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Upgrade my Sachs 150 to NSR150?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    I've just had the Sachs to learn on basically; a light, reliable bike, nothing more. Nothing is wrong with it, just look for some more thrills (and in no small part, the look) in the shape of a sports bike.

    Naturally I always try and be different... so that outs alot of the 250 sportsbikes out there, and I really like the look for the 2-stroke NSR, but i've heard mixed reports of reliability - some say that they are ace and unbreakable with proper maintenence, others say they they are cheap malaysian trash not designed to last.

    Regardless, i like the damn things and am trying to justify to myself that it's worth it to upgrade from my little Sachs to a slightly less little Honda.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Going from a Sachs to a Honda, I doubt you will have any problems with the performance.
    Other than that I have only heard good things about the NSR150.
  3. Basically depends how big you are physically, IMO: if you're 60 kg or so the NSR will be great, 100 kg or so it'll struggle a bit.
  4. do it.

    smokers are fun.
  5. FWIW I loved my NSR150...bags loads of fun :)
  6. I'm about 80kgs tending to under that (bit tubby atm... relationship weight i swear!) but im about 6'1" and i've heard it can be a bit small?

    I could always just change the pegs/shifters/bars etc etc.

    Also, is it true how much more power you get when you derestrict them? I know it'll never be quite hayabusa territory but i'd just like a bit of get up and go from the lights basically.
  7. I'm 80Kgs and found it to be suitable.

    It can be a bit small, but this never bothered me. I'm only 5'10" ish, but didn't find it an issue. After I jump on it after riding the Daytona it feels small now, but that's because I've got used quite tall Daytona. I would definitely sit on it to check though, you would be able to tell from sitting on a parked one.

    When you say 'derestrict', I don't believe they are restricted as such. I have a Tyga full exhaust on mine, which saves an enormous amount of weight, sounds heaps better and FEELS like it goes much better. I haven't had it on a dyno to compare, but it seems to keep giving more power higher up the rev range (rather than dying off), it revs more freely and seems to have a higher peak power.

    You can mono these things, and they take off pretty briskly from the lights considering what they are - about the same as a CBR250RRRR I've found.

    I had different pegs/shifters on mine, the rearets had my feet back more and up higher. It made it better in the twisties/track but this would probably adversely affect it if you wanted to make the bike feel smaller.
  8. Morbo, it's great to hear from someone with first hand experience!

    I saw all the tyga stuff; i'm not willing to spend masses on the bike but i was definately going to get the expansion chamber if only so i felt hardcore :grin:

    I just heard that there were restrictions in the intake, carbs, reed valves and exhaust? Maybe i was misinformed.

    Has your bike caused you any problems? How much 2-stroke does it go through?
  9. no probs, glad I could help :)
    No it's been really reliable. Only issue was it needed a new bush in the rear hub and I needed to replace the fork seals. Other than that, nothing.

    I did my own top end rebuilds and after you've done it once, it only takes an hour or so, but you do need BASIC mechanical skills. I do these every 12,000ks to be safe (cost~$180 or more if you get mechanic to do it). It goes through one litre of 2stroke oil in about 800-1000ks and that's $30/litre for the top notch stuff (I use Motul 710).
  10. Outstanding, thanks!

    Is it true they need to be blasted every now and then to 'keep out the cobwebs'? I've heard that they need to be ran hard just to keep them happy.

    Same with highway riding - i've read somewhere that you should change gears every couple of minutes so that it's doing a different RPM to stop it from seizing. True or false?

    Sorry about the quiz! I'm just trying to get as much info out of you as possible while i have you cornered... he he he.

    General comments? How does it sound? Is the kickstart annoying? How does it go two up if you've ever tried?

    Thanks so much for all your help!
  11. True and true.... a good blast on a smoker every now and then generally cleans out the carby a bit and perhaps the cylinder.

    And yes shift the revs around a tad... Never constant for too long, and don't redline for too long either. Not changing gears, just changing the revs a bit: 500-1000+-rpm. Also you have to warm them up properly - without fail.

    Basically you can and should ride 2 strokes (at least RS and NSR's) hard and fast as they love it and are designed to do so. You pretty much have to anyway. On my bike for instance the power kicks in at around 8k rpm.

    Keep em oiled up and they run fine. I've had 2 RS125's for about 1.5 years now and never had a problem mechanically. And hey, they are dead easy to repair if something goes wrong - very simple bikes (though tuning can be bit of a black art?)

    Buy good oil, pay the normal good attention you should to a bike and they should be fine.

    Mine is running rich after I swapped out the exhaust, and I'm guessing it would go through a tank of oil (about 1L) after about 600-800klms?
  12. It wouldn't hurt to do a search for NSR150SP or something similar along the lines to read what others all have said about this bike .There was a pretty big audience on this forum at one stage and the posts are literally worth their weight in gold for any owner.

    There are known issues with the NSR in terms of correct spark plugs and gearbox oil levels being incorrectly labelled on the bike/manual. There was something about performance tyres being available for this bike, you'll have to troll through posts to confirm.

    Being a two stroke nut and having owned one before, they are great versatile bikes. These were designed for the asian market in mind (carrying a familiar, chickens and a pig!) more than the Aussie market, so they are happy to trundle along, but will perform very well in the twisties.

    Comments about two strokes in general... they are designed more for track work, so they don't like sitting on constant revs. There are stories that people do ride them on freeways or long distance rides, but I wouldn't use it for that. If the bike is not ridden in the optimum range (the powerband), there isn't enough heat generated to burn (combust) the two stroke oil, so all that builds up with time. The RC valve in this bike is similar to the RC valve in the bigger NSRs, so it's a relatively good system, but it will gum up too if the bike is not ridden properly.

    Kickstarting is not that hard. If the bike is ridden regularly, spark plugis in good nick, and the battery has resonable charge, you should be able to get it started after the first or second kick. On the colder mornings, let the bike warmer up properly, otherwise it will bog down and you will have no power at all.

    AFAIK, there are no restrictions in any of the components. You will get more performance out of an aftermarket exhaust chamber by the better design, dropping the catalytic converter, and the weight loss.

    Something to keep in mind while you are out checking out the NSR, is to make sure that the bike has run on good quality oils. These were owned by learners, some that may not have had any knowledge of two strokes so make sure you're ask enough questions to feel comfortable in knowing that the current owner did maintain it.

    Top end rebuilds (pistons and rings) are due every 12 000km, crank rebuild 25 000km (someone may correct me here?)

    Food for thought :p
  13. Do you mean rich jetting or too much oil? I'm not sure why you'd be consuming more oil by changing the exhaust unless you adjusted your oil pump?
  14. Hmmm good point. Rich fuel (from larger jet) but a fair bit of gunk is coming out the exhaust. I'm assuming perhaps more oil is being injected to match the increase in fuel?!? Or just because it is rich less is burning off with the rich fuel as well. Either way I'm not fussed, I just need to drop the needle a notch and try again (still haven't throttled it enough to do proper plug chop...)

    Though I will have to drop the needle tonight or tomorrow in preparation for Saturday.
  15. If you're running too rich, then the fuel/oil mix will be cooling down the plug too much and the unburnt fuel/oil that has carbonised will be the gunk that you are spitting out, not oil.

    The oil pump on the RS125 is mechanically driven, and (I think since I haven't had a good look at it!) controlled by throttle opening. So the oil rate should not have changed with a change of exhausts/intake components.
  16. Thank you all for your input. I've definately had my mind set now and will be buying an NSR either late this year or if not then definately early new year, just waiting to finish the HSC, sell my old bike, spend all my hard earned pennies on alcohol for a few weeks and THEN i can justify buying a new bike!

    I will definately post my opinion when i get it.

    Thanks! Everything was really helpful.
  17. NSR

    Great LAMS legal bike - I've had 2.5yrs of fun on mine - great bikes in the twisties and the tyga pipe I installed adds a significant extra grunt. Sweet handler, keeps up with the 600's (pre-04') in the tighter sections and you'll only be left behind on the 70km/h corners if you keep it in the powerband (which is where the fun is).

    About to upgrade mine to a Daytona 675 and will be floggin it for a bargain 3k including the matching Reposol leathers on bikesales very soon... but will be sad to see Violet Elizabeth depart...

    Good luck with the bike sale/upgrade - won't be left dissapointed by the NSR - MotoGP's golden era was on the maniac 500's...

  18. Re: NSR

    ha, selling mine for $3K also, after upgrading to the Daytona...nice choice :grin:
  19. Can i get you two a room or something? :p

    3k sounds pretty good to me... when do you guys plan on selling?
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