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Upgrade suggestions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by NothingExpert, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Ok it's still a whiles off til I get my R, but like most probably do, I'm fantastising about that coming day. I've narrowed a list of bikes I think I'd like to try but am open to suggestions. I'm on a Virago but I don't want to go up to a real cruiser. I wish I'd bought a Ninja 650l to be honest. Test rode one recently and it was a perfect fit. As well as the practical considerations I do want something appealing to the eye, so therefore, to my tastes, anything suited to off-road is out. No offense to anyone with the opposite taste. They just don't do anything for me.

    My conditions are:

    Agile enough to handle traffic and commuting. (I ride ~50km each way to work currently and is looking like extending to over 70 with the wife's plans to move soon.)
    Reasonable on fuel.
    Comfortable enough to do a 3-4 hour highway ride without needing a significant break or making me feel like a cripple when I hop off.
    Reasonably quick off the line but doesn't have to be a dot in the distance in the blink of an eye.
    Doesn't have to be comfortable 2up as the wife will not even fathom getting on the back of a bike.

    Bikes I'm currently dreaming of/considering:

    Honda VFR800 (or a Firestorm if my judgement takes a holiday :p)
    Ninja 650/1000
    Any BMW that feels right

    Advice, ideas, abuse - sling it my way!
  2. Firestorm rocks if you can find one in good nic....
  3. The VFR seems to be a sporty version of a sports tourer and has good longevity, might be just what you need.
  4. Got offered an 04 from a workmate who looks after it recently but don't have the cash and can't ride it yet. He said he was getting $3k trade so anything above that would have been negotiable. Poor timing.
  5. Yeah the idea of $800+ for a major service is kinda putting me off though considering I will do at least 20000kms a year on it.
  6. The VFR is a superb commuter, probably one of the best bikes ever made for that purpose.
    Don't let servicing costs put you off - you might have slightly higher bills for major services but they aren't frequent and you won't be shelling out for other repairs inbetween.
    Honda hasn't made anything beyond extremely minor changes to the Gen 6 VFR in ten years, which is pretty much unheard of in the industry. It is a proven bike and you can be confident that it will start every time and get you to your destination.

    FWIW, consider that a FireStorm is an extremely thirsty bike, so although the servicing costs might be lower than a VFR, you'll end up out of pocket by a larger amount because you'll spend twice as much on fuel.
  7. Thanks for advice there :)
  8. Test ride EVERYTHING you can get your arse on to (and that you can afford) and buy the one you like the most.
  9. BMW F800ST
    Almost no maintenance (no chain adjustments at least)
    Easy on fuel.
    Comfortable enough.
  10. F700GS as above but cheaper, more upright and has a chain (same engine, different state of tune).