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Upgrade-POWER or sensibilities

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by music, May 5, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone

    I'm looking for my new bike now that I'm off restrictions, and I thought I'd get your(collective) thoughts on my choices. Im basically looking at an older 600 sport, a 1999-2001-ish ZX600, CBR600F or R6. I know I should go out and sit on them etc, but this question comes from another perspective, as im also looking at another genre/class of bikes, a newer SV650/s or Er6n, second hand if my budget can stretch. the reason for my upgrade is that the VTR250 runs out of (decent)acceleration after about 100kmh, and i want something with longer legs. i also want something i can pillion easily as well, my father can no longer ride even though he is the sprightly age of 50, and id love to take him on some rides, maybe longer ones too. so will the high up power on the supersports be too much of a hit for my self control(lacking at times... acceleration is too much fun) or should i be sensible and go for the more reliable(?) and perhaps comfortable SV or ER6?
  2. Power. It can be controlled with the right hand, but you can't apply more than you've got!
  3. Looking at your choices, I don't think you can get any more sensible than that.
  4. The older bikes you're talking about, cbr600f and zx6r (up until 2002 models) would make great bikes to pillion on, and will do everything well. Mind you the SV will too, its just different, being a twin.
  5. You will have to test ride and see what suits you.
  6. i own both a 01 r6 and sv1000, and i can tell you both are very different bikes to ride, the r6 is a point and shot style bike (i find the suspension to hard for road riding and get bounced off everywhere) where as the sv i find a lot easier to ride with surface changes which you find on the road....at the track it's the opposite, the sv you really need to grab the fcuker by the scuff of the neck and drag it through the turn where as the r6 without a question is just marvelous, all you do is turn your head and look where you want to go, and crack the throttle, doesn't move as you enter through the turn and brakes are amazing....

    Really there is little to compare between the 2 styles, apart from they both have 2 wheels and motor.

    Ride both and you will see what i mean :)
  7. Thanks guys thats really helpful :)

    i understand that they are very different bikes, and yeah I'll have too go and have a look at all of them to see what really suits me... being a teenager i sure do like the look of the 600s..... are there any reliability issuses or should u be relitively safe with all of them so long as i get them checked beforehand?

    also i just got my full license today (felt pretty damn good) will bike shops let me have a ride or not, cause im so young?

    and with the power, yeah ill have to put my right hand on a short leash.. on a vtr you dont have to worry too much..
  8. Slower bikes can be more fun to ride fast than faster ones, that's one of the factors that makes the VTR such a fun bike.

    Just go ride a bunch of 'em and see what you think. You might find the insurance quotes make the decision for you.
  9. Just what I was going to say Loz. Being young, the insurance on the 600 supersports will likely scare you. Be sure you sit down when calling for quotes.
  10. Yeah, insurance seems to be ridiculous unless im insuring a pushbike. being 18 i guess im a pretty big insurance risk... not much fun.

    im leaning towards an sv650s, but all i can find down here are the 1999-2002 curvies.. being semi-faired, it would be a bit less to insure, right? and the naked one less still?

    oh well bike shopping is fun.
  11. You can find EFI ones around as well, not there is anything wrong with the carbed ones. I'm not sure about the insurance difference between the two modles but either way, the cost is significantly less than a 600 SS.

    If you're serious about finding out about the SVs, have a squiz at svdownunder.com
  12. Yeah, nekkid bikes tend to be cheaper to insure, 'cause there's no $1000-2000 fairings to replace if the bike ends up on its side.