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Upgrade time

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Musket, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm a new user and am staggered at the amount of info on here. I'm in the market to upgrade from my VTR250 to a new bike. My restrictions end in a month. I've tried reading threads on bikes but some are just way too long to get through everything. Basically if anyone has some good advice/opinion/experience with good upgrades from a VTR I'd like to know.

    I like the Street Triple heaps and have heard many good things. But what about pro's v con's for this. Are there any other comparable bikes?

    I think most of my riding will be commuting but will definitely hit up the hills and when my confidence builds, track days for sure. So am leaning towards the more upright position like the striple, but if anyone thinks they can change my mind towards the sports I'm all ears.

    Cheers, I'll let everyone know what the final decision turns out to be.
  2. i'm in a similar position, (albeit couple more months than you till restrictions end + also a vtr250), and am looking to continue my love affair with nakeds

    If i had the money i'd go a street triple r, or an aprilia shiver sport or super duke 990

    but i don't :(, so i'm looking at a 2nd hand yamaha fz6s / fz6n, suzi sv650, kwaka z750

    or suzi bandit 1200/1250 (if i can find a bargain) :)
  3. The Street Triple is undoubtably a good choice and has many fans here. As mav has suggested though there are others worth a look. I own a shiver so am a little (read as a lot) biased but I would suggest at the very least worth a test ride of this magnificent machine. PS read grumply's adventures - similar themes, interesting reading and inspired choice https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=112952&highlight=grumplys+adventures
  4. Ducati 696. I heard they are pure awesome !
  5. Thanks robbie55, Grumply's adventure is a great read, still sifting my way through it, but he definitely covers a good spread of bikes. Though he is 6ft, I'm only 5ft7 and 65kg's so there will be a significant difference in some opinions. I just can't see myself handling anything too large at the moment, so a street would be favoured over the speed.

    The review of the SD throws a new one into the ring. In terms of the others that mav mentioned, aesthetically they dont stir me as much as the triple.

    I heard a 696 ride past me the other day and was quite taken. any ducati sounds amazing, though anywhere i search for a comparison always came out on top with the triple. i understand that this all comes down to personal opinion and riding style though.
  6. ^ Yeah its a tough one and reviews are a good starting point, just remember its not the reviewer buying the bike. + buying a bike is great fun so why not go out and test ride every naked midsize and see what really is for you.

    Again not trying to push you too hard towards the shiver but its adjustable mapping make it a bike that can grow with you as your confidence and skill develop. In touring mode the fuel economy is better and makes (for me anyway) the bike not so sensitive in traffic then flick it into sport and you've got a different beast.
  7. aesthetically none of the bikes i mentioned stir me as much as the triple either...but seeing as i can't afford it anyway...they're what i can realistically upgrade to

    if price isn't a barrier for you, get a street triple R...they're horn...or a ducati :demon:

  8. Mav…………he likes them naked lol.
  9. At 5'7", I don't think you'll find a better middle-weight naked than the Street Triple Musket. It's one of the few bikes I've come across that I really couldn't pick any flaws with.

    It has the sweetest engine, and the slickest gearbox of all the middleweights I tried (and I tried quite a few :p: ).

    And coming from the VTR you'll feel right at home on it (it's a bit taller to sit on, but otherwise very comparable riding positions).

    Of the middleweights currently available, I call the pick of the bunch pretty much a dead heat between the Street Triple and the Aprilia Shiver - with the Triumph being the pick for people 5'10" and under, the Shiver for those over 5'10" (purely from an ergonomic standpoint).

    Though I'll preface that with the point that I consider 'soul-stirring ability' a key selection criteria for my bikes (that's not so important for everyone, so in some cases there are other options that would be more suitable).

    Edit: I keep forgetting that I never actually tried the regular Street Triple, I tried the 'R' version, so bare in mind that the suspension and brakes on the regular one aren't quite as good as the version I gush about.
  10. Alright, so I've been looking around more and I'm so very close to settling for Street Triple. Of I will ride one before I do settle, but with all the comments and reviews I honestly don't think its going to be a problem.

    The problem I do have is Striple vs Striple R. Yes, price is actually a factor, but its set at the point of a brand new 2010 Striple or a slightly used (5000-10000km) Striple R. Both are selling for around the same price. I would get either if the deal was awesome.

    The point to note is it is only the brakes and suspension that are different, and the paint. I like the matte finish. Will I need the extra from the R? I will do track days eventually, but will probably wait till summer when the weather is better.

    Basic question, does anyone have experience on both machines, and is there a noticeable difference?
  11. Never mind. I just bought a Street Triple. Well deposit down.
  12. Congratulations! What'd you end up buying?
  13. I thought that covered it. Anyway to be specific, brand new 09/10 Green Striple with all the kit (belly pan, etc etc)
  14. Yes, I was looking for specifics :p But congrats again! I love mine dearly :) It's amazing when I look down and it's 100.. in a 60 zone.. on second gear.. oopsies! I wish the ST3R came in green.. love the colour... I also love the orange too but settled on a second hand graphite.