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Upgrade suggestions please... bye bye GS500F!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by havok9, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Today is a good day. I have been given permission by The Divine Keeper Of The Purse Strings, She Of The Fairer Sex, Her Royal Highness, Mrs Havok9, to trade up. As a result, I am soliciting ideas/advice/suggestions.

    At the moment I rider a '07 GS500F that I've had since new. Since June 2007 I've put 30,000k's on it. I do 300k's a week, mainly on the freeway, so I am basically looking for a commuter, but something a bit more fun than the GS. I don't really ride much outside of to and from work, so I don't want a supersports bike, so no Gixxers etc thanks.
    I am 6'2" and 90kg, and I want something comfortable. Budget tops out at about $12k.

    I have been looking at the new Ninja 650R ABS, but can't find much info about it. Yes, I am planning on hitting the dealerships and sitting on bikes etc, but I wanted to get a list of "Possibles" together first.
    So Netriders, please regale me with your suggestions!
  2. Ride the same bike but if I was off restrictions at this moment, probably go for the Bandit 1250 because it's same seating position as the gs500. And with my trip to Sydney and back last weekend, that seems to suit me and my delicate back as far as comfort goes as I intend to do similar touring in future. I'd say it'd be good for general commuting as well.

    Bandit these days comes in different variations so I'd probably go for the GSX1250FA which is a bandit with GSX style full fairing and seen ride away price of $12,999. Probably could haggle for a better price too. IMO that's a lot of bike for the money and probably why I'll stick to Suzuki.
    It's not a sports bike by no means but more than enough for the type of rider I am..

    Good luck with your bike shopping and whatever you choose.....
    Plenty of choices out there...
  3. I went from the GS500F to the Bandit 1250sa. It's a great bike. I wanted a sports tourer and looked at the usual suspects but the value proposition of the Bandit is second to none.

    I bought mine second hand with only 500km on the clock for a little over $10k.
  4. xj900 diversion, shaft drive, bullet proof air cooled motor, ya cant go wrong

    will cost you a lot less than your $12,000 budget too

  5. Sorry I should have specified, preferably I am after a new bike.
    In response to your signature... yes. She would still know.... they always know.
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  7. Psssst! go the cruiser
  8. Are SV650s still available new? Worth considering in the 650 bracket. Or a WeeStrom which, I believe, can be had with ABS, which I'd regard as a major plus for an everyday commuter.
  9. I thought very seriously about the WeeStrom but in the end I decided that a Sports/Tourer was more to my taste.

    +1 on the ABS, I'm glad that my Bandit has it.
  10. Definitely hit up the Bandit 1250 - awesome looking bike in naked form and can't be beat on price...plus they're about as reliable as you can get without being a BMW.

    The naked CB1000 also looks pretty awesome, and reviews are all pretty positive.

    - boingk
  11. Are you thinking middleweight or confident enough to go for big bruiser?

    Do you want a bigger/better bike than the GS or just a newer one?

    When it comes down to it not many brand new (non-LAMS-ish) bikes go for under $12k.

    Nothing but good things said about the Bandits, or XJs for that matter, but they are a very different proposition to a Ninja 650 (Don't do it, they're a LAMS bike like the GS, so would be a sideways trade not an upgrade!) The WeeStrom is almost a dual-purpose road/traillie, so different again. SVs also well regarded, but again won't have much over your current bike.

    Need some more specific info on your use/taste/criteria for really useful suggestions.
  12. Yeah, hate to sound my one note yet again, but my week is pretty similar to yours (though more km on urban roads than highways), and I loooove my Bandit 1200. The 1250s are a heap of value for money, loads of power but managable, very comfortable, ultrareliable... And you won't get bored with it and be wishing for more grunt in a year or two, which is possible with a 650, particularly since you're a proper-sized man. ;)
  13. Bikesales shows Bandit SAs (the bikini-faired but ABS version) brand new from 11 and a half at the moment, but let me sound my other note - it also shows a lot that are a year or 2 old and have 10,000 km or so on them - barely run in - for thousands less. I personally would go for those every time, and keep the extra few grand for bling... or even better, buy a nice pressie for Her Indoors to reinforce the behaviour of letting you buy a new bike!
  14. Well there definitely seems to be a consensus! I will have to admit, I love the idea of a big Bandit, comfy and powerful but won't break the bank.
    So tell me... GSX1250SA vs Bandit 1250SA... is it literally just a pretty fairing that is different?
  15. GSX1250FA - spoken to the dealers about them, yep, pretty much a fully faired bandit, different instrument cluster apparently a lot better, same donk, same everything else. Also read a suggestion to change the exhaust on the bandit, apparently they are really heavy, so you can shed some weight and get a better note :)
    Though stock looks and sounds good IMO, and the weight, well, would it be that noticable.....maybe it was someone just justifying their new mod.
    For the price the GSX1250FA seems really good (like the bandit), have a google, there are comparisons with other sports tourers etc and basically they say when considering the money, and the low end grunt - great bikes.............can you tell i want one? :p
  16. Away with ye, ya can't have mine :LOL: The instrument cluster is identical to the GSX650F, with the addition of the ABS light. Not a huge fan of the black tacho face, it tends to be more reflective. I paid more than 12k but I did manage to get 6.1k for trade in, that helped soften the blow. To the OP, definitely test ride a bandit, it'll happily remove your arms from their sockets while put a huge :grin: on your face
  17. Oh gawd, all this bandit talk has me drooling...... Bring on March next year!....lol
    I'll definitly be going for the full fairing GSX version due to appreciating any wind protection in very cold temps like what I encountered on my recent Syd-Melb-Syd trip a week ago as I intend to continue riding in any weather through winters.
    You appreciate every bit of comfort when riding 200-300K stretches of roads at over 100kph when it's around 2 degrees.
  18. That's why I bought the bigger screen and heated grips. Canberra is not tropical, especially winter time.
  19. I don't know anyone with a Bandit 1250 who doesn't love it to bits......
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    Its the er6n with fairings. Think it was the er6f. The er6 is a very underrated bike and well worth a look. Love mine.