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Upgrade Thread ](*,)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Timmy32, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I need some suggestions for my first non Lams bike. I have had my full license for awhile and feel the need to move up to a bigger bike. I like both naked and sports looking bikes, so open to all suggestions although I have only really been looking at naked bikes. I was initially looking at 1000's but I figure I better go for something in the 600-800 range to get more experience as I havent been riding long.

    Here are the bikes I am looking at right now.

    Street Triple
    Street Triple R


    Z800 (Coming out soon)


    NC700SA (Boring Bike)

    MV Agusta-
    Brutale 675 (Coming out soon)

    Aprilia Shiver 750

    I am looking to spend around the 10k mark but can go up a few k if necissary. I will be looking at second hand bikes first but I do realise a few of the mentioned bikes will have to be bought new.

    I do really like the striple but it is a bit expensive. Any suggestions would be great.
  2. for 10K.. see what the dealers will do for you on new bikes. I was offerred a new CBR600 for that before the aus dollar had parity...
  3. Friends have suggested that a full on sports bike might be a bad idea for my first proper bike. I test rode a Z1000 and loved it but it is a big jump from my 250... Almost 100HP more!
  4. Hi The Brutale will be $14,990 when it gets here and I doubt there will be any room to move as they have a hard time getting any
  5. and thats a really good point... but what i meant was that if i can get a CBR600 for 10k then you might be able to shop around for a similar deal on whatever you decide you like... new.
  6. It depends on what sort of rider you are and what riding you do

    I wouldn't be put off from 1000cc sport bikes just because people say so.
    The bike is only as fast as you let it
    My problem was I let my GSXR go fast lol

    Out of your list, I would recommend either triumph triple
    They seem to do everything well, lots around, so parts shouldn't be a problem.
    Not my cup of tea but it is what it is
  7. As a side note, the Honda 600RR (sports bike) has around the same horsepower rating as the Street Triple R. So if your friends are saying don't get one because of the absurd power, a Street Triple is not much difference.
  8. I think all the bikes you've mentioned are good first upgrades - except the honda..

    With your budget I'd be seriously considering a 2nd hand near new fz8
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  10. mmmmm 'prilia......
  11. My understanding is the NC700SA is pretty boring, though supposedly has amazing fuel consumption.
    Also I'm expecting the z800 to easily be better than z750.
    Everything else seems pretty solid. Get test riding!
  12. Street Triple R - Bit biased since it was my first upgrade non lams bike, but it's very smooth and best balanced I've ever ridden. I've upgraded to a 1000+cc and ride the triple more. Smooth, easy around town and nimble in the twisties, just a fun bike but test ride them all.

    Oh, and btw mine is still for sale 2010 R, under $10k :)
  13. Except that every second rider is on the street triple it seems like a good thing, especially second hand as it appears to have sportsbike like depreciation.
  14. I test rode a new ER6n over the weekend. It was quite nice, but I just felt it was lacking the fun factor for me. I'm sure an aftermarket exhaust would make it more fun though. I am still yet to try the street triple. I tried to test ride FZ8 but there is not one demo bike in SA :( also finding it hard to find a Z750, and the guy at Kawasaki dealership said that we may not even get the Z800 here in Australia.
  15. Not sure about SA...

    But in Melbourne CBD the dealers are trying to sell brand new Z750's and FZ8's for $10K - $11k ride away (leftover from Run-out sales).

    A few G's more and you might be able to haggle the Street Triple and Aprillia Shiver750 down to something reasonable.

    Perhaps book a flight?

    If looking second-hand then $10k will buy you almost anything. (A pimped STripleR comes to mind)
  16. Wow are those prices on road?, I got quoted around $13k OR for a FZ8n here. I would happily buy a lowish km (around 10k max) Street Triple R but in SA you can count how many of them are for sale on 1 hand. Not much choice :( I may have to look into buying from Melbourne.
  17. Can somebody from melbourne please tell me how much a new street triple R can be had for?

  18. Pick up the phone and find out?
  19. PS has the striple advertised on their website for $12,690 ride away, not sure about the R version
  20. Just go for the Z1000 & get it over with!!! :D
    $14,000 ride away (y)