that I should look out for?

    looking for cheap, reliable and fun, being light would be a bonus too. Don't really mind if its naked or faired, Trying to stay away from motards as I already have one, although If it dies again I'm going to have a look at the 690 SMC R, anyone heard anything about it?
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  2. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Someone looking to upgrade and not mentioning the Street triple.

    I'll get in first with the "test them all and buy the one you like the most" comment.

    I have ridden the CB600F, SV650 and owned an ER6N for a year or so a while back - the ER was a great bike but a bit vanilla in that it did everything well but nothing spectacular.

    Seriously consider the SV650 - lovely handling bike (assuming you mean the proper SV650 and not the Gladius which is indistinct from the ER6).
  3. Street triple
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  4. SV650 out of the ones you've mentioned.
  5. Ned loves his SV... none of the others you've mentioned excite me, but I haven't ridden any of them.

    Hornet 900? I understand they're more torque than outright power.
  6. He said reliable.

    A faired japanese 600s would get much better suspension than the bikes you listed for about the same money if you are buying secondhand, the naked bikes are the fashion of the moment which keep prices high,
  7. I had a look at the street triple, but its outside my budget by a bit more than I can stretch at the moment.

    The only thing with the 600 sports bikes is I need to take my tools to work, and strapping 15+kg to the back of those looks more iffy than I'd like.

    I think i saw one of those for sale on here not long ago, If its not gone yet I'll have a look.
  8. GSXR-600 :)
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  10. I guess I should have put that my budget is $7k really trying for the lower than that, even if it means I end up with a slightly older model.
  11. Ha! I'm all for Trumpy hating these days, but I have to call BS on this. The trumpy is damn reliable...
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    No BS

    Using the visordown survey

    Only 68% without problems with real owners


    Compared to the z1000 with 88.6% had no issues


    That makes it over 2.5 times less reliable than the z1000

    As always DYOR.
  13. Yes I should do my research. How does 95,000kays on my own street triple sound? Is that significant research? Or should I google instead?

    The first gen had electrical problems. It was fixed a long time ago

    For those reading, there is nothing wrong with modern Triumph reliability. But that won't stop some people believing what they want to believe, eh? Or the oil pan jokes.. Hahahaha

    Anyway, back to Blueyy's upgrade.. SV650 or the 690 motard

  14. One is not a good sample size, lots of owners do have problems. What date were they fixed, what bikes should buyers not buy? Just a mindfield of unreliability.

    Go check out the tiger 800 reviews and you will see they have reliability issues as well, that is only a couple years old. Seems like Triumph beta tests their bikes on owners.

    Not ssaying just triumph, but someone suggested the street tripple and people need to be warned. Aprillia too can be unreliable and others.

    I had a SXV550 that was reliable as well. Does that prove anything?

    Bluey should get the sxv, that was a brilliant bike. Though not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Oil changes every 1500, lesss on track.

    What intervals does the smc have?
  15. That's a little untrue. Even the new gen stuff is having reg/rec issues.
  16. Just a note on the yamaha FZ6N and the XJ6N. After about 2007/8 yamaha phased out the true fZ6n (eventually replaced by the fz8) and rebadged the XJ6 as the FZ6, if this makes sense. If you are looking at either of these I'd suggest going for the pre 2007 FZ6n as they are the better bike.
  17. The 690 SMC has 10k service intervals, But I'll only start looking at that bike if/when my 300 exc dies... again.

    Thanks for the advice everyone, I'll start doing test rides this week/end, Hopefully I can get a decent price for my little cbr too.