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Upgrade time, but need some guidance :)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by enigma--, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. So, at last, I can upgrade... the biggest question, as it must be for everyone, is which bike? What am I going to use it for mostly? The list of course, goes on. I have just come off restrictions, and have just got a job, so I am on the lookout for a new bike. I will give a brief run down of my riding history, please bear with me! (TLDR, questions towards the bottom)

    When I first got my license, I was half way through year 12, and bought a little gpx 250, which has served me faithfully, and I still enjoy riding the little kwaka. Since then, my riding has alternated between my unemployed state, riding most days of the week, to commuting a few days a week, to a fortnight off, but I always get back on the bike as soon as I can :D

    Since I first got my license, I have been reading reviews, and looking at all sorts of bikes, so I have a few ideas of which to look at... however, I have a few deciding factors to take into effect, and this is where I need help 

    • As a 19 year old, insurance can and probably will be killer. Unless I get a cheaper bike I can afford to put on third party, I need comprehensive. Looking around, it seems most 600-650s (sv, er, cb6 etc), as well as some bigger nakeds, should be relatively affordable.
    • I need something reliable, easy to maintain (though I will also be learning a lot of maintenance working on this bike!), something that I can commute on everyday and will be able to take, potentially, a decent amount of luggage. (I will be an apprentice, so tools, food, gear etc in there). There will also be the occasional pillion 

    As I said, I have spent a lot of time reading and looking, researching and seeking. With this in mind, I have been looking at some of the following bikes. SV650, er6, both n and f, cb600, older cbrs, well, older sportsbikes, to bikes such as the z750 and cb900.

    Sorry for all the writing! I’ll get to the point!

    I am looking at spending, roughly, maximum 7k (excluding insurance), though cheaper is good! I am simply looking and asking for suggestions on these bikes and people’s views, and of course, for any bikes that I might have missed! Any help, suggestions and assistance will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for reading, and I hope, responding :D
  2. A number of worthy bikes there, but it's worth considering that if you enjoy the GPX then you will most likely get on well with the ER-6.
  3. I can't advise you on what bike, but I DO agree that insurance is going to be horrendous; shop around is all I can suggest.

    I might also say that although you have just got a job, be cautious, because what comes can easily go too, and you don't want to be over-committed and unemployed at the same time.
  4. thanks both

    i was actually looking an er6n in PoS the other day, but cant afford brand spankers

    hornet - thanks, i am aware of it :) ive worked a few jobs now and seen how quickly work can come and go. i have a 3 month probation with my apprenticeship, so im just starting to gather serious ideas bout WHAT im aiming for, just in case something comes up etc :)

    edit - insurance wise, im rating 5, will be rating 4 in august ( assuming no claims of course! ) , and was quoted by a few places, ~1300 for that spankers er6n. so expensive, but less than i imagined it to be.
  5. I agree with Hornet, keep the Gpx until you are 100% happy with your work situ.

  6. Either that or wait till you're sixty, when full-comp on a 600 is only $214 a year :rofl:
  7. i think ill be able to earn a bit more than that before i hit 60, seeing as im not even 20 yet :p
  8. I'd think the excess might be a worry as well... Or at least something to look at. I had a similar prob when I was younger with turboed sports cars. The insureance was a shocker. But the excess just made it not worth it. By the time you'd paid two years premium, then wrote the car off and paid the excess out, it was the value of the car again. After those two years the insurace was MILES cheaper, as with the excess. Your situation is obviously different. But it is something to keep in mind when doing your sums. If the excess is $2k+, then you'll need that money free if you do crash it, or it gets nicked. So say if your premium is $2k + $2k excess, you need to do more than $4k worth of damage to make it worth it. Thats my logic anyway...

    No doubt you've done it already. But just jump on bike sales, put in your $$$ limit, area, and just see what comes up. There might be stuff out there you haven't thought of, or thought was too much. Then short list it. Go thru the insurance thing, short list it again. Then cut it down again with what you really on put on there cause 'its a good bike... but', whatever that but might be. The longer your list, the harder it is to make a choice.
  9. $2000 excess??? Wha? Even with the 'flexible' premium crap I've never been quoted that much (I'm 27 now, so it's not that long since I was getting quotes for modified cars on my Ps :wink:)

    I'm now paying just over a grand for the GSXR750 (value agreed at $6,000) so $1300 is, unfortunately, about what you could expect for your circumstances and budget. Just an indication.

    As to which bike - d_ds suggestion above is a good one - start from your price limit and see what's out there (even a tad higher for private sellers - everyone is negotiable even if they say they're not...) then check out the insurance, any repairs etc from there.

    Otherwise $7,000 will get you a lot of mid-sized naked/general use kind of bike these days, so you should be spoiled for choice.

    Happy hunting!

    Oh, and Hornet - $214 a year for full comp? I hate you.
  10. SV650S, of course :p
  11. Being under 25 is where the majority of the premium/excess hit is if you have a clean insurance record. Your list is nearly exactly the same as my possible upgrade list ( but I still have six months to go) and full comp. will be around the $5-600 mark for myself with rating 1.
    Remember, it won't be your last bike. I would buy the one that's affordable to ride and maintain for a few years, get your rating down and then upgrade again. The money you save on a higher premium now can be going towards the next bike.
  12. I think your list is right on the money although I would add the Hornet 600 to the list too, they are a great bike and can be had for a song...
  13. Your list is pretty much exactly the same as mine was over the last month or two. In the end I narrowed it to the Hornet 600, SV and ER6n. At your age, insurance is going to be the killer, maybe a used SV or ER6 for a lower agreed value?

    In the end I decided I preferred twins and ended up with an ER6n. I've always been partial to their fugly looks and it suits my riding style and shortassedness a little more than the clip-on'ed SVS. Plus they can be had for a song $$$

    Remember, chances are you'll want another upgrade or just something different in another year or two, so it's not forever, and they'll all have a stack more grunt and probably handle better than your 250.
  14. thanks for the continued assistance, just what i was looking for. opinions and people in the same situation(ish)

    phizog - all the sv650s' round here seem to have gone up in price since i last saw them!

    in fact most bikes seem to have gone up a bit since i was looking, when i couldnt ride them! typical :p

    im thinking that ill be narrowing it down to the same bikes as you, phojomark, managed to spot an sv yesterday and a decent price, and ive spotted a few hornet 600s that are in the range.

    i know i might want something in a few years, and that this one will probably be a lot better than the 250, but, as a money conscious young bloke, i might just have to stick with one for a little while, thus why im taking a lot of time looking around :)

    thanks so far :)
  15. im pretty much in the same situation. 19 years old (full time uni, so will grab a full time job next year).. I currently dont pay for my own car insurance, so i dont have a NCB. iv done lots of quotes and they have been $3300+ per year (for a 2009 sportsbike), then $800 excess.
  16. like other have said i think i insurance is going to be the killer, i am a 3rd party fire and theft fan.....covers my ass when i screw up and write off those merc, as for my bike well it's my fault and i will fix/replace my own property

    i am with others the er6, sv and h6 are all great mid size do it all bikes, and i don't reckon you can go wrong with any of them (y)
  17. SV all the way enigma!
  18. thanks fellas :)

    ive been looking into the TP + F&T option, obviously a lot cheaper, and i generally ride pretty sensibly, and am happy to learn how to fix things if and when they go wrong. i think in the end it will come down to the specific bike i find, and what the insurance on that will cost.

    guess those are the bikes i need to keep an eye out for... anyone selling? :D