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Upgrade on the way.. narrowed it down to...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wellsey84, May 30, 2007.

  1. When I said I'd narrowed it down.. Its to 4 options..

    1. Looks - FZ1
    2. Price - SV1000
    3. Bit of both - Z1000
    4. Dunno why - VTR1000

    Used to be keen as on the VTR but getting over it now.. probably can rule it out..

    Heard the FZ1's are not much top.. gearing issues and such..

    Like the SV's but do they look any good in the flesh? Dont seem to compare to the Z1000 and the FZ1..

    Z1000 I am head over heels for.. Looks a treat.. Hear it goes off like milk in the sun..

    Want a bike with a decent seating position (not slumped over the tank), preferably faired and I dont think I want anything under 1000cc considering I am over 100kg's and over 6 foot tall..

    Let me know what you think,


  2. Well you have just nominated 4 fairly different bikes!
    Its like choosing between apples and oranges.
    2 v twins and 2 fours but each different.

    I dont know about you but if I was riding a bike it would have to feel right to me not just look good to my mates.

    If it was my money it would be the FZ1. Brilliant in almost every way.
  3. By your choices you seem to have narrowed out the sv as your choice.
  4. have you ridden any of them yet?.... as others have said you have 2 very different types of bikes there, in the way they deliver their power..... i would strongly suggest riding them before cutting some from the list....