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Upgrade from cbf250 to cbr250rr?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Eatingmaplesyrup, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. So I have been riding now for a bit over a year now, got my p's and I think it's time for a upgrade. I have been riding around on my trust 06 cbf250 that I bought off a bloke in a bit of a mess (was originally a right off) and have cleaned up and given it some pretty paint lol. While I love the bike, it's comfortable, easy to ride and costs nothing to run...it's just getting a bit boring. And now that I have started uni and have been running up and down the highway, I feel that it just isn't happy travelling too far...perfect around town though.
    So I have been looking around, but there doesn't seem to be too much that takes my fancy. I did find a bloke selling a cbr250rr down the road, I gave it a test ride...i haven't had a smile on my face like that in a long time! The sound of the thing! My only worry is that there seems to be a HUGE divide between haters and lovers of this bike! One forum says that it's a serious bike, with a decent amount of go and handles like a dream. Or it's a piece of junk, too expensive and every other motorcyclist will be laughing a you? (Reminds me of the debate about Apple products haha!). Any way what do you suggest? I'm hoping to keep the next bike at least until my blacks(2-3 years)...perhaps longer.

    I'll summarise-
    I'm after any sporty bike that will take me to uni every day (10min) and capable on the highway for 2.5 hours. Something that handles well would be nice. Some decent fuel economy wouldn't be bad either! Must be NSW lams approved.

    Budget is about ~$4000, cheaper the better! Age isn't a concern. I will try to service the most of the bike myself.

    I'm normal-ish height (I think about 180cm?)


  2. The CBR250RR thing isn't an "Apple vs Microsoft" debate.

    It's a secondhand 4-5 year old VTR250 or Ninja 250 for $5000 vs 15+ year old CBR250RR for $8000 debate.

    When the CBR250RR was last built (15 years ago) it was a great bike, if 250cc race-replicas are your thing.

    They're cast in a lesser light nowadays because garden-variety boy-racers desperate to own 'the fastest bike' will accept nothing less than a 40hp, 18,000rpm screamer for their learner licence. By comparison, the VTR250 and Ninja 250 are somewhere around the 32-34hp mark and are tuned for a stronger bottom end and midrange rather than peak power.

    The price of 2nd-hand CBR250RRs (and the other inline-4 screamers) is artificially inflated to buggery because of this boy-racer demand for "the fastest" and companies like Sumoto prey on this demand for the CBR250RR by importing 'em from the Japanese secondhand market, where the bikes have been rotting away in warehouses for a decade or more, and selling them for $7000-8000 a pop. The last CBR250RRs were built in '96, '97, though warehouse reserves saw them sold in Australia until '99 officially, so that's $7-8k for a secondhand 15+ year old bike with unknown history.

    (By comparison I bought a 1999 VTR250 for $5000 back in 2006)

    It's not so much hating the player (or the bike) as hating the game, and it's definitely not an Apple vs Microsoft thing.
  3. Ok, obviously I have been given the wrong impression then!
    Well I agree that $8000 is far too expensive for a 15 year old bike, the one I was looking at I think could be bartered to around $3000. But even $3000 concerns me.
    Hmm well I will keep looking, I hate to admit it but after riding the cbr I really like it. Then again it may be the boy racer attraction about it (as much as I hate to admit it). But I'm not too keen on giving up old trustee, unless it's for the right bike!
    Thanks for the clarification!
  4. the only place to find $8000 CBRs are at Sumoto.
    CBRs are just way too old mate, everytime I jump on one it just feels like my life is on the line like something is going to come off. During the 15-20years of life, they've all be smashed, trashed and parts have been mixed around. You don't have much longer to go till your fulls so I'd wait and get a CBR600RR or something. As the Ninja250R is becoming more popular and cheaper, and the new CBR250 coming out soon you might have problems selling your 15 year old CBR250.
    With fuel I highly doubt you will get any better economy than your CBF, I believe they get max 200kms or less out of the tank
  5. Forget what everybody else reckons, if it makes ya smile get it. They're amazing little machines, 180hp/L in a late 90s 4 stroke is a huge achievement. They sound manic even at slow speeds, and you'll see 180km/h all tucked in behind the tiny fairing. Stoppers are good. Handling is good. What's not to love?
  6. Definitely not an Apple vs. Microsoft kinda debate - more a 20 year old grey import Nissan Silvia vs a newer model Toyota Corolla with a few dings in the bodywork.

    Spend a LOT of time and money on a CBR250 and you'll have something fun, but as mentioned above it's far better to put that sort of effort into something decent. Especially given how easy it is to pick up a late 80s/early 90s 600-1000cc sportsbike for 3k.
  7. Yeah the age I suppose is a worry, well more the fact that it has been owned by a bunch of people who have revved the @#$% out of it, for the past 20 years. Although it only has 20 000kms (wound back?). Kinda have to wait another couple of years until I can get a serious bike.
    haha exactly what I want to hear. My heart says yes, but my brain no. Dad called up his old mates workshop- $1000 for a service :|. I mean, if I can get it at a GOOD!! price, I might, but yeah...I don't want to be disappointed.
    So I've been told lol. Well yeah, I can see your point. But I still have a few years before I can ride such bikes. It's a pretty difficult choice. Shame the pantahs and 600ss weren't cheaper lol

    Well I have been looking at the cb400 super fours... there is a few older ones in my price range. They look just like my cbf! Pretty nice looking
  8. Be sure to also look out for any older model GS500s or ER-5s. They're much cheaper and easier to work on than a CBR250, and less likely to have been completely thrashed by previous owners (partly because they're more robust, but mainly down to the fact they're typically not bought by the same people who buy CBR250s).
  9. The reason people bag them is mostly due to them being so overpriced for their age. I believe they were 10k new in 1990. A few years ago it wasn't uncommon to see one go for 6-8k. Some new competition from ninja 250s, hyodungs, etc. have meant the cbrrs aren't as overvalued as they once were.

    It still amuses me that people get a 'ninja' 250 thinking its a mean sportsbike, only to realise they've been conned with a dolled up EX250 2 cylinder.

    The cbr250rr is a 4cyl screamer and very different to the 1 pot cbf250 you're currently on. If you can find one in good condition go for it, they are a very capable weapon and can embarrass big bikes with ease in the tight stuff. They're not practical or comfy like your CBF but fun, yes.

    Finding one in good condition is getting harder and harder though, I've test ridden at least a dozen and alot of them were total lemons.
  10. It amuses me that Honda was able to get away with selling 2-3 year old CBR250RRs as "brand new" bikes back in the late 90's.
  11. Will do!
    Yeah I can understand that. There no way they are worth that kind of money! I'm surprised that learners even have that much to throw at their first bike!
    I am keen to go for it...but I can't be sure what condition it is in. It started no worries, idled fine. There was no obvious issues when I rode it. Seemed to have some decent power! Suspension was a bit hard (might just be what it's like?). But it wasn't perfectly clean. It had a nick on the the crank case cover, looks like the blinkers were loose, tail light was loose, probably needs a new rear tyre. All in all it looked alright, definitely no show bike! But I'm willing to clean it up. Just don't know about the engine side of things :S. Any signs that the bike is a lemon?
  12. If you're not comfortable with the mechanical side, I'd get a mechanic to give it an inspection before purchasing.
  13. Yeah that is a pretty good idea!