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Upgrade from the mighty 250 - 2008 GSX650f

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by KBiker, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Hey all, haven't posted in a while, but I think thats going to change given my upgrade from my poor old ZZR250 :)

    Here she is, 2008 GSX650f:

    Such an amazing ride. :D
    Definitely a nice jump up from a parallel twin to an Inline 4. Its such a new/good feeling to be able to keep up with the bigger bikes now, and to have that extra power when you want it.

    Very relaxing ride too, with a semi-sport riding position, and a nice bigish windscreen and fairing. I can see myself enjoying plenty of long rides in the future ahead :)
  2. Nice pipe, too. Terrific upgrade, I know you'll enjoy that. Thanks for posting. I share your joy!
  3. Congratulations, they're a nice ride.
  4. Good choice, good mechine
  5. I like all the 'go-faster' stickers :LOL:
  6. Cheers guys :D
    Pitty its rainy weather today... Otherwise I'd be out there first thing in the morning.

    I'm finding any excuse to ride now; I followed the gf home last night 'to make sure she got home ok' :p
  7. Sweet ride! Looks really nice! I envy you :p
  8. Gorgeous looking bike; looks sporty, yet comfortable. Well done!
  9. looks nice, ive heard good things bout em :)
  10. the bike is alot heavier than ur previous bike. How do u find the weight? Going from 140 kg to 220+
  11. Hi Kbiker ,congrats on your new ride.

    Sparz ...read here for owners thoughts on the weight.

    The only time the weight is a second thought for me ,is riding in "the city" trying to zip in and out of traffic like a bike courier ,its alittle harder to ride VERY slow. You can lane split fine though .
  12. Cheers guys again :)
    And yep, definitely agree with Sleddog, you don't notice the additional weight until it comes to slow speed maneuvering, and even then, its not too bad :) When you're sitting on the bike, it doesn't feel big too. I've had a few comments that its a physically big bike, but I think I'll appreciate the extra size when it comes to some of the touring I want to do on this baby.

    I find the additional grip on the road at highway speeds due to the extra weight far outweights any negatives. Its an extremely 'sturdy' bike.

    I'm still getting used to u-turns on it, mainly because of the weight, and I'm shit scared that I might drop it :S I'm getting there though.
  13. I dont think weight is so bad either. Sure people love their lightweight cornering machines, but in daily riding a bit of weight helps to keep the bike steady and soaks up bumps on the road better.
  14. Even on bad stops, I haven't really found much of an issue with the weight.

    May your time on the GSXF be as trouble free as mine has been so far. 30k in a year and nothing major has gone awry.

    Is yours a LAMS or full powered version? Colour seems to suggest LAMS.
  15. Very nice ride. No wonder you sound so pleased!
  16. So far so awesome (y) Its an amazing bike.

    I've taken a few of the decals off that were applied from the previous owner, IMO it looks a shit load better.

    O and this is the full powered version, very VERY much full powered version :D