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Upgrade options

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Drasius, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. G'Day All,

    Yet another upgrade thread.

    Some quick background info;

    I'm about 5'11", 100kg

    An accident a couple of years ago means less leg strength than usual, so lighter is defiantly better, as is something I can get foot/feet down on more easily.

    Upgrading from an '06 GPX250 (which is a great little bike for your 1st/commute, if a little small, but I want (though don't necessarily need) MOAR POWAH!) Being able to overtake trucks (which are rather prevalent down here) without too much fuss or planning would be nice.

    Will be used for a 150km round trip to work 5 days a week (barring bad weather), through country road, all highway (or at least what passes for a highway over here, mostly single lane with only the odd overtaking opportunity), plus the occasional trip up to perth (about 2 hours highway) and, of course, devouring any twisties I can find on the weekends (something the SW of WA is actually pretty good for).

    No track days intended at this point, would look into getting something separate and more track focused for that.

    Looking for a sports/sports tourer sort of thing, that's just how I roll. Not a cruiser or naked fan.

    Budget; 8k or less would be ideal (and realistic), definitely no more than 10, and that's really pushing it. Keep in mind I'm in WA, and apparently everyone over here must be very happy with what they ride as no-one ever sells their bikes, so prices tend to be higher and supply limited.

    Having said that, I need to look into the cost of transferring from one state to another as a flight over east and a ride back would be interesting.

    I figure that budget gets me something decent in the '99 - '03 range.

    Anyway, after that wall of text, I was thinking something along the lines of;

    Daytona 600

    A 955 would be nice if I could stretch that far, but honestly, if I could, I would spend the little bit extra and get my dream bike (the Daytona 675, in that lovely yellow/gold) and go about lowering it to suit (Damn you FLUX!).

    If anyone would be kind enough to point out anything else they think would be suitable to go and have a sit on/ride of, it would be much appreciated. Pointing out any horrible flaws in my shortlist would also be welcome.

    For some reason, I don't have any great love for hondas, but will try one out if suggested.

  2. I'd be looking for something less highly strung. Remember that at that distance that often you're doing over 35,000km per year.

    As much as you aren't into them, I'd go naked if for no reason that servicing is easier, often cheaper.

    Also, that's pretty costly in terms of supersport tyres just on the highway.
  3. gsxr750's a great bike. But being sports bike there is some weight on your wrists, may not be the best for sports touring.

    If you want a sports touring why not triumph's sprint or honda's vfr800?
  4. SV650S or even a 1000S might be worth a look if you can live without side fairings.
  5. Man, buy one of those bikes and in a year you've lost half your money, in two years you've got something that'll be really really hard to sell at all.

    In the meantime you'll have chewed through tyres, spent a fortune on services if you're not mechanically inclined.

    Get a Beemer.
  6. I kind of don't mind the old daytona 600s dont know if they're any good or not but they look ok in the metal and they can be had farely cheap.

    just did a search and there's a couple of small issue with the FI and they're lagging in low to mid range power compared to the japs. still a nice looking bike though.
  7. The 4cyl. Daytona 650 was a huge improvement over the 600, BTW. Still not in the league of the 675 (or GSXRs) but also a lot cheaper.
  8. Blackbird......
  9. Where I'd be suggesting you go looking as well.
  10. the F4i is meant to be a great balance between the twisty rider and the commuter. its around that time period listed too and within the price range
  11. I rode a F4 all weekend and it'd probably fit the bill.

    The main thing that I think the OP should look at is engine life and tyre costs. Boxer Beemer or K series would probably be the go in that regard.
  12. maybe a GSX750F?
  13. While I appreciate the help, I seem to be getting a whole bunch of sensible suggestions. What has happened to this place?

    Yes, the above mentioned bike would be great for a commute, they seem sort of, ya know, bland. Having said that, I will probably give them a burl anyway, just in case.

    I realise that my tyre costs will be high, I don't care, the cost will be evened out by the fact I don't have to pay 5-600 odd PER TYRE (which only last about 15000km's) for my car if I used that (which I would for about 6 months of the year anyway due to weather and road conditions).

    Yes, the bike will rack up a fair few km's, but that's what bikes are for. If I wanted a bike to sit there and not be ridden, I would be getting a ducati. If I put 15-20 000km a year on it, that's fine, better there than on my car.

    Not chasing a sports tourer over a sports, just that those are the 2 categories which appeal and I think would suit my needs best.

    For Quarterwit, would I really get a beemer for my price in decent condition? And could I manage the height?

    Thanks for the tip on the 650 over the 600 titus, and yes, I would LOVE a 675, but unless you can spy one under 10k, I think I'm a bit limited in my options.

    Sir Skuffy, I did spy a BB at a local dealer the other day, but was concerned about the weight, I might take her for a run and see how it goes.

    Livingstonest, I had thought a sprint would be out of my range, but on investigation, they seem about right, thanks.

  14. In that case I suggest you buy a Cagiva V-Raptor or a Ducati 748.
  15. If you're after something more sporty then it might be better to stay away from the BMW's then.

    In that case maybe a blackbird or the F4i would be the go? 8k would get you a super duper nice one. Well, as nice as a bike like that could get. I know one for sale at the moment through a mate. It's done 50k but the owner is a bike mechanic. An anal bike mechanic. 6k or so he wants, but he could be talked down.

    Food for thought anyway.
  16. One of my favourite bikes at the mo is the Kawasaki ZX6R-636 from between 2005-6.
    If you look around you should be able to get a low Km unit with a few accessories for around $9,000.00

    Great looking bikes

  17. Buy a cheap low k's 4cyl japanes car for commuting and a weekend weapon.
    in a few years the money you will save not maintaning a sportsbike commuter will pay for the bike.