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Upgrade time is a-commin' ...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fozzy, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Hi Yall,

    Well, it's almost time! :woot:
    5th of October is the date not that I'm counting. I'm starting to look at bikes and keen for some suggestions - I'm no demon rider by any means and this bike is purely a weekend ride (don't commute).

    I'm on a GS500E at the moment and can't wait for a fairing - that said I've loved this bike. I'm looking for something that will cover lots of Ks comfortably and be comfortable for a pillion so that rules out the supersports (or does it?). I like a twisty mountain pass as much as the next bloke, so I want something that handles. Not into the cruiser thing so that leaves a sports tourer or an adventure tourer.

    I'm quite taken with the concept of a VFR800 but it's hard to tell what I'll like without riding a few bikes.

    How much of a handling trade off are the adventure tourers? Have a mate who took a DL1000 for a run and hated it - but then he owns a blackbird and was comparing the DL to a GS1200 beemer. I like the idea of getting off the beaten track a bit but don't want one if the on road trade off is too great.

    Soooo, I'm open to anything really so long as it fits into a maximum 10K budget. (looking at used of course)

    Sorry, that was a essay!

  2. aas soon as you start to mix dirt and road it gets tricky......what works on road doesn't off road and so on... figure out which you plan to do most of and get that style bike or buy something like a klr, dr....etc that will sort do both but won't do anything really well......

    As far as i am concerned though there isn't really a bike you can't take anywhere (within reason) provided you are stupid enough to try and have a farking huge sense of humor for when things turn to shit :LOL:
  3. +1! :LOL:
  4. Yeah that's what I'm thinking too. Buy a great road bike and if I end up flushed with cash down the track buy a proper enduro for the dirty stuff.

    Road bikes then?
  5. /startbias

    Try an SV1000 :D Can find a great example for 9-10 grand with low kms 05, pipe, rego, etc

    I'd say try an SV650/s.. but they're only about 20-30hp more than your GS.. although it does weigh 30kg less :LOL:

    VFR800 are awesome bikes too, one day I'll have one.

    Also maybe consider z750/1000 if you're into the nakeds
  6. I suppose it depends on what you class as 'off the beaten track'. :)

    For gravel/dirt/clay "roads" and even basic trail exploring in dry conditions, a road bike wearing sportsbike tyres won't have too much trouble, though design aspects might make them more susceptible to damage should an errant rock leap out at you. VTR250 did it fine. Tiger 1050 does it better and more comfortably, but it's still held back by sportsbike tyres.

    For "real" Xtreme offroading, well, that's a slippery slope, innit?
  7. Only thinking up the odd gravel track in a national park somewhere - one day would love to do a red centre trip, but that's probably the sort of thing where you'd buy the right bike just for the trip.

    Don't really want to compromise what I'll do the most of (on road) to allow for what I might not do much of.

    Good sports tourers then? Must be pillion friendly. I'd be interested to hear some opinions from pillion passengers on their comfort level on different bikes...

    Will try an SVthou
  8. z750/1000 is out as an option if you need to pillion more than 5kms :grin:
  9. Funny you should say that - I've got a mate with an 06 Z1000 and he and his wife almost always ride together. She never looks very comfortable to me... But she reckons it's fine :?
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  11. yep i reckon find yourself a naked road bike (cheaper to repair after a drop)......i haven't found a dirt/gravel road linking great sealed roads (yet) that i wouldn't take the sv down in dry conditions..... :wink:
  12. Stewy - ever have anyone on the back of your SV?
  13. Yep......had a mate, on the back once he was fine for the first 12mins or something after that he said it was bad and horrible....but really it's a brand new seat, never been broken in.....i remember how the riders seat was when i first got it.....same thing, now i only after 8-9 hours in the saddle does my ass get sore.......imo would rather buy a bike i enjoy riding/style and do a few minor mods to suit me then buy something that i don't enjoy but probably don't have to mod........i reckon i might have to get the pillion seat redone for the missus if i decide to keep it though. Overall great bike for the money....it's a budget bike and i guess they cut corners on the brakes and seat imo......some complain about the suspension too (but it is fully adjustable front and back), but there are others too you should look at, one being the hornet 9.......(only ridden the hornet 6 and it was a hoot......imo there are no better budget nakeds then the sv1000 and the hornet 9....each has it's pro's and cons

    Really it's not that comfy, if i get my missus on the back more often i will probably look for a better option for us :wink:
  14. VFR800 - look for something pre-VTEC, 1999 or so are very good bikes
    Hornet 900 is beaut, pillion comfort is tops
    SV1000 has a great motor
    Consider the ER6 as well, they're great bikes and amazingly cheap
    Older sporties like the YZF600/750 can really kick it if well kept
    Try to test ride a CBR600F4i as well, they're awesome.
  15. What about this?


    I've had a look at it in the flesh it's in pretty good knick and they'd come down to $8900 before I haggled much.

    Is it a bit exxy for it's age and Ks?

    What's the deal with pre vs post Vtech? I've heard the Vtech models are expensive to service - is that true?
  16. ride both.....my missus had the 99 vfr and i didn't like it at all, it was easy enough to tip in adjust mid line etc.....just didn't feel at home on it...... rode a mates 2001 model vtec and fark me. I reckon i could give rossi a run for his money through the twisties in the wet on that farker, it was simple and quick to ride, power was right where i like to ride a bike,being in the lower half (lacked the bottom end torque of the sv but i was no major issue and still had plenty of get up and go), very stable wet or dry.

    Biggest problem i would have with this bike is how quickly i felt i could ride it and i only have 12 points on my license :LOL:
  17. That one doesn't look too bad, depending on the condition etc - yes it's a bit expensive, but you get that when buying from dealers.

    Stewy's right in that the VFR tends to be most comfortable at higher speeds - 160-180k sweepers are its bread and butter and it gains speed deceptively fast until you're doing those kinds of numbers.

    As for the handling... I found the 99 quite good. Don't listen too much to Stewy, he threw out a 600 Thundercat because he couldn't get it to handle. And they handle. :p

    Oh, and all VFRs are a pain in the arse to service, the engine fits very tightly into that frame and it's very hard to get to things.
  18. Make sure you take a DL650 for a spin. At 10k on road it fits into your budget perfectly as well.
  19. So... A bizzare thing happened on Friday. I sat and passed my light rigid vehicle licence and when they gave me my new photo card I noticed the P1 condidtion next to R had dissapeared...

    So I rang the RTA and it turns out they stuffed up the dates on my licence and I've had an unrestricted licence since the 15th of July and didn't know it... :shock:

    They'll call me back on Monday, but it looks like they're not going to do anything about it cause I've only got 6 weeks to go. :dance: Was probably stupid to ring in the first place, but wanted to do the right thing - (would suck if I ran up the back of a lambo and the insurance company did a background check on my licence)

    Soooo, it looks like the urgency to find and buy something has stepped up a bit - I'm going to test ride a few this week, but I sat on the 99 VFR with wifey today and we both reckon it feels great.

    Has anyone seen or know of any "too good to refuse" deals around?

    And does anyone wanna buy a 92 GS500E with 59,000 Ks - mechanically excellent? $2700...
  20. Might like to check out the Suzuki GSX650F. From what I've read, it's a very competent bike, although not quite in the same league as the VFR800.

    There have been rumours that a new version of the VFR is coming out for '09 and it might have some of the nice cool technologies and design cues of the current '08 Fireblade. If this was going to happen for certain I think it would likely knock the Fireblade off as the upgrade bike for me in '09 (but would ride both, of course).