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Upgrade indecision...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DrSleepy, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. I'm currently in the process of compiling a shortlist of candidates for my first non-LAMS bike. Firstly a bit of background: I'm male, 186 cm, 73 kg. I ride pretty much everywhere, irrespective of the weather. I've put 25000 km onto my Ninja 300 in 15 months. My commute is 45 km each way, with a mixture of city traffic, freeway and country roads, but I also like to get out on days off and hit the twisties (the old road, Putty, etc.) as well as the occasional weekend away kind of trip (300-500 km / day). I have a top box for the Ninja that I use for this, but not for my daily ride.

    I'm looking to step up to something mid-sized, around 800cc or under. I have a slight preference for bikes with some degree of fairing, although not ruling out a naked. I've found ABS useful in the wet so given the choice I'd rather have it, and a slip/assist clutch is nice in stop-start traffic, although I do lane filter if its really bad. I tend to ride a bit leant forward on the 300, so not overly bothered by back/wrist issues. I plan to have this bike for 3-5 years.

    Here's my current shortlist, in no particular order:
    • Street Triple R +/- Rx
    • Daytona 675R
    • Z800
    • CBR650F
    • VFR800F
    • MT09 (probably the Tracer due to ABS & bigger tank)
    • Japanese Supersport: ZX-6R, R6, CBR600RR, GSXR-600/750 (although not all have ABS and I know its naughty to lump them in together.)
    I'm in sweet lurrvvve with the sound of the Triumph motor & booked in to test ride both back-to-back next week. I suspect that the power delivery from these will be more useful on the street than their Japanese equivalents. I've got test rides planned for the CBRs, VFR and a GSXR-600, but lucking out finding a demo MT, Kawa or R6.

    Any advice, comments, additions or scratchings would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Try the Aprilia Shiver 750 Sport ABS as well :)

    Ride all of them though, and practicalities aside, find what makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face, you're likely to have this one for a while so don't go boring...
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  3. Take the triumph tiger 800 for a test ride as well whilst you're at the triumph dealer.
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  4. Ducati Streetfighter 848. Comes with a free espresso machine.
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  5. JFYI, you can get the MT09 with ABS for around $500 extra (as opposed to the $3500 extra that the Tracer costs, although you also get Traction Control with that and a nice set of panniers... and an added 20 kilos).
    The MT09 would be my pick closely followed by the Street Triple R. But if buying brand new, the MT09 hands down.
    Test rode one the other day and LOVED it, even thought about trading in my Ninja 1000 for it!
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  6. Thanks for the recommendations - have added them all to the list. Wasn't sure about ABS on the standard MT09 so that might be a good option, although panniers would make touring pretty sweet.
  7. Mt09 or z800 (if your looking at this then u should look at z1000) , 600cc bikes are a pain to ride on the road IMHO, look for 900 or 1000cc .
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  8. The most fun would be the nakeds as they are typically tuned to have higher torque and have shorter gearing/sprockets hense great fun for street riding. Downsides are smaller tanks, wide bars making filtering more difficult and limited luggage options.
    Thats why I have 2 bikes, 2012 Z1000 and 99 VFR800.
    Love them both but the Zed is an absolute hoot to ride and makes me grin ear to ear when i ride it. You need to find the bike that does that to you
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    Easy to fix that, try a dualsport. Like the Z1000? Then try a Versys 1000.

    For what it's worth. My first upgrade was to my 05 Suzuki Dl650 V-strom. A dualsport wasn't even on my radar until it came up for a great deal. But once I rode it, I knew it was the right bike for me, and I can ride both bitumen and dirt roads!
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  10. I hadn't really considered a dualsport, although its something I should probably look into. Although the chances of me going anywhere near a dirt road are pretty slim...

    Might have to wander down & have a sit on the Z1000 tomorrow before work... ;)
  11. The reality is, most dualsports don't see dirt either. But they are popular because they are the new sports tourers. No harm in taking one for a ride.
  12. Absolutely not, the opportunity to ride a whole heap of different bikes in a short time is sweet as. (y)
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  13. Add the 2015 Honda VFR800X Crossrunner too.
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  14. You've got one bike and you're going to be using it for commuting (don't want too much weight) and you like the twisties (so something with a fun motor and decent suspension) and you intend to do some weekend touring (that's LOTS easier with luggage).

    Of your list I'd buy the Tracer simply because it's the most versatile of the bikes listed and comes closest to meeting the requirements of all of your riding (not just part of your riding).
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  15. A good list of bikes but if you like sound, you should try out the Ducati Monster 821 as well....

    Or are you not a fan of Ducati?

    Speaking of Italian bikes, have a look at the MV Agusta Brutale as well....Now that's one mean looking bike.


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  16. And another one...


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  17. Call me crazy but I test rode the Monster 821 and 1200 S on Monday and didn't like them.
    Found them powerful and nimble but very rough... can't really explain it with words but when I got back on my Ninja I actually felt so, so much better.
    One Italian you forgot is the MV Agusta Stradale. Not released yet but looks very "rational" for an exotic Italian.
    As it's been mentioned before, the MT09 Tracer would probably meet all your needs (even the dual-sport option) and it's an amazing package for the money.
    Yes, I admit it, I'm in love with Yamaha's triple is the best of both worlds (twin's torque and four's smoothness),
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  18. On the same note - a lot of guys here love the Aprilia Shiver as well. It is also one mean looking bike.

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  19. I'm in SouthAfrica at present and I happened to see these new 800's in the showroom. Awesome looking beasts, almost no rear end!!
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  20. This? KTM-Superduke-990-Wallpapers.
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