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Upgrade time soon , Sugestions ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jaso1, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hi All .

    I've pretty much been looking for my next bike since I got my P's nearly a year back now .
    I have about a month to go till my fulls and have the option, by the looks of it , of being able to use approx 5-6 grand of redraw funds from our home loan to purchase me a new 2nd hand rocket .
    This means no new loan which suits me perfect as I can't see us being able to afford another loan at this stage .

    Looking mostly at nakeds as it is my preference for riding posi .
    Really want around the 1litre mark so I can take mrs pillion occasionally for couple of hours ride and not feel wanting for grunt . Doesn't have to be most comfortable thing though as mrs has learners now and will take over my CB400 so mostly be just me . I like the v twin for the grunt , more interested in that than outright speed for sure . EFI is nice too , would rather it than carbs.

    I've been looking closely at Ducati 900 monster's , 2000- ish model as it is injected and just sort of falls in my price range . Seen one advertised for $6 in good condition apparently in vic .

    Also have seen a few CB900 hornets in this range too but newer , say around 2005 year-ish . Not super exciting but reliable and do most things pretty well .

    It pains me a lot to see many good prices on 2002-2004 gsxr 750/1000 with pretty low KM's but I think the riding posi wouldn't suit me , but dam they seem like good 2nd hand value !

    Anyway , figured I'd post up and see if anyone had any other bike suggestions or things that I hadn't thought of with regard to above mentioned bikes ?

    I'm open to ideas at this stage , I think what I buy I will have to hold on to for at least a few years till we pay some other shit off and maybe then upgrade if I feel the need .

  2. I saw a 02 zx9 on bike sales last week for $5300, 45000 ks this is nothing i own 2 zx9s one of them has 190,000 on it and still going.These bikes will do what ever you want and are surprisingly comfortable.If i didnt already have 2 of them i would have snapped this thing up my self
  3. thanks for the suggestion , I'll take a look at the zx9's and see what I think .

  4. O2 and 03 are the best models,dont look at anything before 00 as they are a totally different bike.If you ride one you will be hooked
  5. I notice your avatar is an Aprilla Shiver 750.....get one of those!

    I am in the same situation - but I also commute.

    My short list is
    ER-6n ABS
    Aprillia Shiver GT 750 ABS

    I know not "exactly" the same price range as I am looking at new bikes but I have seen decent Aprillia's for ~8-9 mark....Nice naked bike....solid twin and more interesting/rare than a monster IMHO...
  6. I'll vouch for the ZX9R being a great bike. I managed to get mine cheaper than mentioned above with less Kms too.

    The ZX9Rs are actually good from 98 onwards. The ones before were heavier and sluggish.

    That said, the ZX9 still has a sporty ride position and it's a fully faired bike so it might not be what you're after.
  7. sv1000
  8. The zx9 is very comfortable to ride, nice wide seat and more relaxed riding position than most sports bikes. over 100,000km on mine and still going...
  9. I don't mind the sv 1000 . I'm going to look at a ducati shortly though , see what happens there .
    I don't really want that sport riding position really so anything faired is on the out atm .
  10. should change my avatar hey , sort of went off the shiver a bit .
  11. sell the CB400, get a older 250 for the lady and redirect the funds. If she complains explain tell her you wanted her to have a better upgrade bike then you can upgrade again when she's off restriction.
  12. Yeah I thought of doing that but I quiet like the 400 and don't really want to part with it. yet .

    Honestly the idea of an older bike sounds better to me at the moment , I like to work on bikes , (I work on cars for a living last 18 years and pretty much over cars) , so some upgrading and maintenance sounds like fun !
    I like the idea of not having to stress so much over little scratches and shit like that .
    Not that I plan on doing river crossings or back flips with it but ya get what I mean .

    Anyway that's my feelin at the minute . See how it unfolds .